When is the media going to expose Brandon?

Submitted by Marshmallow on January 22nd, 2011 at 8:12 PM

Yeah, I know, we have our coach, let's move on.  I say no.  UM isn't a private school or the CIA.  The alumni, students and Michigan taxpayers have a right to know how Brandon's so-called "process" worked, what happened with Harbaugh and Miles and when Hoke was really offered.  There was a lot of reporting during what I refer to as "Hell Week" for Michigan fans after the bowl game that contradicts Brandon's public statements.  Michigan should having a winning team, but it should be about integrity too.  That starts from the top down.  Brandon has displayed nothing but the utmost arrogance, condescension and lack of integrity.  Who in the media is going to take him to task?  Isn't the purpose of journalism to promote transparency and accountability?