When Michigan football brings strangers together.....

Submitted by ggoodness56 on September 23rd, 2009 at 10:19 PM

Isn't it great being part of this Michigan fan base?

Isn't it great knowing that there are other guys going just as crazy as you are?

I think so....it makes being a Michigan fan awesome. You ever had those moments where you and a complete stranger become best friends for a second? I think it happens about every game.

scene...you are in the bar, packed, there is a big guy across the way, real big, you don't know him...but you both see each other...maybe a nod of approval on a certain play. Then there is that play, usually in the 4th quarter when you secure the victory. And then without question, you and the big guy, head for each other with complete abandonment hugging it out...high fiving....laughing. I'm not talking about gay stuff. Just two guys who love the GAME!



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WTF is going on with the board tonight. We have child predator lawyers, a post about demetrius hart that I can't even comprehend and now a post about an alternative lifestyle (not that there is anything wrong with it).


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I am in NC and confronted an OSU fan the day of the ND game.
We sat and watched both games at a sports bar and the guy called me a pussy after OSU got beat. I declined a reply other than giving him the business. OSU fans, even in NC are assholes.
The bartender was a ND fan and we went back and forth all
afternoon of that game. Neither of us knew who would win.
He was gracious in defeat.
I had a car following me with a great big M on it. She saw my winget helmut on the back and we proceded with the celebration
at a stoplight in Cary, NC. That's as close as I can get this year, but the out of state thing is pretty incredible.


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the play that put us into field goal territory put an uproar in uccellos in walker michigan...a friend of mine hugged this complete stranger and peoeple were cheering "im proud to be a michigan wolverine" then after the blocked FG, bookies were calling, the car flags were coming down and it was a bad weekend for all


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I was just thinking in my mind about all the funny times that I have had with random Michigan fans over the years....but yeah, looking back my post makes me sound like a dumb faggot...and for that...I apologize.