When do Preseason Rankings come out?

Submitted by amaizenblue402 on August 1st, 2016 at 9:21 AM

Now that it's officially August, preseason rankings should be coming out. Does anybody know how long before the season starts that they get released? Not that preseason rankings mean much, it still is nice to see where teams are ranked going into the season. I am guessing that we will be ranked in the top 5 based on what I have seen. 



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There was so much complaining about the unfairness of the pre-season ranking and it unduly influenced voters they decided to have the first pre-season ranking several weeks into the season.

My guess is it was patterned after Hoke's decision to name captains after the season was over.


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I had to look up that Hoke actually did make the decision to select captains after the season.  That is ridiculous.  I didn't remember that, but I think by that point I had become so discouraged with the state of the program that I had been blocking out most news stories about Michigan. In the article it talks about how he wanted to combat a sense of 'entitlement' among upperclassmen.  What an immediate change of attitude Harbaugh brought with him.  TGFH. (Thank God For Harbaugh).


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If you're interested in the number-crunching side of things, many sites that do advanced metrics and predictive analytics have their relative estimated win probabilities out for each game for most teams as well. We've talked a little about them on the board already, but of course those sites don't really rank any teams, or at least they don't emphasize a ranking. Otherwise, as others have said, you might be waiting another couple weeks yet, although the Coaches' Poll should be out soon hopefully - seems like that one is always first.


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You mean like the 2007 preseason poll that ranked us 5th in the nation only to lose to a division 2 team at home because we didn't take them seriously and we ended the season 7-5? Fuck preseason polls, they're overhyped inaccurate bullshit. (Still sore from 2007 and haven't paid attention since)


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We actually went 9-4 in 2007, even with both Henne and Hart missing significant time due to injury. The 7-5 team was 2005. Also, app st. was FCS (I-AA), not division 2.
Preseason polls can be relevant if they bring positive attention on a team that has been without it for a while. You may not care about them, but recruits might, and if a higher preseason poll helps bring in a great player, then I care.


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Doubt we will be ranked top 5, but definitely top 10. Phil Steele (I know) predicted us to come in at 7, and he is 20/20 the last two years in predicting the preseason AP top 10. 

As long as we start top 10 we will be ranked top 3 when we roll into that cement dumpster in East Lansing.

Hornsgoblue (not verified)

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Preseason rankings are worthless.....but I still love them because they mean that soon there will actually be an interesting sport to watch on television.