Where will Jerry Dunn end up?

Submitted by NYWolverine on April 10th, 2010 at 8:49 PM

Assistant Head Coach Jerry Dunn and Coach Beilein have announced that Dunn will be leaving the program after an extended 2009-10 leave of absence. Coach Dunn had success as a head coach in several years while at Penn State, and was considered integral to much of Beilein's success at WV as a solid X's and O's coach. Coach Dunn has cited interest in a head coaching job as his major reason for leaving, and of the many open positions, I was wondering where MGoBlog thinks he'll wind up?

Dunn is from NC, so Wake Forest, Charlotte or UNC Wilmington could be destinations. He was also a 'military brat' coming up, making him a possible fit for the Citadel.

Clemson, Holy Cross, Cornell, Howard, Marshall, Oregon and Rutgers are all name schools searching for a coach that Jerry Dunn could certainly be attractive to.

Personally, I think he'd be a solid fit for Wake Forest, which returns a veteran team. It's a homecoming job for him, and he can compete for an NCAA berth in year 1.




April 10th, 2010 at 9:15 PM ^

IMHO, he could either wind up with Danny Nee at Towson or at Holy Cross. He was a Nee protege at Duquesne (in Mahoney's home-state of PA), so a move back to the east-coast makes sense. A stop in Worcester, Mass (Holy Cross) wouldn't be out of the question either, given his background and coaching pedigree. Though I don't think he's head-coach material yet.


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*Warning: somewhat conjecture filled post*

There was some in-fighting (if you want to call it that) among the coaches this year early in the season. I tend bar at a local establishment and early in the season Mahoney and his wife were in on a weekday and John was basically venting to his wife about what was going on with the team.

Now, I tend to respect privacy but in my situation its hard not to lend an ear being the fan that I am. He was complaining about practice (What are we talking about?) and how poor it was in Nov/Dec. I remember that Jerry's name kept on popping up. The only specific quote that I recall is when Mahoney said "Damn it Jerry, I'm not a defensive coordinator". I won't be able to do recall much more than that but it was clear that the teams early struggles had taken its toll on the assistants and I found this pretty interesting. It certainly made me temper my expectations for the rest of the season.

Now, that may not mean much but when Dunn took a leave of absence I said, "Uh-huh" and just knew it was a bad sign. That, combined with an "incident" that took place during practice in late January that caused Manny's 1 game suspension, pointed to a team in turmoil (most people that I speak with that have ties to the program believe that there was a fight or a punch thrown in practice).

That's what I got and it's not much but it sure seemed like a program that doesn't have all of its ducks in a line (this is the conjecture part. I have no idea how good or poor the team chemistry was this year) so as I said before, glad to see them go and take this for what its worth. This is just the product of prying ears of a curious bartender.