Where do you tailgate?

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on May 5th, 2015 at 8:42 PM

Am curious where most MGoBlog posters tailgate when going to games.

I'm going to guess a majority of the answers will be on the golf course.

Every single Michigan game that I have gone to, I have tailgated at Jack's lot. It's across the street from the West side of The Big House on South Main and is the second empty lot on Potter Ave.




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Used to get free passes into the AAA parking lot every Saturday. I definitely took it for granted. I don't have that option anymore so now I park at the grassy lot right across from the mall where Bruegger's is on Main/AA-Saline. Not a bad spot actually for tailgating but the walk is quite a hike.

rob f

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and almost always in the same spot on the course--- near the utility shed and near The Angell House approximately 30 yards from those two buildings.  We try to get there early and  the lot attendants recognize us and let us have "our" spot and allow for us to stake out space for late-comers who we know will be joining us for our tailgate party.  "Our" spot includes some well-placed shade trees, a very welcome feature for early-season warm weather days.

On occasion (usually due to AAGO being closed because of weather condiitions or occasionally because of other circumstances), my alternate "go-to" spot is Lindy's Lot on Scio Church Road.  It's on the south side of the road, the 3rd lot going west from Saline Rd. across from the Pioneer High School Prairee and their cross-country course.   This used to be our regular tailgating spot for well over a decade until we decided to move to AAGO about a dozen years ago (mainly to cut down on the long walk as we all neared the "get off my lawn!" demographic).

Lindy's Lot remains the 2nd choice because it is grassy, has a generous helping of shade trees, and is well-sheltered from strong winds out of the north and/or west, the kind of winds that blow cold in the latter part of the season.  It's always been well-maintained and the owners are some of the nicest people around, knowing me and my friends and family by name.  It's family-owned and staffed, they are willing to accomodate us when we need to save a spot(s) for late arrivals.  My guess is that it can hold about 300 vehicles or so but it usually only fills up about 3/4 of the way unless there are weather closures of the gold courses.

We try to avoid Pioneer HS lots because of two reasons:

1) No Alcohol

1 a) No Alcohol

1 b) No Alcohol

1 c) No Alcohol

2) Asphalt

Oh---did I mention, they don't allow drinking?


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Being from out of state I always try and hit multiple spots up from 7am til kickoff. I've spent most of my time tailgating on the golf course, the pioneer lot, and random spots around the stadium.

The Dirty Nil

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It depends on how soon before the game I get there. The golf course is ideal. But random store parking lots have been a lot of fun too. No matter where you end up, if there are other fans tailgating, it will be a good time.


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If you wanted to come hang out with me at my tailgate, you could have just asked.  No need to make a whole thread about it.  

But I'm usually at the golf course when I can make it to a game.  


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Golf course - thinking of getting a reserved spot at Pioneer, does anyone have experience w/ Pioneer? How strictly is the no booze policy enforced?


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I start in my front yard while I park a few cars......and usually circle the big house visiting friends in the Crisler lot and the golf course before it's done.