What is your hat type preference on football saturdays?

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Thought this would be an interesting question to pose to the board. Maybe help pass some time and get our mind off football.

What is your ideal Michigan hat?

What type of hat do you sport on saturdays?

Are you superstitous or have you worn the same hat for 20+ years?


I have a variety of Michigan hats and really have no prefenece for what I wear any given week. Whatever I pick up that day, I wear. My dad, on the other hand, has been sporting the same hat for the past 12 years since Michigan has won the NC. Blue with Maize lettering, adjustable, and a nice looking Rose next to the Block M. Soon I will be able to buy him a new one! 

I am a straight brim (flat bill, if you will) hat wearing kind of guy. I wear it backwards. I am really disappointed, however, in the quality of straight brim hats and the lack of traditional non-ghetto straight brims.  All I want is an all blue or maize hat with a block M (could be old school logo) on the front and either nothing or a "Michigan" logo on the back.

But here is what I can choose from...

1) Addidas #1...Colors, Fine. Addidas logo on the side, Fine. But what you can't see is the other block M in the back. Seems a bit redundant.

2) Addidas #2...Color. Good to Great (More "on-field" colors). But an addidas logo in the back is not shown. Does not bode well with me when I wear it backwards . This is what the baseball team wears.  


3) New Era...Colors. Terrible. Block M. HUGE. But "Michigan" log on the back.

4-1million+) Lids.com has a plethora of just rediculous looking hats. For Instance,  


Ok I actually semi-like that last one. Well at least the old school logo.

I realize I might be one of few on this board who likes to wear a straight brim hat, but I am a baseball guy. I also have my fair share of "curved bill" that I often sport. Maybe I just have not dug far enough to find one that I am looking for, but  is it really that hard to come up with a traditional hat.



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It was bought at the Great Divide in Flint, but they also have them at Moe's (and in maize, too).  I used a seam ripper to remove the New Era logo because I don't like it.  There's a small, similarly-narrow block M on the back.  Bonus: it doubles as a throwback Milwaukee Brewers cap!


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I have four Michigan hats, two I wear on a regular basis.

One is a fitted maize New Era hat with a block M, pretty basic but I like the inverted color scheme. The other is an adjustable blue hat with a small block M and "1817" written underneath it. I typically wear the former when I'm dressed more casually or on game days, the latter is for when a normal ballcap just isn't acceptable.

As for the other two: One is a weird, stretchy one size fits all hat from a Bill Freehan baseball camp my brother and I attended in the early 90's. You can pull the brim up and it has "Michigan" written on the bottom, it's kind of a garish later 80's/early 90's thing I keep for sentimental value. The other one is an adjustable blue hat with a maize (though it looks orange) block M that looks sort of frayed. I almost never wear it because it looked like a Mizzou hat.

I have my heart set on getting a maize and blue Tigers hat from the M Den next time I'm in Ann Arbor. That sounds like the raddest hat ever.


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The last 3 games I've been to have been losses. Bought a classic blue with maize block M by Adidas. That ought to break the streak this year at the UCONN game.


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But they're more John Daly style, apparently:

Blue and gold argyle pattern made especially for University of Michigan fans. Created for golf, worn by PGA tour player John Daly, wear these on or off the golf course to show your team spirit.

Features side slit at the bottom, and wide variety of sizes, including big and tall.


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I have many M hats, but there is a special one that's been around since 1995. It's been proudly worn all over the world and have had a couple of hits put out on it by work rivals. It's more of a "faded blue" and it’s a bit frayed (ok a lot), but the wife knows it's to be buried or burned with me when the baby aspirin doesn't work one Saturday and I have a massive heart attack. It's been retired to wear only on Saturdays when I can hunt it down since it crawls around the house and attacks the dogs.   


It's special because It's M is modest and not raised like the new style. I have no f'in clue who made it, but I've been looking for a type similar with no luck.

oriental andrew

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My all-time favorite is no longer with me.  It was a blue cap with yellow M, brown suede bill, and brown leather strap in the back.  Lost it at some point during college.  That was a pretty popular hat back in 1995-96.


My current favorite is my fitted blue cap with stitched yellow block M on the front and small block M on the back (from around 1996).  This is my usual Saturday game cap.  I wear this along with my 1995 vintage maize nike b-ball shorts and grey Michigan t-shirt.  When it gets colder, I'll wear my blue warmups with a block M down by the right leg zipper over the shorts, along with either a grey or blue Michigan sweatshirt.  

Other M hats include the blue Nike hat with a block M on front and a giant swoosh on the bill (don't wear it much, won it in an Atlanta UM alumni club football watching event in 2002 or so) and the white bar hat that sits in my office (from around 1998; looks similar to the pic below, although it's all white with none of the other extraneous stuff - like the trim and M on the bill).  

It's been a while since I bought a Michigan hat!


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I'm sporting a fitted Nike, skinny M hat that I randomly found before the PSU game last  year. It's a little smaller than I would have bought, but I'm not going to look the benevolent Michigan psuedo-blogger loving god in the mouth.


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More seriously, to answer your questions...

Home- Cap with Wings, (formly) sponge padded.   Stands out in Stadium, and friends can spot you from sections away.

Road- Usually home, in front of the tv, but sometimes at another venue.  Either you DON'T want to stand out TOO much, or able to protect it from the weather, so I wear my Bo style M cap from the Bo era.  (And actually, the one you don't like the colors of too much...that's pretty much the color Bo wore, if not that thick Block M).

Bowl - Have one with Michigan written across it and a Rose, from Bo's last Rose Bowl.

Then, around town, I have a bunch, for various uses.  A white one for hot days out in the sun, like Art Fair. A nice fitted one, for relaxing wear. The National Championship one, when feeling hopeful. A Big House one with a yellow brim, if you're sport the Maize that day (women like to borrow that one). A yucky one that was given to me with the Nike logo in front, and white at that.  Oh, and one where the "M" has led lights.  Good for New Year's Eve at some Bowl destination.

As for you, I'd go with #1.  You said you wear it backwards a lot, right? Well, that way, you're sporting the Block M in front, whether you're coming or going, no matter which way you wear it. #2 you're an Adidas whore. #3 you don't like the color as much as 1, and #4....why...why...?

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I rock #2 on gamedays and on most weekends during the offseason. 

I had the Adidas flex fit before and it hurt my head when I wore it for extended periods.  I must have a huge noggin to be pained by a one size fits all hat.


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My fave is white cotton cap, blue block M w/ maize outline on the front.  Bill curved perfectly.   "ESPN College Gameday" is stitched on the back tab - I bought it at the '07 OSU game.  When it gets grungy, i give it some SprayNWash and run it thru the diswasher on the top rack.  Comes out pristine every time.  Wore it both rounds at UM golf course this summer and beat my handicap both times!



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i have a M block hat that en ex got for me when she visited family in Michigan i have worn that hat for the past 7-8 years.  It is faded and frayed.  Told myself that i could not replace it unless it was another hat from the home land (Ann Arbor).  I'm going up for the Bowling Green game and yes i'm looking forward to getting another hat or 2.