What is your favorite Michigan sporting moment?

Submitted by Craze for Maize on February 16th, 2013 at 6:40 PM

On a painfully slow day on the blog, I thought I'd try to generate some discussion.


For me, I'd have to say the Under the Lights Game, but the Ohio basketball game from last year is close.


Benoit Balls

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and after that return, I went running through the halls of my fraternity house singing "The Victors". I got beat down by about 15 guys. I remember being at the bottom of a pile of people punching and kicking me, laughing my ass off because I had never been happier in my life. Also, Buckeye fans. Screw them. Because, Buckeye fans.  Wasn't the first time I had been chased or beaten by a group of them.



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96 Hockey would probably be it for me. But I was pretty young for that. 

Navarre finally beating OSU in 03 and winning the conference was pretty cool too. 

The CCHA tourney run a couple years ago when we pretty much had to win to extend the NCAA streak was great. 

Softball national championship had me excited

Men's soccer run to the national semifinals with the Saad brothers and Meram was pretty magical

Alot to choose from


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I'm assuming you mean Ohio State. Normally Ohio is fine, but considering we played the Bobcats in the tourney last year...anyway, I'm with you on UTL. The Sugar Bowl was a good one also. Me personally, I was there for the triple overtime Illinois game at The Big House. That might be it for me.


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At the time: UTL.  Roundtree catching it in my corner, hugging complete strangers, screaming incoherently.

Didn't realize it at the time, but looking back: Denard's first play as a Wolverine: dropped snap, broken play, Touchdown.

Sheer pride as a fan: Staying for every single damn second of the '08 Northwestern game


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In person would definitely be the Sugar Bowl. The game was pretty awesome but the walk back to Bourbon Street chanting it's great to be a Michigan Wolverine was pretty sweet too. On TV would be between UTL amazing comeback against a bitter rival and beating Washington State in the Rose Bowl to clinch the National Title.


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Seconded.  I was sitting down low in the lower corner of end zone (one row above the camera shot of Sir Charles interception FWIW.....and when the game was over the team and then the band rushed over to our section.  I remember like it was yesterday high-fiving players as they waded into the stands and singing he Victors over and over and over and over as the band set up  directly in front of us and started playing it.

A few years ago I had fairly major surgery.  The last words I remember was being told to go to my "happy place."  That's where I went.


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Right where you could see Woodson get pushed down on the second to last play on the opposite side. People feel like it's been a long time (and it has), but they do not realize for those of us around before, it hadn't happened in most of our LIFETIMES. And we had so many years that were soooo close.

I've had all the emotions at games, excitement at UTL, jacked up (I think I could have made a tackle against OSU in '97), relief after a game like OSU in '11, happiness after things like the Sugar Bowl, and just overpowering emotion after the '08 Cap 1. And various others, as well as anger, sadness, shock and such after games not the point of this thread. But only once have I really felt...content. In the darkness outside the game in the lights of the Rose Bowl watching Corso et al talk after, having a drink, holding a Rose and an overpriced "M #1" sign, with my friends, as we enjoyed it before we went back to our trailer parked in the Rose lot. I'm not sure I've ever felt that level of contentment in my life before or since.

I'm looking forward to feeling that again.


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There are so many to choose from, and some of my favorites have been mentioned, but among games I was at, there is always this moment from Marquise Walker because it kept the Buckeyes from going to a bowl in 1999, as I recall...


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Really weird vibe. Crowd was barely into it for most of the game, which is unusual vs OSU. They sucked that year and Michigan was on such a run vs Cooper that the entire fan base took it for granted that we would win the game. Michigan played like dog shit in the first half before Brady and crew rallied in the 2nd half to win it. I'll always remember that Walker TD as well, because that's when everyone in the stadium realized we weren't going to blow the game and our run against Cooper would continue. Funny thing is that the 01 and 99 games were very similar in terms of relative apathy by the fans at the game and a flat start by Michigan. The difference was at QB. 99 had senior year Tom Brady, 01 had sophomore year John Navarre - no contest. If only Henson hadn't bailed to play baseball, we could have squashed Tressel before he ever got started.

Craze for Maize

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After reading other comments, I thought I'd rephrase mine. The UTL was probably my favorite game, but as a whole experience, the '11 Ohio football game tops everything. I had tears in my eyes on the field.

I should also probably specify that I'm fairly young so I don't have as many to choose from.


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sinking some foul shots, and--more vaguely--the Michigan D holding up against a Ryan Leaf onslaught in the waning fourth quarter of the Rose Bowl championship win. 


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Crazy answer eh?? I was just a kid, but my anger that day at that loss is the first real memory at being so mad that a team lost. That day made me realize I love Michigan Football. So in a twisted way that is one if my favorites.