When do we find out?

Submitted by Flying Dutchman on December 4th, 2016 at 10:23 AM

I have been looking on ESPN but don't see anything:  is there some "selection show" or something coming up?    How long until we know what Michigan's bowl is + all this CFP business?



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Put OSU at #4 and give them Alabama.  Let the two most corrupt teams play each other and see how far OSU has to go before they can buy Alabama-level talent.  While I am not happy at the prospect of Michigan playing yet another road game, this time against FSU, in the Orange Bowl, it's still a great result for Harbaugh's second year.

I think the most important issue for Michigan is to address the biased officiating.  We didn't complain as much after Iowa, but officiating was largely responsible for that loss, too.  If Iowa hadn't been given their gift "roughing" calls, Michigan would have been 11-1 even with the theft in Columbus and Clemson would have probably been relegated to #4 with an OSU-Michigan rematch coming up on a neutral site.

Sadly, the way it works out for Michigan is that they always have to be so clearly superior that horrible calls don't cost them games.  I just want to see the refs call the games fair.  If they had this year, undefeated Michigan would have played Wiscy last night.


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Addressing lousy officiating should be a major consideration for both college football as a whole along with the NFL.  It is messing up the game.

What Michigan needs to do, in my not so humble opinion, is learn to play solid offensive football in the 4th quarter against good teams.  It hurt us in three out of our last four games.

It's great that JH is a QB guru, but we need to get an OL that works for the run game and an RB or two that can seriously run the ball.  Many schools have such a player, why can't Michigan find one?  I'm guessing this will happen under our current coaching staff sooner than later.  We still live under the ghost of Hoke...good defensive players, but on the O-side, not so much.


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Bama 2 years ago and look how that turned out. The Tide have a better front 4 than OSU but the Buckeye secondary is the most talented in the nation. I don't even want to think about it anymore


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Now, now, give us a little credit here.

A thread asking an honest (albeit repeated answered question) question is fine to a point, that point being "Is there a thread for it already?".

A thread lamenting our bowl fate - again - might be in a little more danger because then you have to compete with about 40 other threads which are doing or have tried to do the same thing, so it better be quality lamenting. 


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I went on to the Badger's Blog.

The rhetoric used by sour fans is universal.

Paraphrasing....." No innovation on offense, Didnt play to win, Tired of BarryBall."

KC Wolve

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Holy shit. I mean, I knew they would drag it out but damn. Advertising is fascinating to me. I don't know 1 person who would subject themselves to watching more than a few minutes of this garbage. It will also most likely leak on the internet before or will be announced seconds later. Yet, they will still fill 4 hours with complete nonsense to say 4 names and fill the ad space somehow.

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Winchester Wolverine

December 4th, 2016 at 10:37 AM ^

I hope Ped State gets in while OSU (unfortunately) stays in as well. They can be this year's MSU. Meanwhile we can play Washington in the Rose Bowl. Classic match up. It would be an awesome consolation game.


December 4th, 2016 at 11:43 AM ^

And yet we are still one of the best 4 teams in the country right now.

That's what Holcutt said the criteria is supposed to be.  But that's not what they'll do when it's in their hands.

Oh well.  Enjoy your 1st round blowout on New Year's Eve with nobody watching.  It was your choice.



December 4th, 2016 at 12:15 PM ^

You can't just throw out the results though...

Alabama is undefeated.

Washington and Clemson have one loss and won their conferences.

Ohio State has one loss and beat us. 

Really, the only way that Michigan logically could get in is if the committee said "Look, we saw that Michigan-Ohio State game and we agree with Jim Harbaugh: There was a clear bias in officiating that allowed Ohio State to pull out a narrow 2OT win. Let this be a lesson to the Big Ten in the conference that they need to clean up their officiating practices". 



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Since there's almost no chance that they take us in the playoffs, I'm hoping they take OSU and penn state so we can go to the rose bowl. Not that the orange bowl is anything bad, but there's nothing like the rose bowl. We'd probably play Washington then and I think we'd demolish them.