Which freshman cager will have the biggest impact this season?

Submitted by Eastside Maize on April 14th, 2018 at 6:39 PM
I watched the World team beat the US squad at the Nike Hoops Summit yesterday. Ignas Brazdeikis had a line of 9 pts, 4 reb, 3 ast, 1 steal. Iggy can get to the rim and finish, proof positive was a drive & finish over Bol Bol. I was torn between DeJulius and Iggy, but I think Iggy will have a bigger impact next season. What say you?



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Iggy’s defense could prevent him from seeing big minutes. Johns is more ready from a two-way perspective. I’m going to say DeJulius just because there are a lot of minutes available in the backcourt right now.


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Very true on Robinson, but keep in mind he was a Senior.. Any freshman coming into Beilein's system is going to have a STEEP learning curve on both the offensive and defensive end. I don't expect Iggy to be a very good defender initially; I think his offense will get him some solid minutes and he'll be a contributor next year. But his sophomore year once the game slows down for him, I think that's really when we'll see him blossom. But I am just so excited to have a weapon like him on our team. LOVE how Beilein finds some fantastic non-US players.


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I am excited for all of them and think DDJ will play plenty of minutes backing up Z and Poole.

But my answer is Iggy. the team will be lacking offense and will also need diversity at forward. I think there will be 10 minutes backing up Mathews and maybe 20 splitting with Livers. While I like Johns, I think the scoring and maturity Iggy brings will earn him the biggest role and most immediate impact.


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Iggy overall but DeJulius seems like a guy who could have some big moments late in the year. 

There are just more minutes/fewer bodies on the wings; I'm guessing Matthews gets 10ish minutes a game at the 2 so there will be 15-20 minutes/night available for the backup 3 vs. 10-15 for DeJulius to fight for with Eli Brooks. 


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I think DeJulius because Simpson will need some breaks and that is a spot where you might be able to get some minutes due to offensive potential especially if the lineup lacks outside shooting. That said, I think all Iggy, DDJ, and Nunez will see some playing time, espeically early.

el segundo

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I think there’s a federal regulation that prohibits the unironic use of the word “cager” unless you are chomping on a stogie and wearing a fedora with a “PRESS” card on it.


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the next microwave.  Guy can lite it up.  Defense questionable.

Hated to see ibi leave.  understand, but good guy and can play d.


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I see a lot of Kam Chatman in Iggy. Around the same size, similar skill sets, and that lefty stroke. At least from highlight tapes, Iggy looks like he's a little bit more of a threat from outside which would be huge next year especially if Matthews doesn't improve from deep. I think it will take Johns a year or two to get with the physicality of the college game, plus I see Livers taking a huge step next year and really locking down one of the forward spots for 30 minutes a game. 


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I'm taking Johns for a few reasons. One, Matthews & Livers are don't have clear backups at this time, and having Johns able to step into both spots should give him a lot of minutes. He's not going to have the offensive impact as Iggy (and possibly Nunez/Dejulius too), but as we saw last season defense can take a team very deep into the tourney. I think he'll be able to help us on that end of the floor and be an effective slasher on the other end.


I absolutely love this incoming class though. I firmly believe they will challenge the McGary/Stauskus/GRIII/Levert/Spike class as the best class Beilein brought in at Michigan, and that would be one hell of an accomplishment.


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I’m going out on the limb with Castleman. Iggy, Johns and DeJulius are closer to starting, but Castleman’s length and ability to run the floor will get him time behind Teske.

Even with Davis behind Teske, they can get Colin on the floor. Much easier to rotate bigs for short stretches with Castleman getting 6-10 min and give a few fouls than guys on the perimeter.


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have the greater impact but Bradzekis to flash the kind of upside that Beilein teaching growth and development spurs in his pupils.

Shooting is important. But defense trumps great offense. Hopefully, by tourney time, the youngsters are making an important contribution to this team.


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He’s the top recruit, can fit at multiple positions, and is turns 20 in January (so is the age of a sophomore). I expect him to get 25-30 minutes a game by the end of the season.


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Iggy. it's very hard for freshman guards to make an immediate impact under Beilein. it generally takes a sophomore leap before they are ready.