Which current Wolverine Football player will be the best pro?

Submitted by Mineral King on February 16th, 2019 at 6:21 PM

Simple question.. who will be the best pro from the current team. Guys in this draft don’t count.



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Pro means NFL I am assuming.  Shea is not an NFL starter, so not likley happening even as a backup.  DPJ is maybe a punt return specialist and other special teams.  Nico will get a 6th round contract but is not an NFL starter - both Darboh and Chesson were better.  Black's injuries have put him in doubt.  Bredeson will get a free agency deal but not sure he is NFL starter material.  Ruiz maybe late round and makes a team, giving a chance to start someplace ... but is he Cole good? Onwneu gets a tryout as a free agent but could rise to the occasion and make a team.  Who else is NFL material?

My guy is Lavert Hill to be the best NFL prospect on the current team.


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There are dozens of Shea Pattersons every year. The guy is good at not making mistakes, but he's not particularly accurate nor does he have a particularly strong arm. I'm sure he'll improve this year and do well, but I would bet he ends up more of a JT Barrett than Drew Brees. 

I will say Josh Uche or Kwity Payne, he played pretty damn well when Gary was out.  


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I'll say:

1. Bredeson

2. DPJ

3. Ruiz

Black and Collins could be great too. Of the EE freshmen, I think Charbonnet, Ojabo, and Mazi Smith will all have long careers. 

Bredeson, DPJ, and Ruiz all seem to have the edge and talent and also intelligence to make it last a long time. Not that others don't, those three just stand out to me.


February 17th, 2019 at 1:29 PM ^

I wouldn’t say Bredeson is not good. His UFR is generally pretty low amplitude, though, especially for how often we ran left last year. Early in his career he had significant difficulty with targeting correct blockers on pulls (this may be what the poster is remembering), but the junior Bredeson was, of course, better at it. I do think Onwenu is much better than he gets credit for, even in pass protection  —his UFR +/- and protection - totals suggest that he was the team’s best lineman last year.

Perkis-Size Me

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From the guys who are about to be drafted: Devin Bush. I think he’s the most NFL-ready. Gary has the highest ceiling but I think Bush will have the better career. Gary’s career here was underwhelming compared to expectations. But Bush was an absolute stud the last two years, had All-American results, and is exactly what today’s NFL is wanting in its linebackers.

For who is still on the team through next year: my money is on Ruiz or Bredeson. They really came along this season and with another year under Warriner, they will mold themselves into great NFL candidates. Maybe DPJ too.


February 16th, 2019 at 6:55 PM ^

Bush is a ready made stud, but my money says that Gary will get moved inside and absolutely OWN the interior of the line.  I'm actually surprised - and somewhat disappointed - that he wasn't moved inside last year.  He never blossomed as an outside rusher, but it was always there.  Inside, that athleticism will shine through.  He'll clog up the middle run or pass, and hit the QB more often than not.

I do wonder why he wasn't moved inside - was it his decision, or did the DL coach not figure it out?

Maize and Blue…

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Gary played the anchor.  His primary responsibilities were setting the edge and stopping the run.  You need to understand the scheme.  This year you also had the lack of rush up the middle allowing the QB to step up in the pocket to avoid pressure/sacks.  Notice during the games Rashan didn't play Chase's stats went down and Uche was getting the sacks.  There was a reason for that.

I waited all last year to see a front of Gary and Paye at DT with Chase and Uche at DE on obvious passing downs.  I'm still waiting.


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Cesar Ruiz would be my leading candidate for NFL stardom.  Dude was a helluva upgrade at OC as a raw sophomore last season.  It's going to be real fun watching him the next couple of years!

The WR group has the next candidates on my list - DPJ, Black, and Collins.  I think all three will see some valuable PT in the NFL.  Also both Lavert Hill and David Long will be prominent CB's wherever they're drafted.  I also look forward to seeing a LB playing that well...