Where the hell is Carr?

Submitted by DesHow21 on August 31st, 2009 at 3:35 PM

If at this critical point in Michigan Football history (that's right, that's how important this is) Lloyd doesn't come out and defend what he claimed to "Love", he is a coward.

It is one thing to say, I won't speak and interfere with the current coach but it is entirely another thing to not say a word in his defense.

I am giving Lloyd a couple of days to come up with a well crafted statement, if not , he can eff himself. He will forever be LLLLLLoyd to me also.



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the media. He needs to go into the Fort and tell whoever is doing all of this bs sabotage/leaking shit to the media to stop.

He needs to bridge the gap between the Old Guard and the new and bring EVERYONE IN THE AD ALL IN FOR MICHIGAN. Because clearly not everyone is and until this happens Michigan will be a house divided.

"A house divided against itself cannot stand" - Abraham Lincoln


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I don't know what the other reason is he was talking about, but I would guess that it's because of Carr's perceived dislike for Rodriguez. That may prompt one to ask, "well isn't defending the program against sensationalist BS from the freep more important than watching Rodriguez burn?" The rational answer is, of course, "yes," but we all know how stubborn Carr is.


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I don't think Carr calling out students for being disrespectful is going to help. Possible headline: "Disgruntled ex-head-coach Lloyd Carr berates own players on behalf of rule breaking Rodriguez."

There are probably things he could say that would help. He won't, because he doesn't want to jump back into the media spotlight, among other reasons. End of story.


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will try to spin it in the worst possible way, but carr is still viewed as a father figure by many of his recruits and a simple kind statement to the kids to 'be nice' could be issued. No need for him to give a lengthy interview, but he could drop a postcard to the toledo blade for crying out loud. but I agree with you that he probably will remain silent.


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Well. If our internal investigation doesn't turn anything up, then I expect Lloyd to speak. If he doesn't back RR in that case I may lose some respect for him.


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Lloyd has been implicated in this in anyway, unless I missed something.

Besides that point, he has no obligation to make a statement on this. It'd be like Wayne Fontes making excuses for the Lions' 0-16 year.


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There is some friction between Lloyd and RR for some reason. I think it has to do with some of the comments last year about the state of the program, the "country club atmoshpere," and the "cupboard being bare."

This video clip is unfortunate. Check out near the end when Rodriguez is mentioned. Lloyd's tone and demenor changes completely.


mad magician

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He doesn't want to make projections about this year's team, and after it became clear that's all the reporter wanted to ask him he ended the interview.

'No love lost.' Bullshit. Just because the local sports anchor says it doesn't mean it's true. I don't read anything into that clip


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I don't know about this. Yeah, Carr became awkward when RR was brought up, but that might simply be due to him knowing that anything he said about RR would be dissected to death, so he had to be careful.


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There is a group of former players that did not want RR in the first place. There also appears to be a "leak" in the Athletic Department. This is why Rosenberg was broke the Feagin story the minute it came out and why he dropped this piece right before the first game. In addition, this is the reason that Caty did that academic piece a year back.

Given this rift in the M athletic department, Lloyd should try and heal it, because like it or not, he is Bo's representative at Michigan. He is also a man who is respected by all and can repair the Michigan family.

TOB wants a public statement, while I believe this can be accomplished in private and kept in house. Either way, Lloyd needs to help Michigan from the few who never gave RR a chance.


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I don't necessarily agree with him, but it is worth a read.

In fact, I guess I'm lukewarm on his final conclusion; that Lloyd needs to step up and say something, and all would be right again. If Lloyd really did (during his time here)consider the extra workouts as strictly voluntary, then it would serve no purpose for him to speak out that it's normal. OTOH, if Lloyd's team(s) went through anything similar, I think he should step up and speak.

Scott Dreisbach

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This in no way is a negative thing towards Lloyd Carr, but I wonder what this entire thing says about how he worked his players. On Jim Rome today, (I hate him with a passion but had to listen because they were talking Michigan) Drew Sharp was asked something along the lines of "is this an issue of players who aren't normally used to being pushed getting frustrated or breaking the rules?" To this, Drew Sharp responded something along the lines of "Lloyd Carr worked his players and Rich Rodriguez pushes them, and that may be the reason why Michigan has perennially underachieved". The more and more I thought about it, that statement appears to have some validity to it.
In response to what you say, I don't think Lloyd needs to say anything, because if the investigation comes back (which it probably will) that Michigan did nothing wrong, then this entire thing kind of taints Lloyd's image, and it makes him appear like a soft coach who never pushed his players.

mad magician

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had done an investigation of Michigan under Carr, they would have found the players putting in the same kind of hours as they do under Rodriguez. I refer you to Chad Henne on this matter.

This notion that Michigan football players didn't work hard under Lloyd is misguided. Ture, Barwis changed Michigan's entire approach to conditioning, giving it a much needed update. But it's not like Jake Long or Braylon Edwards and the rest didn't bust their asses to become All American players and top NFL draft picks.

This current episode has little to do with Lloyd Carr. My guess is he's very sympathetic to what Rodriguez is going through right now-- if anyone has empathy for a college coach having trouble with the media, it's Carr. I am sure he has weighed the consequences of speaking out on the matter. But, like Chitown said, if you think he wants to insert himself in this story, you don't know Lloyd Carr.


August 31st, 2009 at 9:39 PM ^

I don't think anyone is going to dispute that Braylon and Long worked hard. The great ones always have that super inner drive to improve. But could you say that about everyone who saw playing time? Do you think Long's OL teammates worked as hard as the current OL is? Did Gabe Watson ever work to get himself in shape the way Will Campbell has?


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You're right - but Lloyd Carr holds a title within the Athletic Dep't. It might not be his "team" anymore, but he still has skin in the game, and I don't think it's unfair to expect him to play some role here.

I'm not saying I necessarily believe the "internal faction that opposed RichRod" theory of Gen. Sarcastic (i.e., Carr should stop it!), but I certainly think his role in the Athletic Department and his love of the program would suggest he could make a comment such as "I fully support the program," or "this is the same compliance department we had when I was coach - they are top notch," etc.