Where in the world is Nolan Ulizio?

Submitted by andre10 on August 23rd, 2018 at 5:14 PM

He hasn't been mentioned on this site at all since being pulled in the MSU game, and the chatter at tackle is about JBB, Runyan, Hudson, Mayfield, and even Steuber without the guy who started half a season even drawing a mention.

Is he competing at all, or is this a Malzone situation where he is putting his head down, plugging through the course work, and prepping his grad transfer papers?



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these kinds of posts aren't necessary.  this is a publicly available website, and you're essentially attacking a member of the team in that public space. 

also, i can't wait for the ban on snowflake posts.


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This post doesn't bother me. I could tell from the title that it wouldn't be particularly useful or informative. 

I am, however, beyond tired of posts about "person x's" scathing response to Urban Meyer. I am ready to move beyond this topic. He is a bad man, and many people agree. Now I want to get excited about the upcoming season. Enough wallowing in buckeye muck. 

* As an aside, I truly believe karma will have its say in the life of Urban Meyer and the fortunes of the school who employs him. 


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My guess is that he hasn't been mentioned because he was a colossal disaster for that half season, and will probably never see the field again.  No offense to the kid, who's talented enough to be a D-1 athlete and is probably working his ass off.  But, it did not go well. 


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Frey is one of the best OL coaches around. He proved that at Indiana and with Molk, Omameh, Lewan and Barnum while he was with RR. Last year certainly didn't go well but remember he only coached OTs and TEs. Cole did well, there may simply have been a lack of talent for the RT. The excessive complexity that players complained about was probably a result of the dual coaching assignments. I expect that FSU's line will crush opponents this year.

The Fugitive

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I think you mean "where the fuckcicles is Nolan Ulizio?"

There's still time for someone to make their case to be added to Mount Negmore along with

Mr Yost

The Maizer

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It was a joke about The Fugitive's previous neg award posts. A combination of Maizen (Beilein negativity), somewittyname (last year's Ulizio meltdown), and Mr. Yost's (not believing your info was legit) hills they chose to die on.

The funny thing is the downvotes I got could be either people that didn't get the joke, or did get it and chose to participate appropriately, haha.


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Ulizio down the depth chart is a good sign, and in retrospect the fact he got a chance to try to prove himself last year helps underline just how thin they were on the line.

The fact we haven't heard anything about him means others have passed him by, I'll guess. Nothing more. But his experience is nonetheless useful in various ways, and he'll likely be very busy at practice, at least.


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It is pretty strange for a player to go from opening day starter to totally buried so far down the depth chart nobody even mentions him. Can anybody else think of any other players at Michigan who had a similar fate, and not related to injury?

The only other one I can remember is David Underwood - he was behind Chris Perry in 2003 and started the season in 2004 as starter, before some dude named Mike Hart came along. But that was within one season, not from one season to the next.


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Hopefully he is working his face off in the weight room and in practice, and any other way to better himself as a player, and a person. I didn't view the OP as an attack either.