where to read about Michigan sports

Submitted by UM Fan from Sydney on October 15th, 2015 at 8:46 PM

First time poster, so please go easy on me. A few friends and I have have been looking for a really neat web site to read about Michigan sports. We prefer to have one that includes logins as to post comments on multiple threads and  a great community with fellow Michigan fans. I posted on my Macbook, so apologies for the formatting.

Any suggestions for web sites?



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Not to hijack the thread, but I was also looking for a place to converse with other Michigan fans, preferably in an online community. Anyone got any ideas?


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See Detroit Free Press - Drew Sharp

Sports Illustrated - Mike Rosenberg

and Mlive's message boards.  Work your way thru these, bathe, then come join us again at MGoBlog.


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Hey, I just got sent to prison for 15 to 25 years for raping an entire family of horses. Anyone know of a good place to watch the game in Jackson, Michigan? Well, near Jackson anyway...


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for this thread...but I have been wondering where I can find weather information.  I thought about simply going outside and feeling the temperature, or looking out the window to check for rain or snow, but that seems hard.  Any ideas?  




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Hey guys, a few friends and I are looking for a public university in Michigan that has an international reputation for excellence in research and academics. I'm stumped.  Any suggestions?


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Right?! If you're looking for a place to watch a game, the local alumni association usually has a designated spot listed on their website. Or you could use Yelp, Google, FourSquare, ....