What is your favorite piece of Michigan History that you own?

Submitted by IUandUofM on February 5th, 2010 at 5:30 PM

I have a blade of Maize and a blade of Blue Grass from our end zone (pre-turf) and a piece of Scarlett grass from OSU's endzone. I had to join the rush the field bandwagon to get my prize after UofM's loss from their National Championship year .. then got to watch the police pepper spay a few buckeyes in the process.



February 6th, 2010 at 3:19 AM ^

Then it's my Bo "Merry Christmas" note on his stationary. But I have a helmet signed by him and Lloyd, as well as a cap...it just means more with him gone. Biakabatuka authographed football, Irons practice jersey... All those ticket stubs from '97 as well as other great games. The Rose, champagne, and M #1 sign we got in Pasadena that year. Oh, and the mountain ax picks Lloyd passed out to everyone in the '97 season (technically not mine, but possession being 9/10ths and all that...)

How many others have those old original AstroTurf coasters? Man...the lust could go on and on...Love it all.


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Without giving up MY sources, completely, I'll just say that when you end up having the basement first in the family, you end up storing a lot of stuff. And when you have no shame in making your house a garish tribute to M, you have more stuff on display...

Suffice to say, without being too obtuse, if you were involved with the program you got one, and the person living then with me was (and is) involved.

If I can figure out later how to upload a pic to this site, I might try later...(not at home st the moment).

PSALM 23 Rod N…

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I have a lot of autographed football, basketballs, and helmets. My favorite UM possessions are maize Tshirts my parents received from Mr. and Mrs. Leach in 1978. They read "Rick Leach for Heisman 1978." My brother and I used to wear them, I found them in a storage box about two years ago. My two kids love to wear these tshirts to "Maize OUts." When Rick was honored at last years basketball game, I took my kids over to visit with he and his family. He loved the Tshirts, laughed, and pulled Jamie Morris aside, and said "check out these old school shirts." Jamie smiled and said, "Yeah I saw those (shirts) earlier I was gonna show em to you." I guess the story and history add value. Rick obviously did not win the Heisman, but this year a guy who walked the same high school hallways as Rick did win the the Heisman Flint Southwestern's Mark Ingram. Ingram's Heisman campaign made the 1978 Throwback TShirts even more pupular/valuable especially in the Flint area.


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It's sort of cheating because I was with the team in undergrad but...

1st (tie) - 2003 & 2004 BigTen Championship rings
2nd - Desmond Howard game worn 1992 Rose Bowl jersey (Heisman Year)...granted we lost the game, but still cool.
3rd - a whole bunch of items that I probably shouldn't have, but do (I'll never tell)


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My paternal grandfather attended UM from 1901 to 1905, and was a Michigan football fan during Yost's amazing four-year run. He was an enthusiastic amateur photographer and put together a photo album covering the years 1901 to 1910. One of the photos is from the Nov. 12, 1904 Homecoming game against Chicago at old Ferry Field. The photo was taken at field level from the sideline very close to the play in the photo. Germany Schulz is clearly visible in the action. The guy carrying the ball happened to have the same name as my grandfather, and supposedly was distantly related. I don't know for sure that my granddad took this shot, since it also shows up in the Bentley Library archives, so perhaps he acquired a print from the photographer. Regardless, it's a great photo.

Second item is a my copy of the 1964-65 University of Missouri college yearbook, with one Lloyd Carr appearing in an action photo from their game against Okie State in '64. I had the yearbook because my sister attended Mizzou in '65. I brought the yearbook to the Carr's Carwash for Kids benefit they had at the stadium in 2004, and I got Lloyd to sign it, along with Jim Herrmann, Andy Moeller, and a really short freshman running back named Mike Hart.


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Ow, getting spayed by the police right there on the field is bad enough, but doing it with pepper is really adding insult to injury.