When were you most disappointed in the program?

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Seems to be a lot of excitement and optimism around the upcoming season. So of course this got the Maizen side of my brain thinking; what event in Michigan sports history caused you the most disappointment or embarrassment as a fan (or even a player for some of you fortunate few)?

After what happened in Maryland recently, watching Sugar Shane get put back in the game after an obvious concussion is mine.  Made worse due to the lack of awareness and headset worn by Hoke.




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I kind of agree with him. 

Last year was a massive disappointment because you wouldn't expect a season to feel so Hoke-like with Jim Harbaugh at the helm. 

Given that there were zero quality wins, two games that were thrown away due to poor coaching (Michigan State and South Carolina), no victories over rivals, QB and OL regression...I never expected that. Honestly, what was there to be happy about last year when it came to the results? That Michigan probably would have beaten Ohio State with a different QB? 

There were certainly lower points from 2008-2014, but from a disappointment standpoint last year was hard to top*.


*Obviously, the Morris concussion and how it was handled was the most disappointed I've been in regards to the program, but I'm looking at it from strictly football. 


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Just had my first kidney stone last month. I woke up and within 45 minutes I was lying on the bathroom floor dry-heaving into the toilet. Then proceeded to walk to the hospital 2 blocks away and when I arrived my entire body was soaked in sweat. When the nurse saw me, she rushed me into the emergency room. First time I have ever been to an ER where there was NO wait. But kidney stones suck..thank god for pain meds.


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I went to the ER for my first and second kidney stones. The first time I had to wait 3 hours because they were treating a guy who got doused with tar. He was screaming in agony. I was a grad student at UofM and M-Care paid for everything. The second time was on my company health care. The bill was $6K of which I had to pay $1K. The third stone I had, I waited to see my doctor during regular hours. That cost me a $20 copay. ER visits are damn expensive. 

Anyway, I think/hope I finally learned my lesson. I drink A LOT of water every day.

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Almost any answer would have been technically irrefutable as a matter of opinion.  You managed to pick an answer that is irrefutably wrong, since the "2 Coke" promotion wasn't a program decision at all.  A retailer outside of the athletic department decided to run with that.

It is one of the worst-reported stories in the recent history of the program in that regard.

I expect this sort of mistaken trashtalk from ill-informed rival fans.  Not informed M Men.


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The tickets weren't the property of the Athletic Department anymore.  And the retailer was trying to do something for students, inside the Union.  How many total tickets were involved in that "while supplies last promotion"?  20?  50?  In what; Row 97?  I wonder how many student tickets go unused, or show up late, now that Jim Hackett hired Jim Harbaugh who is working for Warde Manuel.

But hey, I get it.  The modern credo of the MGoBoard is to hate on anything that happened when Dave Brandon was AD.  Without regard to, you know, the actual facts.



Mr Miggle

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This is just embarrassing too. Coke was working with the AD. They weren't just a local business that purchased tickets at retail and gave them away however they wanted. The AD admitted the promotion was a mistake and had it pulled. The AD was involved with other promotions to move tickets they could no longer sell, but that one went too far, at least to withstand publicity. It was an embarrassing time for a lot of Michigan fans. 




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No, wrong.  The tickets were purchased (or else, were provided to a local bottler/distributor as part of a marketing agreement), and it was the sloppy, unauthorized local bottler/distributor that ran out the promotion.

Seriously, boys and girls; this is the equivalent of my buying my season tickets for something like $110 each, and then giving them away to a guy who cuts my lawn a week before the game because I can't go.  The lawncutter goes on his Twitter account and says he got Michigan tickets as a tip for cutting a lawn.  And thereafter, the world of Twitter (followed by the larger media world) presuming that Michigan tickets are worth nothing.

We had the second-highest attendance in the Big Ten Conference that week; 102,926.  That was less than Ohio State's 108,362 (they played a rare instate game versus Cincinnati), but more than Penn State's 102,910.



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Yes.  Nebraska's defense was ranked around 112th in the nation.  I watched mighty Wyoming put up nearly 700 yards of offense on their D in Lincoln.  And here we were...playing at the big house...and that same crappy ass Nebraska D held us in check all day.  If we hadn't recovered a fumble deep in NU territory, we'd have stayed at 10 points.

Ugh.  I hate that I even remember this garbage. 

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This one is a mystery to me.  What was so bad, program-wise about that?

Gibbons cooperated with AAPD.  They interviewed him, he answered their questions.  He did it without a lawyer.  They (testing him, no doubt, since it would not be admissible) asked Brendan if he would undergo a polygraph.  He said he would.

And then Gibbons' accuser quit cooperating with police.

There were two, maybe three AAPD detectives who worked the case.  They did not refer or recommend any charges to the Washtenaw County Prosecutor's office.  There was never a charge, or a trial, or a conviction.

What exactly was the football program supposed to do that that?

Then, there was a student "conflict resolution" hearing.  And I sure as heck don't know what happened there.  I'm not willing to presume that it was anything other than a kangaroo court.  If you know better, I'll be really interested, because to date I've never seen a transcript or a report of anything coming out of it.  Gibbons' private personal letter indicating his expulsion was leaked -- disgracefully and illegally -- to the Daily.  That was a low moment for the Daily and Michigan student government and administrators.  But not the football program.


Larry Appleton

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I got to agree with you here.  Our rivals (and some on this board) keep screaming “cover up!!!”  But the program and university had nothing to go on.  There were no charges, and at the time the university could not conduct an administrative hearing without the victim’s cooperation.  When those admin laws changed, the hearing was scheduled.  

The only program university related screw/ups were how Hoke and Brandon handles the media.

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Good, mostly!  It's no accident, of course. I'm not here for fellowship or "community."  I'm here for information, and sifting facts from myths.  And college football fans on all sides are passionately guilty of some of the worst  and most hypocritical abuses of facts and law and principles.

At ElevenWarriros.com, I defended the Gibbons matter (rightfully, to Ramzy Nasrallah's distress) and told them all, that someday, they'd have a star tailback or a point guard or some other notable Buckeye hero who would be caught up in a Title IX controversy where the star would be expelled in a case where there was not arrest, no charges, no trial, and no conviction.  Shortly thereafter, the controversy with OSU Marching Band leader Jon Waters divided that community, and after that, Torrance Gibson was expelled and Urban Meyer (in one of the rarest scenes I have ever observed at that level) went before the press and flatly said that he disagreed with the expulsion.

And then, the ElevenWarriors crowd said, "We gave you a lot of shit about Gibbons, M Man, but you were right."

I got lots of pushback at MGoBlog in writing about the Rodriguez era when I was supposed to be a good fanboy and supporting Brady Hoke, and when Bacon's book "Three and Out" was released, I was able to write a couple of MGoBlog diaries pointing out that "We [because it certainly wasn't me alone, Brian Cook was damn near prescient in all of it] were right."  It caused such a kerfuffle here that Seth Fisher started a Wordpress blog for me.  I wish I actually had time to run a blog.


Prince Lover

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Oh I don’t know.....I mean, Alabama wanted him and he turned them down. I was pretty excited by the hire.

I just was surprised Schiano was asked before RR. 

As far as my answer....probably UM basketball getting in trouble and hitting rock bottom for a long time. Although, I was a Hoke supporter for longer than most....THATS embarrassing to admit.

OP, hope hospital is for happy reasons. If not, hopefully your stay is brief and not too concerning....


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Meh, he was on the cusp of a big job and he got the Michigan job and if we got Pryor - who knows what would have happened... (good or bad)

When we were beating Florida in the Outback bowl and Coach Rod was in the booth in one of his first big interviews - I was pretty damn excited.

People forget the end of the Carr era was eagerly awaited by a lot of people...