Where will Michigan find scholarships to round out this class?

Submitted by Bo Knows on January 13th, 2013 at 7:41 AM

We have 25 open right now and 25 commitments.  The coaches can thank Mike Jones for his time with the program, but where would we find 2 more schollies if the class potentially gets up to 28?  They aren't gonna "suggest" football isn't for them after working their asses off, are they?


E. Gordon Gee

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You can make room for incoming scholarship players via attrition by changes to your roster in the following ways. 


  • Players see the writing on the wall depth chart wise and transfer. Say Hoke finds that some incoming freshman will start over some juniors or seniors who are lower on the depth chart, they would be free to leave. 
  • Players get into trouble and get kicked off the team 
  • Players grades don't cut it and they are asked to leave. Rarely does this happen but players must maintain the minimum GPA of the institution they attend which for Michigan is a 2.0 (correct me if I'm wrong). Here is a link for more info on the academic stuff
  • Players leave early... Had Lewand left early, it would free up a scholarship for someone else but I'm not sure who is on the fence for Michigan to make the leap to the NFL. 
  • Players get homesick and tranfer back home
  • Players Gray Shirt

Most of attrition occurs between the time the bowl season ends to the time summer camp starts. Gray shirting players however is the last resort. I'm not familar with the entire roster for Michigan so I'm not sure who goes under which category but apply to the individual as needed. I'm sure the coaches will make room if Larue and Co. were to finish out the class. 


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Doubtful the coaches would take any of these routes to purposefully make room in the class. They have always been frank with the number if spots open in the class and that has only ever changed so far AFTER players on the roster changed their plans.

Attrition of 2 is probably to be expected between now and next season from transfers and playing time and dudes giving up football. But the first thing on your list should be medicals--players hurt too badly to ever be able to play football again who can stay on scholarship but not count against the 85. Saban has been known to abuse medical'ing to slice down his roster (kids he medical'd transferred and played elsewhere). Michigan has had a few take advantage of this in recent years--Talbott and Teric Jones were two.


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We are the people in the cave staring at the shadow puppets on the wall. The coaches are the ones outside the cave who understand the world as it presently exists. Now, they could try to explain the world to us, but we don't really need that knowledge, and there's a good chance we wouldn't understand it anyway.


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Could easily be replacing a punter,Defensive Line prospect or two and a Safety who's never really lived up to expectations. We honestly for two years have been thining out the hurd cause like the sign says those who stay will be champions.


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As I understand it, because we had 6 students early enroll we are now sitting at 19 commits for the Fall. Therefore, we could take as many as we wanted as long as we don't go over the 85 total scholarship limit.

Buck Killer

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That is how the SEC does it here in Florida and it doesn't even make the news. It teaches the men a good life lesson too. I had to join the military and then go to college. The recruits get way too much given to them on a platter. It is a sport, and they get free school and hot chicks. I know the school makes millions, well tough shit. The men don't have to play, and are lucky they can. They can still finish college when dropped. Did you see Alabama? The players aren't magical here in the South, are they better? Many of them are, but the tryouts don't hurt talent selection. You want a championship? You will not get one signing classes with 5 less a year on average. Urban will be signing more than allowed. The sanctions will not even impact Ohio. They will win a championship and we will be saying, "but at Michigan we do it right."

If Hoke doesn't suspend our top DB we beat USC in Tampa, but hey we do it better. I like that we do most things better, but we limit ourselves over the top at times.

Red is Blue

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 If we back date 3 of the EEs (which I believe by B1G rule is the max), then we would have 22 count against 2013 so we could still add 3 before hitting the annual limit.  However, the 3 backdated EEs + 22 in 2013 would put us at the 85 total limit.  So, as I understand it, it is really the 85 limit that causes us to have to lose some players if we want to add more in 2013 and in any case we can't add more than 3 more.

I've heard that the B1G has a limit of back dating no more than 3 EEs.  If that is the case, I'm not sure how a team in the B1G could ever go above 28 in a class.

Buck Killer

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