Where has all the speculation and information gone?

Submitted by NashvilleBLUE on July 29th, 2018 at 5:58 PM

When I joined the board a few years ago, it was overflowing with information. I was subscribed to 247 at the time and any "insider" info on that board was talked in depth on here.

Maybe it's just the off-season, but other than the few UMBIG11 posts, there is no real discussion on football speculation here. And I feel like it was that way during last season as well.

i find we are now an Ann Arbor city board(obviously from my username I don't live in Michigan anymore), a food board, and a drink-of-choice board. I enjoy those posts, but as filler between my football content. The football content now seems to be filler between those posts instead. 

For instance, right now Sam Webb is talking about pre-camp position switches and I don't see any chatter here. That's just one of dozens of recent examples.

Were the majority of those detailed threads started by folks that don't post much anymore or has the general board interest just shifted a bit?



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Your entertainment will almost always let you down, because it means so much to you that you end up holding it to unsustainable standard. Desus and Mero has changed networks and gone down to once a week (and is gone until next year), Parks and Rec was incredible and then the last season was garbage, It’s Always Sunny has been on a huge break between seasons because Dennis is working on his own project that isn’t good. 


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Uhh there isn't always news to talk about throughout the summer that hasn't been beat to death a million times?


And instead of complaining about the lack of threads about news you've heard, why don't you start one about it then? 


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The dichotomy of two posts prompted my post. The one you mentioned; which had me inhaling the info like a stray dog that hadn't eaten in a week.

The other was the post asking for any info on the BBQ. Out of all the replies the only one with real info was the guy saying "Billy likes to drink soda. Ms. Lippy's car is green." 

Gentleman Squirrels

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Don't have an account but from the pictures linking to the article, Michael Barrett and Phillip Paea are highlighted as pre-camp position switchers. Not exactly new news. Barrett is listed at WR but nearly everyone thinks he should be a RB. Paea started out at DT but moved to OG. Unless he's moving back to DT, I think that's old news.


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Paella is now officially an offensive lineman. That should surprise precisely no one. Barrett is more or less Jabrill Peppers in terms of assignments. He's a viper on defense, and he'll be utilized on offense the same way Peppers was. Wildcat QB, RB, etc. Here's what's crazy about that. None of that news is really insider info. Barrett tweeted about it 5 hours ago and nobody has talked about it on the board or the main page. 


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 No surprise with Phillip at Guard. That has been on this board since April 10th. The Barrett news shouldn’t surprise anyone either. He is a good fit for Viper and maybe a little run on offense or special teams. We may not be so lucky in 2021/22 when or even if we play 8 or 9 conference games. It looks like we are getting Nebraska 6 straight times just like we had Wisky from 2016-2021.


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Valencia is the place for paella, including at my house, next door to the Mercado Central where I guy all the fresh ingredients, right down to the rabbit. This is where it was invented, and this is where it tends to taste best. Lot of other great things to eat in San Sebastian, though, no doubt about it. My family spent a week there in June, and all we did was eat. Maybe the most wonderful city beach in the world?


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By this time next week, you might very well get your wish as fall camp begins. 

Right now, "What Is It That Gives Zingerman's The Right To Charge So Much For An Extra Slice Of Swiss?" - this is the board for you.

That is, unless you know something that we do not. In that case, do share.


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I've been reading religiously since Brian broke the news that Lloyd was retiring. My favorite thing about the blog, and what drew me to it, was the fact that he provided insider info as well as in depth analysis of the players and the games. The insider info has basically vanished in the last year or so. He's even made references to things as if we all knew about it, but he never reported on the main page (see HTTV and what it has to say about Luiji Vilain)


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I don't think Brian has ever shared much when it comes to kids potentially leaving or having issues because it's not worth sharing unsubstantiated information when considering the potential impact on their lives. And kudos to him for not doing that.

Staff changes and what not are in a different boat. But there hasn't been a lot to discuss in that realm recently.

Blue from Ohio

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I get the general sentiment that we're not getting as much insider info, but one thing I've always loved about this site is it's free and we get pretty good insight info.  Anybody wanting to complain is more than welcome to pay to join one of the premium pay sites.  I've always been gracious for this site offering as much insight, if not more, than what you're going to get by paying for the so called inside info.