Where are the best seats in the Big House?

Submitted by Captain Obvious on August 11th, 2010 at 9:09 AM

Viewing-wise, that is.  I don't get to make many games because I'm no longer in the area and not a student anymore, so I'm willing to spend a bit more for the 1-2 games I can get to.  In the past I've gone on the assumption that closer is better, but I've heard some like to sit higer up for the viewing angle.

So, what is your preferred row range?  Also, what is your favorite section?  I'm assuming that between the 30s is the best option outside of the student section.  I know "there's no bad seats in the Big House," but I'd like to know where the better ones are.



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you stand in front of (or on) your seat and yell as loud as you can.

Eh, I sat down about the 40 on the old press box side last season for a couple games, Row 15. Those were excellent.


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I've never had a bad seat. I sat (stood) in row 1 as a student, and I now sit in row 85. I've been in the corner, end zone, near mid-field. I even spent one game in the (old) press box. I've never had a bad seat.

Therefore, every seat in the Big House is a good one.


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Are knowing where the yard markers are/your angle. I didn't see many games live before I was a student, and i was quite used to knowing where things were (not just the yellow line, but the profile view) It always took me a few series/games to figure out where the yard markers were with my student section vantage point. 

My Uconn seats are in the corner opposite the Student Section, so I'll have to adjust too


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Last four games attended:

1.  1999 Illinois

2.  2001 Ohio State

3.  2005 Minnesota

4.  The Horror

It was with great sadness that I decided it to be in the teams best interest that I kept my distance.  I watch every second of every minute of every game, just not at the Big House.  it is my sacrifice for the good of the program.   


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I wanted to go to fan day on sunday until I recalled what I did last year. I met Tate at Mark's Midtown while out for lunch. It was after they owned ND. I shook his hand and told him what a great game he had and good luck. We all know what happened after that. I jinxed him.

Holy crap!! While writing this it dawned on me that I sat next to Obi Ezeh while out for breakfast right before fall camp last year!!! It is confirmed, I must stay away forever. It is all my fault. He was awful last year. You might be jinxed just reading this! I am the bad luck guy.


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Our seats are in Section 1, Row 28 - about the 48 yard line.  The negative is September, when you have the sun shining directly in your face.  The upside is November when you do have some warmth.  The band also faces the other way for the bulk of the afternoon. 

I feel very lucky to have these seats.  I've thought that perhaps a bit higher would be better to watch play development, but that is a very minor complaint.  Most of the people around me are older alums who show up for the early season games, but disappear as the weather gets colder.


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Seriously? It's not like we're playing games in January. Old people are always blabbering about how much tougher they had it in their day, so any old fart who disappears from Michigan Stadium because the thermometer has dipped below 50 should give up their tickets for somebody—of any age—who hasn't become such a pussy. And I'm an old fart myself. Put on some long johns for fuck's sake. Jesus. It's one thing to be an arrogant fan, but it's unforgiveable to be both arrogant and soft.


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Hang on a second Don.  Some of the people I am talking about are old and frail - I would have to say well into their 80's.  That they even come to games at all is as much of a statement of support as you can make.  The guy behind me walks with a cane, but still high fives when we score - just very, very gently.  He loves Michigan as much as anyone I know. The effort required to go up and down a lot of steps is major.  Give some of these people a break - they are as true Blue as anyone on these blogs.

OMG the QB is toast

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My last year at UM I had seats in row 6 of one of the student sections just before the corner of the endzone along the side of the field. I thought they were awesome seats, but my wife (5'5") could only see when the ball was in the red zone in front of us. I'd take those seats again in a heartbeat, but since the bowl flattens a bit near the bottom, you might consider that it may be harder to see down low if you're a bit shorter (I'm 6'1").

Captain Obvious

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I was looking for.  I've typically sat in row 15-25ish and liked it, but have always wondered if I was missing something by not sitting up a bit higher.  I also had a chance to buy seats in row 1 and passed, citing the same concerns you just mentioned re: shorter wife.

It seems to me 40-60 would be ideal but I would like to get some others' perspectives.


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Over the past 4-5 seasons I’ve experienced  seats ranging from row (3) to row (90) via the formerly known Go-Blue package and/or season tickets.  Unfortunately, my season tickets for the past (2) years has been located in row (90) and not row (3).  I mention “unfortunately,” in reference to row (90) as despite an increased viewing angle you’re up in no man’s land for lack of words.  It goes without saying that there are more variables than just seating location that  go into making your game day experience, but I feel sitting as close to the field as possible changes your experience completely.  I say this b/c if you’re a fan as described by “blazefire” than you want to be down low.  More times than not fans in the upper bowl don’t feel the need to stand up and cheer as much b/c of the increased viewing angle… it’s just a different culture up there.  It’s so lackadaisical that I often feel bad about standing up after a big play b/c it takes so long for the wave of people standing and cheering to make its way up (90) rows, and by the time is does, we’re usually past the euphoria of the play.  If I was pressed to make a complaint or two about sitting down low it would be that at times the camera men get in the way, and you’re usually looking for the crowd’s reaction if we’re going in for a score and you’re on the opposite end.  Outside of that the chills one gets being down low in one game exceed those tallied an entire season by sitting up high in my opinion.  As a side note I was fortunate enough to be moved down considerably this year, and if you’re looking for the best of both worlds I would try to get somewhere between rows 20-50, and the press box side is always preferred.


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below row 20 or 30 can result in difficulties for persons of shorter stature, but being close it worth it to me.  I sat in row 80 in the corner last year and enjoyed seeing the whole field well and not having to wait in line behind a ton of people to get out, but it was back there.

I was just moved to one of the corner sections that doesn't go all the way down to the field -- anyone know if my entry line will be shorter?


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rows 20-30 are perfect. Any closer to the field and you start to lose sight of the sidelines nearest to you. The only times I get that close are when the game is a blowout and I can move up into vacated seats. I do have to say, when you are right behind the Michigan bench, you can hear coaches yelling and players talking trash, That's kind of fun in it's own way. I would rather be able to see the entrie field, though.

Sgt. Wolverine

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is completely subjective -- it depends entirely on what you most enjoy from a trip to the stadium.  The first row doesn't provide the ideal view of the entire field, but it gets you up close and personal with the game atmosphere.  The last row provides a great view of the entire field (and a back rest!), but it also disconnects you a little bit from the game.  Midfield provides the ideal tv-like view, but the end zone gives you a great view to watch the game in a way you don't really get on tv.

For me, the best seat depends on the game.  If it's a less intense WMU-type game, then the location doesn't concern me that much -- and really, the last row is nice and relaxing.  But if it's a crazy OSU game, then I find it a lot more fun to be close to the field because the ideal view of the game (which I could get at home on tv) is a lot less important to me than being right in the middle of things.  For games like that, I go less for the view and more for the atmosphere.


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My seats are the best (feel free to buy my tickets!).  I'm in Corner 17, row 92.  It's high up, but it has a good view of the entire field.

As a senior, I stood in Row B.  It was awesome because we were right by the field (and after the heroic victory against Washington - yes, Huskies lick their balls - the team was fiving all of us in the first few rows).  But, I could not see the far end of the field worth a lick.  You're better off sitting a bit higher where you can see the whole field.


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I personally enjoy row 96, top row. I'm 6'4" so being able to lean back against something helps my back. Also, you can stand anytime you want without blocking anyones view. My wife is 5'10" and fractured two vertebrae playing basketball in college, so being able to move around a bit is always a plus.


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I got section 20 row 1 seats 11 & 12, has anyone been in this section or row before?  I heard that row 1 in not actually the first row that there is a row A & B is this true?


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Hey I'm heading up to Ann Arbor in September for my first game at the BIG HOUSE.  I was wondering if there are any places i should check out, and if there are cheap places to park, and good places to tailgate.  thanks for the responses


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Someone is listening... Or reading.. Whatever.. Anyway I am going to my first Michigan game september7. Notre Dame. My husband is from Kalamazoo but has never been. I am looking at the seating chart and reading this blog. If I have it right I should be trying for section 24 row 50-60. I want to be up high enough to see the action, close enough to all the crowds (cuz that's what makes it) and I am 4'11". My hubby is around 6'. Am I looking at the seating chart correctly? Any help would be great!! And like a previous blogger I understand that 'there are no bad seats'. I just want us to both be able to enjoy watching Michigan beat Notre Dame!! GO BLUE!