When did Michigan State become Voldemort?

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I was at the DEC meeting today where David Brandon spoke.  Both he and Brandy for some reason repeatedly referred to MIchigan State as that school in East Lansing, or otherwise refused to use the school's name.  They both had no problem referring to any other school by name.  It was clear that they thought it was amusing to do this, but isn't this giving the Michigan State University Spartans too much credit?  At best they are only number three on the rivalry list (at least when it comes to football):  1) OSU, 2) Notre Dame, 3)MSU?

Michigan State, MSU, Spartans . . . . .

Hmmm . . . nope no deatheaters have appeared. 



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Some people on here think that they are trying to build up the rivalry between MSU so that people aren't so upset when we play them the last game of the year.

I don't necessarily buy that, but I can't think of any other good reasons why he would.


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MSU has become insufferable with even the small amount of success that they had lately.  Imagine how bad it would be if they were actually equal to or better than Michigan on a regular basis.  This is one "uprising" that needs to be squashed, starting this year.


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I don't have any little brothers, but I assume if I had one I'd refer to him by a nickname rather than his actual name. Seems like Brandon's got it right.


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There's no way you can just shift a couple of games around on the schedule and turn MSU into OSU.  Up until I read this I thought Brandon had the potential to be a really good AD, but now it looks like this guy's either way too impressed with his cleverness or in need of professional help.

No point in writing Brandon any more, he's gone off to Hogwarts.  I only hope Coleman can step in.


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I've started hating MSU more since they've started fielding a squad of absolute thugs and Dantonio still gets praised as some sort of disciplinarian goddess. Our coach, on the other hand, is receiving the media wrench-to-the-face because his rules are so strict that he scares whimpy kids away from the program. This makes me really mad. However, it still doesn't warrant respectful-rival treatment of MSU


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I can picture Dantonio sitting in a windowless room muttering to himself...

"I'm going to kill you, Michigan football. I'm going to destroy you. After tonight, no one will ever again question my power. After tonight if they speak of you, they'll only speak of how you begged for death. And how I being a merciful Lord... obliged."

Then a snake slithers up his arm and he cackles evilly.

As opposed to Tressel who I imagine to be more like an evil Mr. Rogers.


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Brandon's just emphasizing the knowledge of geography typically found in Michigan fans and noticeably absent in those in East Lansing. Don't worry, MSU knows the name of their own town, so they are appropriately offended. Ohio State is still confused as to what the hell an East Lansing is.


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It doesn't matter. Once we are back on track with winning, and beating MSU......... they will decline again and it will all go back to primary focus on Ohio State. 


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Not worth taking seriously. Yet I want to get this off my chest. (what can I say it is a slow night and I am tired of the non-stop pot shots by MSU fan the last couple years.  So here it is:

I am a two time alum and that fan base has always been desperate to see Michigan fall even more then see their team rise.   At least in football.

In 6 years in the prairie flats de cow college, I never heard anyone, out of hundreds discussing the subject, say that what Michigan was doing might be worth trying to emulate. Being that State averages Northwesternish conference win totals over the last 40 years, it might seem like a little modeling of a real success is in order?  

That isn't how they think.  They still talk about Duffy and how they supposedly dominated and Bo came in and started paying players. I am serious. You hear it constantly.

But make no mistake they fear Rodriguez turning this thing around. He came in and  took the longer term approach that is meant to bear championships over long period of time; He believes in open competition at all positions, not guaranteeing things to recruits, rabid committment to off season work and he sticks to his way even if guys walk and he looks foolish in the short term.  But he isn't a talker and I love that.  

While their guy came in, won a little with another guy's experienced talent on a light schedule, through around some platitudes in the media that they gobble up like caramel corn,  and brought in a very blah, but easy to install system.   He clearly promises spots to recruits destroying depth. See the Gholston comedy this week. But the reality is  MSU has gotten worse every year that he brings in his own players.

If we walk out of there with a win last year, the hot seat would be under the Patron Saint's buns as bad as Rodriguez. We all saw how close our freshmen and outgunned defense came to pulling it off. But beating U of M even when they are stripped of players, builds you huge equity. The MSU football fan base isn't really demanding nor do they keep high expectations. They found the perfect coach because he ain't gonna deliver on any.

Have we stunk? Yup.  Does it matter that we have stunk worse than them? Not really, and definitely not in the long term. 

Is it likely he negative recruits on Michigan like crazy? Very.  He knows that once this super confluence of good fortune  where we are so down down ends, and Rich gets this humming, it is back to the old days of regular fall beatings and low level local recruits.  His long-term job security depends mostly on winning the U of M game and getting to any bowl.  

He blew his chance to bury us (not like it was ever going to happen) but he still can make good on his initial promise to "measure up". Reaching that depends mostly on U of M rebooting the program once again by helping get Rich fired fast. 

How many times have we heard good recruits hold back or not choose Michigan because of the uncertainty of the coaching future? Seems like a lot. You know it gets brought up and it would be no surprise if Dantonio is the guy who does it.

This is my last post on MSU and way more than I wanted to write. The collective annoyance on this board is something I expect  to see redeemed October 9.  I hope folks on here don't mind an MSU graduate being a  lifelong Michigan fan.   

You probably already knew everything I wrote anyways, but it is good pre-season therapy.

South Lyon Sparty

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Why the venom?  Let's just play football.

I would acknowledge that there is an element of MSU's fan base that will always look to see UM lose, but not all.  As for fearing Coach Rodriguez, I honestly think more MSU fans fear the prospect of coach Harbaugh. 

Dantonio does have something to prove... but don't fool yourselves, things are trending up in East Lansing.  The UM game was one of the most exciting of last season, and frankly, if you guys went for 2 at the end I think you could have ripped their hearts out.  But MSU had a Soph. QB and two Freshman RBs also... and continued problems in the defensive secondary all season.

I didn't hear what Brandon said, which was the start of this thread... but I've interviewed him a few times and don't think he has been disrespectful in the least to MSU.

Personally, I know you can't replace the OSU end of season rivalry... but meaninful UM-MSU match-ups wouldn't be a bad second.


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To many of use they'd be a disappointing third.

You know as well as any of us do what certain segments of your fanbase can be like. Particularly the politicians at the state level with MSU backgrounds... always insisting that you're our real rival, that the Ohio State rivalry is meaningless in the grand scheme and that we really care more about beating you. Giving that silliness validation is just wrong.


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To be clear, I think most of us acknowledge that the MSU series has a lot of meaning as it is, and absolutely belongs as an annual game.  I mean, over the past decade, the list of UM-MSU games that have gone down to the wire is pretty remarkable: 2001, '03, '04, '05, '07, '09 - with three of those going to OT.  It's just that that rivalry's place is in the middle of the season, where it's historically been.  The OSU rivalry's place is at the end of the season, where it's historically been.  We don't want to see them swapped.


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Since Dantonio came on as head coach MSU has been #2 on the rivalry list for me.  They have separated themselves further from Notre Dame since I like Brian Kelly as a coach.