Where would Michigan be if Les Miles was hired in 2008?

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WHAT IF the process wasn't botched. I'd say they'd at least have a B1G title by 2013. 3-2 against the buckeyes and still riding the winning streak started in 2002 against sparty.



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on probation. Better question is where we'd be if Carr picked an ex-UM, Bo loving NFL QB who wanted the job as QB coach over a bust QB recruit? Or again when he asked to interview for the job after Carr retired and was told by phone that we weren't interested. Harbaugh may be an arrogant dick but he'd never cheat (wouldn't need to) at UM out of principal. Miles? Well, I've already told my story on here before. He did cheat when recruiting a kid as the OL Coach. No doubt he'd do it just to do it, get that extra edge.


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so Ohio State probation means ranked third in the nation and 21 straight wins...Oregon probation means...top five ranking at any given time. PSU ranking means...they still kicked our ass...so what was your point really? And no I honestly don't believe the same things happen here...but your point becomes irrelevant as NCAA punishments are a total joke.


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2008 may not have been as bad. We probly would've kept Mallet, and maybe some of the receivers. But out o line was still brand new. D would've been better, but I still think we'd probably have a ceiling of 8 wins that season.

After that, we may have been better but we also wouldn't have had Denard. As crappy as the last six years have been, how much fun was it watching this group of guys out there? We probably would also have loved whomever we had, but it's hard to accept that we'd like them as much as Roundtree, Molk, Kovacs and company.

I guess I'd rather look forward than "what could've been" because I've grown attached to the teams we had, if that makes sense.

San Diego Mick

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we would never had gone 3-9 in 2008, Mallett would have stayed and played for Les, Cam Cameron would prolly be our OC right now....so yeah, much better off.

Thanks for being a great sailor Mr. Bill Martin, asshole extraordinaire.


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Would be Michigan late 90's + Bigger Balls - Etiquette.  Team would be respected and coach would be mocked.  Probabtion would be 50-50.


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It was always my understanding - and I could be wrong - that the speculation that Miles had accepted an actual offer was just that. As I recall, he acknowledged that a conversation between himself and Coleman and Martin took place, but stressed that it was more of a consultation than anything else. That was after he signed the contract extension, publicly reiterating his commitment to LSU. It never seemed clear that he was part of the process or that there was in fact a process.