Where is Mo Taylor?

Submitted by Young Pretty a… on April 20th, 2011 at 10:16 AM

Just was going over the NBA Wolverines and for some reason or other this made me think of Mo Taylor.  He had a promising career in the NBA up until 2006.  Than after that he seemed to vanish.  Just wondering if anyone had any insight on where Mo may be playing

Last I found was from this link which is humerous

Thanks Mgoblog





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The premise for the OT is a good one:  Initiate a discussion about Taylor generally.  Sure, the OP could have simply regurgitated facts and answered his own question internally.  However, all of us would be none the wiser so I applaude him for posting the thread and starting a dialogue.  Stop being a party-pooper, Preed.


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He was a regular noon guest on a local sports radio show here in Houston. He would play 3 questions with strippers and d-list celebs. Funny guy and of course he would win most of the time. Haven't heard him lately likely due to the above and the Italian league etc.