When was the last Michigan kick/punt return for a TD?

Submitted by 1464 on September 23rd, 2013 at 9:39 AM

After the Dileo near return, and in the midst of a Norfleet tenure which was supposed to be promising, and feels like it could be on the verge of a TD at any moment, I began to think...

When is the last time that Michigan returned a kick or punt for a TD?  I'm likely forgetting something, but I can't remember a single instance since the Carr era.  Has there been one more recently?  If not, is this some sort of a record drought?

EDIT: Since my question was pretty quickly answered, here are some numbers.  Records are only complete through 2009 on the ESPN site.  They also apparently include blocks returned, as Brandon Graham shows up in 2009 with a 26-yd return for TD.  I filtered out returns of less than 40 yards to get as accurate number as possible by limiting punt blocks.

There have been roughly 470 returns for TD since the last time that Michigan has taken one to the house, or about 4 per team.  It may not be a record drought, but it seems like we haven't had production in a long, long time. 

KR for Touchdowns (by year):

2013 - 16 (through 4 weeks)

2012 - 72

2011 - 68

2010 - 70

2009 - 84 (Stonum - 1)

PR for Touchdowns (by year):

2013 - 17 (through 4 weeks)

2012 - 49

2011 - 48

2010 - 36

2009 - 52





September 23rd, 2013 at 9:43 AM ^

Tay Odoms had a punt return at some point (maybe against Iowa?) I believe, and Stonum had a return for a TD on a kickoff against Notre Dame in '09.  Those are the two that immediately come to mind. 


Edit: Odoms' punt return was against Purdue in '08.

Space Coyote

September 23rd, 2013 at 9:45 AM ^

I believe in '09 against ND. I believe he returned a KO.

EDIT: Odoms against Purdue I think in '08, before Stonum's KO return. I thought that was correct when I first read it above, but turns out it was earlier than Stonum's.

MI Expat NY

September 23rd, 2013 at 9:53 AM ^

To be fair, I'd guess there are less returns for TDs in general in college football these days.  I haven't looked up any stats to back it up, but based on observation and intuitive sense, I'd guess that's true.   With kickoffs being moved to the 35 and the spread punt formation (grr...) there are just less opportunities to actually return a kick.