Where are they now? Evan Smotrycz

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I was watching the Iowa vs. Maryland NIT semifinal game last night and I was curious how our old friend Evan Smotrycz was doing.  It seems like he's doing well; getting ready to finally play again next season.  I found an article from February where he says he has no regrets leaving Michigan, even after taking into account all of Michigan's success this year, but I have to wonder if he has second thoughts now that Michigan is in the Final Four.  Imagine, Smotrycz's Lobstrycz's in the ATL showcased on college basketball's biggest stage. 

It must feel like dumping Kate Upton, before she becomes "the Kate Upton", because you wanted to be with someone else who you thought would make you happier....  (just speculation). 





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than Vogrich, but far fewer than GRIII or Stauskas.  He probably made a good choice if his goal is to play a lot. 

More importantly, who could make anyone happier than Kate Upton could?  Who would dump Kate Upton?  I won't downvote you for it, but it doesn't make a lot of sense.


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We (very) often play one big, one point, and 3 wings with various sizes and responsibilities.  Smot wasn't going to take time from any of the centers and wasn't going to play the point.  Based on his shooting from the arch, he could play a similar position to Hardaway, GRIII or Nik.  He wasn't going to get much of that time.


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I think of it this way....Not too difficult to imagine a lineup of Trey, Smot, GRIII, THjr, and a center....It's a big lineup, but there is only one answer for who is having his minutes taken.  Just as easy to add Nik and take out THjr or GRIII and, again we know who lost mins. Given how infrequently we played two of the three centers at once, it doesn't seem reasonable to suggest that any center time would be taken by Smot unless none were (hypothetically) playing for a stretch in his favor.  Anyway, I hope this is the least important debate either of us engages in this year.  Go Blue!


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and wasn't willing to do what Vogrich did for the team.  I would rather read an article about the  courage and commitment and leadership Vogrich showed by not sulking after losing his starting job and remaining a team player and a true leader.


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Are you saying that you lost respect for Smotryz because he saw the writing on the wall and reacted according to his perception of his best interests?  We all seem to agree that his playing time was going to be severely diminished.  Him leaving was not a major blow to Michigan's depth and it was most definitely the right thing for him to do if his desire is to be a major contributor and not a role player.  From eveything I read, the transfer was on good terms.  I don't see any reason to hate on the guy.


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I haven't heard of anyone upset with Smotz, by all accounts he is a good guy and had legit reasons for his transfer. I think this is just an interesting juxtaposition that highlights for many of us that Matt handled things really well. He was in line to start or at least have a big role, and when that didn't happen he did all he could to help the team (the team, the team).

I am really happy that all the seniors are getting to experience a final four from a perspective that less than 60 kids per year get to see, and that none of us will ever know.


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I have to question that.  I'm thinking Ms. Upton has pretty much always been the dumper, not the dumpee, even before her national fame. She would have to be pretty much the most annoying woman in the world to get dumped.

As for Smot, he probably made the right call.  His game is pretty much a weaker version of Stausaks'.  He's not as good of a shooter and he's not as strong to the hoop.  So he would have lost a ton of playing time to him.  I wish him well though.  He has potential if he can get a lot stronger at finishing at the rim.


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I was gonna say, he would be less competing with Timmy and Nik and more sharing minutes with GRIII. 

Personally, I think that would have really added depth as we don't have a true "4" man other than GRIII who is really a stretch-3.  Sure we can go two bigs but that affects our offensive production.


Burke/Spike at the 1

TH Jr/Stauskas/LeVert at the 2 and 3

GRIII/Smotty at the 4

McGary/Morgan/Horford at the 5


Anyway, good luck to the guy.  Hopefully he wasn't trying to run away from the B1G...


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I realize that, but he was playing there out of desperation, not because he belonged there, IMO.  He might have gotten minutes at the 5 this year due to injuries but I don't think he would be getting even a single minute right now.  Morgan is a true 5 and is struggling to get minutes at this point.

Mr. Yost

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Smotz would actually have a role on this team, he'd back up GRIII and it'd pretty much stop there.

The thing is, we'd never go with the "2 Bigs" lineup and they might hurt us. Also Smotz cried last year when he was benched, he'd be a cancer this year while GRIII ate up 30+ minutes each game.

It was a win for both parties. I truly wish the kid the best, he wanted to play and found an excellent program at a great university that is going to give him a shot.

Michigan is clearly doing just fine in its own right.


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...I think a lot of it had to do with him feeling uncomfortable at Michigan, and not so much to do with the basketball team. If he's found a campus atmosphere that makes him more comfortable, I think he's probably happy. Of course he'll always wonder 'what if', but as long as he was transferring for the aforementioned reasons I don't think he's ever going to seriously regret it. 


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Smotrycz's Lobstryczs would've been awesome to see in ATL, but I'm having a hard time seeing where Smotz would've fit in on this team. I suspect he would've been coming off the bench by this time in the year so I'm thinking he still might be happy with his choice (considering he wasn't a big fan of A2 in the first place apparently)

oriental andrew

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i would actually expound upon that last statement.  When you're generally unhappy in a place, it's tough to stay focused and performing your best.  This is why unhappy employees are less productive.  Getting himself into an environment where he can thrive was probably the best thing for him.

And judging by the article, it wasn't necessarily a basketball thing with him, but more of a general mental/emotional thing with being either in Michigan or farther away from home or whatever.  


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Yeah, having no insight into last year's team, it is hard for me to say, but he seemed to struggle with confidence (in his shot, etc.).  He was also sulky and petulent, and seemed to sulk more as the 2011-12 season wore on.  But he stepped up in all 3 Tournament games he played for Michigan (averaged over 10 off the bench); he has the talent. 

It's a shame because he would really gel with the players Michigan has this year.  I hope he figures it out. 


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or thought he would be happier somewhere else. I don't know if he was referring to the team or campus life.
I hope it is working out for him. It has worked out pretty well for Michigan (LaVert & Spike).


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Also in the "where are they now" (and "where might they be") category: former Michigan preferred walk-on Sai Tummala may end up back in the Big Ten as he was recently offered by Nebraska and apparently will visit there this week. He's currently at Salt Lake Community College. From his list of offers shown on Rivals, Nebraska might be his best bet.