What you wear to the games and why some should stop at mden

Submitted by cargo on September 21st, 2009 at 1:36 AM

Okay sorta old topic but what does everyone wear to the games?
There is usually 4 types

1. Jersey mostly its a blue one, sometimes white, rare is the nike maize( which is better then the knockoff gold ones), and even more rare I saw a white on white.... come on at least wear some michigan colors.
2. Something blue michigan related
3. Something old maize... good old gold, or dark yellow maize people( note gold is not our color)
4. Neon Maize or as I like to call it official maize.

Now to the 2nd part of the subject title.
Anyone that falls into categories 1-3. Stop at mden they have 5 dollar shirts that are almost the same bright ass neon as the student shirts. Suck up a distaste for hating that maize its official now, suck up the I want to wear my jersey(I have two jerseys (hart(away), and Perry(Home)) i never get to wear since I go to OSU and wear maize to games) and for those who think they cant afford a new shirt dont go buying that large soft drink and you can afford it.

Neon Maize is the real maize, for all the arrogance us michigan fans have, why cant we be arrogant enough to wear maize?
It's sad that a maize out game (ND) had just about as much maize as WMU and EMU. Like my favorite shirt says




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Being the fact im not rich so cant afford out of state tuition i had to choose the best in state school which happened to be osu.

The jersey comment is geared to the fact that other comments of past threads about wearing maize consisted of people bought jerseys and want to wear them to the game.


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Yeah, he wore a Michigan hat one day and eventually decided to dump it in his car because the comments and stares were interrupting his note taking in one class.

I like to think the number of Michigan fans at OSU are higher than people think. Certainly in the grad programs there are a lot of Wolverine supporters.


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I always thought OSU was sub-standard academically, but according to the latest US News and World Report rankings, TUOOS now is listed in the category of "Best Universities."

Obviously, they haven't caught up to Michigan. Doubt they ever will. But then again, Michigan hasn't caught up to Harvard, Yale, Chicago, Northwestern, or Stanford. I suppose that's comparing apples to oranges, as we are public and they are private.


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Agreed. I once almost go into a fight with a girl and her boyfriend because it was like 65 degrees and instead of investing in a Michigan sweatshirt or wearing layers this stupid girl decided to where her string-fuzz GREEN north face jacket in the STUDENT SECTION for a MAIZE OUT! And she was a Michigan fan, I checked.

I started giving her shit and so she started bitching to her boyfriend who tried to act tough...anyways the point is that people like this need to go. I wish the student section, at least, would start a tradition of just tearing people apart who don't wear maize until it became so terrible that no one would even consider wearing anything else.

As far as the rest of the stadium goes, I dont think there is much that can be done. I once worked with the marketing department at Michigan, and we gave out like 50,000 maize-out shirts for the PSU game a couple years back. Still didnt work because it was too cold for the blue hairs to wear a tshirt.

All that being said, the ND game crowd looked pretty good overall! Nice work on the M student section!!!


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It's the same problem with the so-called 'Pink Hats' in Boston. It's like they decided women who like sports can't be expected to wear actual colors.

The maize out seems pretty simple. You can wear a tshirt over just about anything if it's large enough. When they did the stadium givaway for PSU they should have loaded up on XL 2x 3x sizes that can fit over bulky coats / sweatshirts.

They also need to communicate it better. The casual M fan headed to the came might have no idea if he doesn't read a blog like this or have season tickets. They should put MAIZE OUT on the tickets and actually explain what that is.....

End Rant


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Who has to have every PINK outfit in Michigan from VS. Which hey it's fine, the colors are right and it says Michigan.....almost as much as it has PINK plastered all over it. My wallet would prefer she buys normal sports apparel.

The King of Belch

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I refuse to be suckered in by the consumerism that sponsors the legal extortion i.e. the exhorbitant prices for Michigan apparrel.

I've solved the problem by watching the games completely naked as a form of protest. When I d go to the games in person, I simply cover my body in shaving cream. Even my private parts. I used to cover my body in whipped cream, such as Cool Whip brand Whipped Cream, but the flies and bees made life miserable for those around me at the stadium.


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"Neon Maize is the real maize"

Personally, I like to wear my No. 7 jersey, but I've taken to having a maize shirt under it (usually this one).

I got the jersey originally for Henson, and it doesn't fit since I lost a lot of weight, but I've transferred its meaning now to Brandin Hawthorne, who wears 7 for his late high school teammate.

I'm not going to buy a maize jersey. I will take it off for the beginning of games, though, so that I don't screw up the maize effect. It goes back on at half time. Good enough for ya, there, neon guy?


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Im not advocating buying a maize jersey, but just wear maize. When i say real maize I mean official nothing you or I do is going to change that. If people want to wear the nike maize thats fine too its geared to those gold maize people who you cant tell who they root for at the ND game since gold and blue is their colors.


September 21st, 2009 at 10:05 AM ^

M fans tend to be more independent and less into Groupthink than some other fanbases, at least when I went to school there. For example, it's easy to get ND students to ALL wear a green tee, they are open to Groupthink from the womb.

Michigan students, and particularly alumni, just tend to have a higher percentage that says, "screw your edict, I'm wearing what I want!" It's an independent streak that I happen to like. (Frankly, I'm amazed that the Maize-Outs have been participated in and as successful as they have been.)

Just my .02


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I wear a home Football jersey (I have over 30 of them). I'll wear an old maize tee under it, along with (old) maize baggy shorts (weather permitting), and a (new) maize cap.

When it gets colder, I have multiple maize and blue coats, jackets, fleeces, pants, and try to put an oversize FB home jersey on over them.

When my Football team starts wearing maize jerseys (home or away, preferably away), THEN I will start wearing maize jerseys.