Where will MBB be ranked?

Submitted by 1464 on January 25th, 2014 at 9:51 AM

Speculation time.  I took a look at the AP polls this morning, and noticed how grossly underrated Michigan is at the current moment.  I know that the polls do not reflect the Iowa win or the Minnesota win over Wisconsin, but still... Iowa, OSU, and Wisconsin are all ranked higher.  Not to mention other 4 loss schools such as Kansas and Kentucky.  I'm of the impression that the B1G is far and away the best basketball conference, so should that not be reflected in the rankings?

So where do we end up next week, win or lose?

Even with a loss, should we not rise in the rankings?  Outside the B1G, UMass lost.  We should also jump some of the 2-4 loss teams, even with 5 losses, right?

With a win, are we in the top 10?  Beating 3-10-3 in a row?  I don't think a 10+ spot jump should be considered unrealistic.



January 25th, 2014 at 2:02 PM ^

and tournament seeding, especially the way Michigan looks at things. 

Looking a the competition elsewhere, it's hard to say how Mihcigan matches up with other teams across the country. I mean we saw them play an exceptional Arizona team with all that length and depth, just like Iowa, and it's those teams that will give Michigan trouble going forward on foreign and neutral courts. 

All the experts seem to think that once MSU gets their big guys back, they become one of four of the top seeds in the tournament. I wouldn't argue that. So, I think that beating Sparty on their home court tonight is huge for both conference standing, eventual seeding and ranking honors. If Michigan pulls off a Top 10 triple, including two top five in the space of a week, they will put an exclamation point on their resume that few other teams can ever claim to match. There are some historic angles to the matchup tonight. 

But, in the end, this is a rivalry game. And you just want to win it on that count alone. The rest is just gravy. 


January 25th, 2014 at 2:17 PM ^

is that there is an amazing tournament that decides who will be the champ, and one loss either way, won't be the end of the world. What seed we get in the tournament and what region we are in matter a little, but only to a certain level.

So who cares about our ranking, last year we were the pick de jour to be upset in the first round, and everyone had us going down to VCU if we survived the first game, so I will save my speculation for the Football season.

When it comes to basketball, I am more concerned with how the team is progressing as a unit, how individual players are getting better throughout the seasons, and if we are playing our best ball at the right time.