Where is Lloyd Carr?

Submitted by S FL Wolverine on September 1st, 2009 at 8:44 PM

I've heard this point made elsewhere before, but I thought a new thread devoted to this topic would be interesting. As this most recent "scandal" has broken with Rich Rodriguez, I've strongly felt that Lloyd Carr could really change the tide of what's going on inside and outside the program by publicly and unconditionally endorsing RR as coach of U-M. Specifically, he could hold one of his now legendary press conferences, put on his surly look, and take it to 'em. He could make points like these:

1. Kids in my program regularly put in extra hours of football preparation during the season and off-season. However, most of that time was voluntary because the kids wanted to get better. See Chad Henne's comments for more details. This type of activity is NOT a violation and it is common practice in college football, as it was at Michigan when I ran the program. Do any of you reporters understand the difference between "counted" and "uncounted" hours? Why not do an "investigative" piece entitled "discovering NCAA rules which really don't require discovery since they are available on the internet even to shit-tossing monkeys who know how to type."
2. RR is the coach of Michigan. To all of those former players who are complaining about the change in strength and conditioning at U-M, get over it. If you decided it wasn't for you, that's fine, but have the class and dignity not to tarnish Michigan just because you didn't want to put in the time that others did. Oh, and don't assume you know what a violation is or isn't just because some snarky reporter tells you so.
3. Any newspaper reporter who would lie in order to gather information that implicates the integrity of Michigan is beneath contempt. How can you claim to be standing for what's right when you are twisting the words of enthusiastic young men who just want to do well for their coaches and teammates? This means YOU Rosenberg, Snyder, and Sharp. While we may not be able to ban you outright from a public institution, we can give you absolutely no access to our players. Your time here is done. Oh, and here's some Photoshopped pictures of Mike Rosenberg getting fucked by a gorilla.
4. To any alumni who are not supporting RR, I tell you that you are not supporting Michigan. This is about Michigan, not your personal agendas. RR may not be the most polished person in the world, but he's a good man who cares about his players and cares about this institution. Let's get over this anti-rural bigotry and embrace the man for who he is, not the eloquence of his words. Stop the smugness, the arrogance, and the elitism. He's our coach now, and if you are not with him, then you are not with Michigan.



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Maybe we should issue an amber alert...make that a maize alert. "Looking for a man in his sixties wearing tan khakis and a UM golf shirt. Hostile towards members of the media and underachieving football players. Last seen with Russell Crowe."


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A statement of support from Carmen Sandiego would really hit the spot right about now.
Yet the silence has been deafening.
What's up with that, I ask of you?


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What good would it do anyway? Some seem to think that Lloyd could utter some great words and all would be well. I hardly think that would be the case.

If Lloyd comes out and says "the team put in just as many hours under my watch as they're doing for RR," is that going to end any further investigation of the matter? NO. (I'm thinking it would make matters worse.)

If Lloyd comes out and says "you guys at the Freep are a bunch of hacks and this is clearly a hatchet job," is the Freep gonna lay off or print a retraction? NO.

If Lloyd comes out and blasts the disgruntled former players, do you really think they're gonna come back and say "Oh, we're sorry. We didn't mean it."? NO.

If Lloyd comes out and tells alums and other supporters that they're anti-Michigan for not supporting RR, is that gonna make them more likely to continue their support? NO.

S FL Wolverine

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IMO, this is more a battle for public opinion than anything else. The more that comes out, it's pretty obvious that this article's allegations are going to go nowhere. Did you see the Big Ten coaches circling the wagons in favor of Michigan? This thing is over.

However, my request for support from Carr of RR is not really about this case exactly. It's more about the apparent division that exists in the Michigan program (although not apparently on the team). I believe by taking sides Carr can help to heal this division, if only to say "don't come crying to me, RR is coach". Doing this publicly would reach the most people. It could be (and maybe already has been) done privately. I'm not ripping Carr since I have no idea what's going on behind closed doors.

As far as my "suggested" statements above, I think they would help to marginalize the comments of some people. It's not gonna get them to change their minds or back down, but it would help to change the perception of their comments.

And I know, the only thing that will really change perception is wins. But, it would still be nice to see the Great Benefactor of the Program crack a few heads again.

Magnum P.I.

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I do wish that more coaches in the Big Ten, along with Lloyd, would just make a simple statement in support of RR, a la Tim Brewster (link in m.go.licious, but also here http://www.annarbor.com/sports/minnesota-coach-tim-brewster-defends-mic…). Lloyd doesn't need to hold a press conference by any means, but at least drop a tidbit to someone. Further, it's the courageous thing to do for other coaches to take Brewster's example. Any one of them could be facing similar allegations if their local paper employed someone as malicious and opportunistic as the sports-writer-who-will-not-be-named. Man up and support your own, coaches (that means you, Tressel!).