Where is Lloyd Carr?

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I've heard this point made elsewhere before, but I thought a new thread devoted to this topic would be interesting. As this most recent "scandal" has broken with Rich Rodriguez, I've strongly felt that Lloyd Carr could really change the tide of what's going on inside and outside the program by publicly and unconditionally endorsing RR as coach of U-M. Specifically, he could hold one of his now legendary press conferences, put on his surly look, and take it to 'em. He could make points like these:

1. Kids in my program regularly put in extra hours of football preparation during the season and off-season. However, most of that time was voluntary because the kids wanted to get better. See Chad Henne's comments for more details. This type of activity is NOT a violation and it is common practice in college football, as it was at Michigan when I ran the program. Do any of you reporters understand the difference between "counted" and "uncounted" hours? Why not do an "investigative" piece entitled "discovering NCAA rules which really don't require discovery since they are available on the internet even to shit-tossing monkeys who know how to type."
2. RR is the coach of Michigan. To all of those former players who are complaining about the change in strength and conditioning at U-M, get over it. If you decided it wasn't for you, that's fine, but have the class and dignity not to tarnish Michigan just because you didn't want to put in the time that others did. Oh, and don't assume you know what a violation is or isn't just because some snarky reporter tells you so.
3. Any newspaper reporter who would lie in order to gather information that implicates the integrity of Michigan is beneath contempt. How can you claim to be standing for what's right when you are twisting the words of enthusiastic young men who just want to do well for their coaches and teammates? This means YOU Rosenberg, Snyder, and Sharp. While we may not be able to ban you outright from a public institution, we can give you absolutely no access to our players. Your time here is done. Oh, and here's some Photoshopped pictures of Mike Rosenberg getting fucked by a gorilla.
4. To any alumni who are not supporting RR, I tell you that you are not supporting Michigan. This is about Michigan, not your personal agendas. RR may not be the most polished person in the world, but he's a good man who cares about his players and cares about this institution. Let's get over this anti-rural bigotry and embrace the man for who he is, not the eloquence of his words. Stop the smugness, the arrogance, and the elitism. He's our coach now, and if you are not with him, then you are not with Michigan.



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As you mentioned it's been sort of discussed a few times. Here are some of the popular responses that have popped up around here.

The most common response, and the one I agree with the most - It would make RR look weak or like he has lost control of the program.

Other possible responses that I don't believe, but have popped up:

a) Lloyd hates bunnies, RichRod, puppies, kittens and babbys.
b) It is not his job anymore.
c) Biggest conspiracy theory of them all - Lloyd was one of the anonymous sources.

(OK, I may have just made the last one up completely)

S FL Wolverine

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I can see the point about making RR look weak, but I think an endorsement, coupled with an analysis of how things that were done under his leadership were no different, could do the trick without necessarily harming RR. Perhaps if he were to wait until after the first game, assuming a U-M win, it might help perception of his comments as well.


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would put a quick death, but as it does not seem to be, this would be about THE WORST THING that could happen to Rich. He's a big boy, who can take care of himself, and he must make it appear that way. That last point is pretty damn important. He's in charge, and dammit he'll stick up for himself and his players. Period.

That said, you are 100% correct that some terse words from Lloyd Carr to Mr. Rosenberg would certainly have a positive effect. Hopefully that will take the form of some words of wisdom privately with Rich Rod. Which is the only way Lloyd would have it anyway.


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RR should not need Carr to come to his defense. He is a big boy and is being paid big bucks. If Carr feels he should say something, he will. He has always had Michigan's best interests at heart. It is unfair to disparage him because he has decided to stay out of this, for whatever reason.


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Your original point was that you do not understand why LC does not come out and defend RR in this situation and put everything to rest. I think that is unfair to LC. And, frankly, if RR cannot get through this without LC, I question how long he will last at Michigan. This will not be the last time he has to deal with difficulty in the national spotlight so he better be up to the job.

S FL Wolverine

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1. Saying "I don't understand why someone does not do x" is not disparaging that person. It's merely stating that I think that person might do some good by doing x. I'm not suggesting some ulterior motive on his part for NOT doing x.
2. Bo got this type of support, although not publicly, from Bump Elliot. The two situations are not 100% equal, but no one claimed Bo was weak b/c the former coach helped him.

Again, Carr may be doing much behind the scenes that I don't know about. Or maybe not.


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as others have said that is not his job and it would make RR look like he's weak/lost control.

BUT if there is a faction in the AD that is against RR and is trying to sabotage him by leaking information to the press then he needs to step in internally and get behind RR. He needs to bridge the gap between the old guard and the new regime.


"A house divided against itself cannot stand"


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This is the like 10th time I've had to answer this but that's okay for you since you're kind of with "The Man". (Don't we all wish that we could be talking about point-gate)

Brian and I both agreed that I should be reset to 0. (He did it as a joke and because I'd get neg-banged for saying anything so he figured that 1,000,000 points would get me through the period).

The King of Belch

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So you decide to put it here...because?

If you want special insight, here it is: Lloyd Carr is going around Schembechler Hall, leaving burning bags of shit at guys' office doors, knocking, and then laughing uproariously as they stomp out the small fire and get shit everywhere. He's even filming it and putting them on youtubes.


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Not exactly, he is Associate AD if I am not mistaken. either way, he shouldn't have to say something here ... I think everyone (media minus freep) is starting to see how stupid this is. If he did say something I don't think it would show that RR is weak but that LC has his back which many people tend to think is not the case. I don't know, probably better to not say anything and let this go away in a couple days.