which former UM coach is best buds with Rosenberg?

Submitted by tomhagan on August 31st, 2009 at 9:13 PM

A caller on WTKA this morning stated that Rosenberg had bias vs. RR because "a former UM coach and Rosenberg are best buddies and that coach is behind this attempt to drive RR out"

The caller did not give the former UM coach's name...neither did Sam Webb, but Webb stated that the guy was welcome to have his opinion and left it at that.

Can anyone here confirm which "former UM coach" this is who has a special relationship with Rosenberg and is the alleged driving force behind Rosenberg's history of slinging vs. RR?



August 31st, 2009 at 9:19 PM ^

If coach = head coach, the only guy it could possibly be is Carr, and I just don't see that.

Could have been an assistant, I guess, I dunno though. I personally don't place much credence in this b/c it's some random guy on the radio.

PSALM 23 Rod N…

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Hypothetically, would Punching Rosenberg and Snyder in the face would be worth a misdemeanor and 93 days in jail.............discuss. Looking forward to a chance encounter in Ann Arbor. GO BLUE


September 1st, 2009 at 12:30 AM ^

1) It said coach.
2) You don't know that Gary Moeller doesn't hate RichRod.
3) You presented it cryptically as if you had some sort of TOPSECRETOMGINSIDERZ information on the subject. You do not. Stop presenting your opinions as if they're facts and if you do have information just effing say it and don't be all cryptic.


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The caller did not specify "head coach" just said "former coach"...and the interesting thing was Sam Webb's response which was not to refute it, and not confirm it or even debate it...he just laughed, paused for a second and said "i... ii wouldnt go that far but thanks for your opinion etc."...

this is I think in segment 9 of todays podcast on wtka.com


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It seems to me the one person who could do the most for this situation is Lloyd Carr. If he cares about Michigan football the best way is for him to very publicly state that Rich Rodriguez is the coach of the team and I support him completely. It would bring the supposed factions together and focus on what is important, winning football and restoring the tradition. I've read that Bo was a Rich Rodriguez supporter when he was still at WVU. It's time for the program to get behind their coach and Lloyd is the one person who can get this moving.

Other Chris

August 31st, 2009 at 10:13 PM ^

If Lloyd were to step in, it would suggest that RichRod couldn't handle things himself. Making comparison to past practice ("we did the exact same thing in my day") would only open things up to wider investigation. The only thing Lloyd could possibly do is to tell his former recruits to shut the fuck up, or at the very least, "if you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all." And we won't know if he is doing that or not.


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I didnt post this to make "wild speculation" based on a caller... I was just wondering if this was common knowledge and who the coach was...thats it.


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In my experience at Michigan (where there's obviously a large Jewish population), I didn't typically see the athletes hanging out with Kol Hakavod members.

I doubt Ron English, Steve Stripling, and Erik Campbell were buddy-buddy with Rosenberg. I'm sure it's politically incorrect, but if I saw Ron English with Rosenberg, I'd think "agent" before I thought "Hey, I bet they were each other's best man."