When will Michigan be on College Gameday?

Submitted by michgoblue on September 8th, 2010 at 2:49 PM

A buddy and I were just talking about how we couldn't remember the last time that College Gameday was in AA or even the last time when it was at a Michigan game?  Does anyone recall the last time?

Also, are there any games on our schedule that have the potential to bring out the Gameday crew this year?  Likely not, but just wanted to get everyone's opinions on this otherwise boring Wednesday.




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was in AA for 2007 Ohio State.

Probably the next time will be a Michigan-OSU game with some relevance, hosting ND at night could be a possibility, and it would not surprise me if they showed when we host the Huskers for the first time.  All that depends on UM being relevant, however.


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and had Gameday fenced off just behind the stadium so that only a couple hundred fans could actually get anywhere near the gameday crew and get some air time. I spent all weekend making my sign, got there by 9, and was never able to make it through the line...

<apparently you can't direct link pics from flckr anymore, lovely>


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In week 6, there appears to be 4 games that have mass appeal:

LSU v Florida

Florida St. v Miami (YTM)

USC v Stanford

and Michigan v MSU.


Depending on what happens to all teams involved, two undefeated Big10 teams who despise each other might have a shot at attracting the Game Day Crew.

oriental andrew

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If Michigan is 5-0 at that point, they will be beaten decent UConn and ND squads, but also UMass, Bowling Green, and Indiana.  Not exactly a thrilling slate of wins.  If Michigan beats MSU, otoh, the following week tilt against Iowa could be something special, assuming they beat PSU the week before.  

West Texas Blue

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Last time Gameday was in AA was OSU-UM in 2007.  Maybe they'd come to AA if UM and MSU are undefeated but I doubt it.  Maybe Iowa or Wisky game but both teams in respective game would need to be ranked I'd imagine.

Six Zero

September 8th, 2010 at 3:13 PM ^

Since they've gone to the Herbstreit/Musburger Game of the Week lineup, the Gameday location is almost always the same as that 8:00 ABC game.  For those who enjoy my Herbstreit conspiracy theories, I'll assume that he prefers to sit in his trailer on his chemically-induced tan rear while watching the Barefoot Contessa and eating cheese in a can & Cheez-Its (rich or not, he's still a Buckeye) during the afternoon rather than hop on a plane from one site to the next.  With that being said, I'm sure he doesn't like coming back to Ann Arbor where the pains and shame of his past still linger on the hallowed field of Michigan Stadium.

On a more logical level, our typical ban of night games probably cuts us off the ABC Game of the Week list on a regular basis, next year notwithstanding.  It's almost always the night game anymore.  If we're rollin' into next month, they might come out to Iowa City on the 16th.

If I were a betting man, I'd say that next year's Notre Dame game is a lock, and unfortunately we probably won't see Corso, Fowler, Desmond, and the prima donna on the golf course until then.


September 8th, 2010 at 3:23 PM ^

...but I'd say half the time Herbie flies on a jet after gameday to get to the game.  Gameday is often in the SEC and he never does those games.  So they don't pick it based on what game Herbies is calling.  I think if it's close on what game they want to pick they go with Herbie, but that is not a major factor.


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We will without a doubt be on gameday within the next year or so.  Just gotta get a big enough early season matchup where we're highly ranked and the team we're playing is highly ranked.

oriental andrew

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I can't imagine Gameday NOT being at the historic first night game ever in a renovated Michigan Stadium, especially if Michigan and ND both finish 2010 on a positive note.  Given the schedules, both Michigan (vs WMU) and ND (vs. S Fl) should win their season openers in 2011.  


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I doubt they'll come here this year though the Ohio State could be featured. I hope they come for two games next year though, the ND night game and either Nebraska or Ohio State.


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I remember for Gameday 2007 I had a sign that said "Welcome Home Desmond" and as I was leaving the Gameday stage Desmond pulls up in a golf cart right next to me, took a second to read the sign, and then gave me a huge grin and a thumbs up. 

Wish I had gotten a picture...


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I thought they could have banked on coming for opening day against uconn. lots of compeling storylines. The Mealer family. Could have been fun but i do understand you don't get exposure unless you're winning, aka Detroit Lions to do the same!


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It might not be for awhile.  The Gameday crew has been soured on Ann Arbor.  Sadly, there's a segment of our fanbase that thinks it's a good idea to taunt Fowler/Corso/Herbstreit.  We're basically the only place in the country that does that.  Fowler gets crapped on because he went to Colorado (and even though we beat them in '96 and '97, people can't seem to forget the '94 game).  Corso gets crapped on because he went 0-8 against us when he coached at IU.  Herbstreit takes a ton of shit because he's a Buckeye.  Every time they've come here, some idiots have tried to shout them down and throw things at them.  I don't know where these people come from.  They couldn't make us look worse.  Corso and Herbstreit usually take it in stride, but it really gets under Fowler's skin and he always slips in a few digs at us on the air.



September 9th, 2010 at 3:42 PM ^

Sep 18 - Texas @ TTech

Sep 25 - WVU @ LSU

Oct 2 - UF @ Bama

Oct 9 - FSU @ The U

Oct 16 - Texas @ Nebraska

Oct 23 - Wiscy @ Iowa

Oct 30 - MICH @ Penn State

Nov 6 - TCU @ Utah

Nov 13 - Miami @ GT

Nov 20 - Stanford @ Cal

Nov 27 - MICH @ OSU


October 3rd, 2010 at 1:52 AM ^

during College Gameday Final, the crew admitted that they might have gone to Palo Alto if USC had not lost to Washington.

Looking at the schedule, there are really 4 options:

Alabama vs S Carolina
LSU vs Florida
FSU vs Miami

Trying to be objective, my prediction now that Week 5 is here: Ann Arbor.  Denard for Heisman hype will be too much to resist.