Where is Odoms?

Submitted by Sommy on September 11th, 2011 at 11:00 AM

I'm positive that I read something before the season started, but I can't recall.  Where has Martavious Odoms been?  Thanks.



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I saw a woman whom I presume what his mom at the game wearing a jersey with a button with his picture on it.  I was going to ask how Tay was doing but I decided against it.  I guess I should have so I could actually contribute something useful to this thread. 


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I got 2 issues with this post that I felt like posting about:

1) Really? Treating Rich Rod like he is Voldemort or some crap is just pathetic.  The guy didn't understand the Michigan Brand, this we know, but his biggest down fall was his lack of defensive integrity and GERG.  I may catch flack for this but I really wanted Rich Rod to succeed when he was here, but I understand he had his chance to do so.

2) Moving on the Hemingway.  Rich Rod had NOTHING to do with how much Hemingway has/has not accomplished.  I had this exact talk with a buddy of mine last night after the game.  Hemingway was a 5* recruit but he was injured much of his career.  Now that he is healthy, he is getting that chance to shine and he is doing so. 


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I agree Heminway wasn't close to a 5* on either of the major recruiting sites (Rivals and Scout) but he was ranked the 19th overall player in the country by ESPN, which would qualify as a 5* recruit under their modern star rankings (ESPN did not give stars back in 2007). So while I do consider ESPN the least reliable of the 3 sites, the poster is only partially incorrect in calling Hemingway a 5*.

myantoniobass …

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Odoms had a different cast on yesterday, thus he played a leetle.  Vs. WMU Odoms had a cast like Troy Woolfolk this week covering some fingers.  Yesterday was just a forearm cast.

I assume the injury and the play of Gallons and Grady are keeping him off the field.  I'm so glad we have the next few weeks to heal up before our schedule gets tougher.