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Surprised this hasn't been posted yet.  Barwis was on WTKA with Sam and Ira this morning, discussing his new venture. The podcast is up now-


07 - Mike Barwis in Studio 5/24/11

Also at the beginning of 8 they talk about him for a few good minutes.

(08 - Penn State Loses hoop coach).

Mainly they're talking about his new facility in Plymouth, and how they're going to cater to all types of people, from the high school to pro athlete, as well as mom's with kids.  For more info there's his website:


Love his flaming balls. (You have to see it....)



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I'm sure I'll get hammered, but I'll be that guy and focus your attention on the Testimonials link on the BarwisMethod website.  Its interesting to see pre-Rodriguez Michigan guys talking up the effectiveness of Barwis's program.



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He holds no hard feelings for Michigan. And Michigan really doesn't towards him (it wasn't his "fault", any more than it was his "credit"). Just like when Rich came in, someone wants to bring in their own guy; and that guy is pretty highly regarded too. If it had been a case where there had only been a loose affiliation with a S&C coach (rather than a guy Hoke had with him in his last 2 coaching stops), they probably would have kept him.

I think the fact that he decided to start up his program in nearby Plymouth is telling. He doesn't have particularly hard feelings; he understands the business. And realizes his time at U-M certainly at the very least upped his profile and publicized his methods far better than being at West Virginia could.  I'm glad to see him go this way, selfishly. It allows our guys to still work with him, and we don't have to compete against him. (And to be fair, unselfishly, he's going to make boatloads of money).


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Forgot to mention that. There was a bit on that at the end of the interview.  Barwis and Brock talked, and Barwis asked what he was doing, and Mealer said basically "enjoying my vacation from you", but they were ready to get back to work.  So yeah, Brock Mealer will be working out there too.

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I just talked to one of the two M players playing for the Steelers (this leaves the door open somewhat to whom it was) the other day. First time I had talked to him since the firing. He said that though many players didn't like what was going on with the coaching, they liked Barwis and his methods and still plan on working out with him because what he teaches works best for pros. Particularly the speed training. Ergo, I don't think he lumped Barwis in with the coaches.


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But "consultant" I guess doesn't mean he has to be there full time. Just consulting. 

I got the picture from the interview that this place in Plymouth is just the start of a master plan. I wouldn't be surprised to see Barwis Method places eventually across the Country, serving clients in every city and program.


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or does anyone else think someone should have "advised" Mike a little better on his "Barwis Method" logo choice?  I see "BM" and it makes me think of something completely different....

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I think it's great that he's sporting the Block M on his webpage photo.  He seemed like a great S&C coach, and I'm glad to see he's getting some support from Michigan players in multiple sports (even from, ehr, slightly dodgy characters like Braylon). 

Also, it was nice to see the Beilein testimonial.  I wonder if Barwis made a business decision to not have a RichRod endorsement on his webpage - you'd guess that Rich would gladly give him one, but given the location 15 miles east of Ann Arbor and the recent unpleasantness, posting a RichRod shout-out might be bad for business.  (I'm not a RichRod hater, BTW.)


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My guess is, if you asked the current players who trained with Barwis, they would have nothing but glowing compliments about him as a person and S&C coach.



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Good to see Barwis staying in the area and keeping a connection with UM.  Everyone seems to love the guy, and his methods sound great (if not a bit insane).  If he ever opens up a place out in NY, I might give it a whirl.


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Barwis and his family love Michigan and he would have stayed at U-M if he could have. No surprise that he's opening his center in Plymouth. 


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Sorry for going OT, but has anyone heard anything interesting about Aaron Wellman? He seems to have a reasonable resume, but that's about all I know about the guy.


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But Jason Whitlock said he he amazing things at Ball State, taking some no talent linemen and helping put them in the NFL. And as all coaches say about their S&C guy, "he's the best in the Country".
<br>And I'm sticking with my "he keeps velociraptors as pets" story.