When did we go from Maize and Blue to Yellow and Blue?

Submitted by PGDC on October 1st, 2008 at 4:09 PM

I hope that I am not sounding too, well, gay, but I am troubled by the "maize out" in the student section.  One in every twenty students are actually wearing a maize color shirt (they stand out as the more orange ones).  The yellow just looks too yellow.  I realize over time the unis have gotten less maize, but as long as we hold on the the fact that we are the "Maize and Blue" we should probably try harder to keep maize around in some form.  No?



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Also, the bright colored shirt is Maize. The shitty Steve and Barry's-esque shirts to which you're referring are known as "gold."

Six Zero

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Guess this is sort of my professional field of expertise.

We've been through this before on other posts.  Maize, our Maize, is more of a pale, bright yellow and not the darker gold, or what you're all referring to as 'more orange.'

As for Yinka, I don't officially know the athletic department's sanctioned Pantone number-- at least, I don't know it YET.  Perhaps something to look into-- I'll see if I can get anything out of Schembechler Hall.

What I can tell you is that in terms of CMYK-- the standard four-color printing process that makes all sorts of magazines and newspapers possible--  the Maize color is pretty much straight yellow, or C-0%/M-0%/Y-100%/K-0%.  To make the gold color, you'd add more and more MAGENTA to the mix.  To create red, for example, you'd add equal parts yellow and magenta to create C-0/M-100/Y-100/K-0.  To create Orange, you'd put the Magenta mix at about 50%... to create a nice GOLD color, then, you typically will mix about 30% with your yellow to shift it towards orange.  So in truth, you all are right-- gold IS more orange.

But again, that's NOT our Maize.  Look back to Bo's teams, or even Moeller's era, when the quality of photography was good enough to catch true color.  Our away uniform accents were NEVER gold, but a bright, true yellow color.

That's my take, if it helps.


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Universities play fast and loose with color names a lot of times.  Notre Dame and West Virginia both officially use "blue and gold," but clearly they do not use anywhere near the same shade of "gold".