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Submitted by Mgoczar on November 25th, 2018 at 3:56 PM

Other than "recruit better" what changes should be made to keep getting better and take the next step ?

Let's realize that last year Oline was crappy and receivers were total non factor. Both improved this season. 

1. Is it as simple as start practicing more zone ? Regarding "go more spread " I am suspicious we are headed that way the way we are recruiting slot ninjas (?). 

2. There is a lot of consternation re: scheme. Curious to hear Brian's take but can a coach (hello space coyote or Magnus et Al) point out if our offensive scheme is truly "outdated". I know someone posted getting Jedd Fisch, but is there any doubt Harbaugh won't at least consult with him to get more ideas about offensive upgrade ala calling bill bilichek to get D brown ? 

3. Had fun watching this team demolish most of the teams on schedule. Feels like this is Michigan's floor now. I won't call this overachieving. 10 wins season. I'll take it. Where do we improve from here and how , specifically how is roster looking for us next year and what about OSU? can M take them out in Ann arbor next year ??



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The Coaches taking advantages of other teams weaknesses, even putting in plays that other teams throughout the season did that gashed Ohio State. 

Having the team more prepared for road games would be another one, but I'm not sure what goes into that. It just seems our team comes out lethargic on the road. 


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Agree on this. I would add throwing ball more in a football world that makes it hard for DB’s to cover WR’s. Can’t be 50/50 in big games. More like 70/30. Get your stud WR’s the ball with a scheme more 21st century. Routes are easy to cover. No pressure on D.

Couzen Rick's

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Eh all this is hindsight 20/20 and armchair type stuff but more from the passing game. Spread it out. 3 receiver looks, more vertical shots as well as shorter West coast routes


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Maybe nothing...not sure.  Bare with me though.  Harbaugh is a tinkerer, we have had a ton of coaching turnover in his 4 years here, maybe we need to try to keep the same staff together for 2 years running?  Doesn't mean we don't adapt and make some tactical changes, but I think we saw a lot of improvement in some areas and we maybe need to let this staff continue to evolve together.


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Harbaugh should be the only true constant on the coaching staff. We have a lot of other good coaches, but it would certainly be nice to see some open minded approaches to modern football. For a team that pioneered the forward pass, we don't seem to be very cutting edge. Bring in that Texas tech coach and see if opening up the offense works and then employ it more heavily in some games and less so in others if we want to be able to do it. 


Would love to see Don brown embrace zone when the situation calls for it and make sure the players are prepared to execute it at a high level.  Feels a bit like izzo in that he's a great coach, but a refusal to become proficient in zone defense due to blind adherence to a style of defense has cost them both valuable games. Beilein doesn't use just one and I can't count how many times that saved our ass.  


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We have talented wide receivers...use them. I feel like we're targeting receivers less than we did in the Carr era. And the routes make no sense. Nobody gets separation. Why are we running 5 yard out routes on 3rd down? 


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Honestly. I think the only thing I would change is to get a more creative offensive staff. That could come in a many forms, including hiring a kick-ass OC. 

I don’t mind the “run first between the tackles” offense as a base, just that we need to switch it to something more prolific on a dime when needed. I also wouldn’t mind going full air raid a la Oklahoma. 

As for defense. Yea, yesterday sucked ass but I think the root cause was on the DL. We didn’t get any pressure! Look at the pressure we gave OSU QB the past 2 years and the outcome was very close. So, I’d say stay course the with the defense since we continue to recruit some monsters on the DL. Maybe recruit more “athletes” in other positions which I think we are doing. 

Ghost of Fritz…

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1.  More multiple on D.  Competent and zone, zone blitz, packages.

2.  Get a real OC.  Offensive concepts based on mismatches, getting the ball to your best play makers in space, can still be run oriented but abandon 'body blows' theory. 

JH is pretty smart about offense.  But even really good HCs do need to bring in guys that have fresh ideas, not only guys that bring minor variations on the same concepts the HC uses/has. 

Saban and Meyer have done this.  Stoops did it at Oklahoma.  Kelley delegated on offense at ND.  If JH fails to do this he is holding his own success back. 


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1 & 2 basically spot on. Watching ND last night against usc made me really like their staff. USC started to get momentum and things going early, so they tweaked. They dropped linemen in coverage, some man, some zone. They gave different wrinkles every play. Good QB’s will torch you when they know what’s coming. Our saving grace is getting some pressure, but what if we can’t? We have to have other options to contain their O a bit with different wrinkles. 


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You keep saying that, but what is the point you are making?  No college team plays a perfect game every time.  Maryland and Purdue caught OSU on off days.  Sure, UM may occasionally do that but the percentages are lower.  I don't buy that wanting things more accounts for all that much and would venture that both teams wanted it equally. But, they are humans and could maybe find themselves looking past games (Maryland) to other games (UM).  That will never happen in The Game. It is 99% that you are going to get their best punch. 


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This take is so tiresome! It is absolutely 100% recruiting. And winning helps with that obviously. But to suggest that the Purdues and marylands of the world can beat osu every once in a while with sub par recruiting, so should we..is absolutely ridiculous. The bottom line is when osu gets up for games, very few teams can beat them. It is hard to beat a team like osu when they are 100% motivated. They're best game vs even our best game will result in them winning almost always. Why? Bc they have better athletes. Stars do matter believe it or not. Obviously if the same osu team that lost to Purdue showed up yesterday then we would win hands down. But that never happens. These 10 win season will help bring recruiting up to par w osu. As of now tho, we don't have good enough players. And maybe even coaching...


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Recruiting plays a role but some undermanned 2013 and 2015 MSU beat some stacked and heavily favored OSU teams. Scheming is a big part of it. OSU out-schemed Michigan in 2015 and again this year. Somehow Michigan was completely unprepared for what OSU threw at them. You'd think they'd have learned by now, but they really haven't. Harbaugh and Don Brown really thought they could treat this game the same as the rest of them.


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I'd like to point out a couple of things.  

Yes, Michigan needs to be more creative on offense.  However, all the hawt takes over the changes needed.... based on one game's result is silly.

Does anyone truly believe the Patriots should change the way they play because they lost to the Lions?  Raise your hand if you'd rather have the Lions' roster, coaches, and schemes over the Patriots' roster, coaches, and schemes.

A couple of weeks ago, LSU was a world beater...destroyed Georgia and highly regarded.  They then play one of their division rivals (Alabama) and lose.  Not only by 29 points, but getting shut out on top of that.  They were STILL highly ranked and regarded.  Their defense was still considered very good. Yesterday, they gave up SEVENTY FOUR POINTS, and lost again.  Now with 3 losses. 

All things considered....that should put what Michigan has done this year into perspective.


November 25th, 2018 at 4:46 PM ^

LOL....what context are you referring to?  Last I checked, overtime points still count.  If your team was really a world beater then OT wouldn't happen against a team outside of the top 20.  The defense CERTAINLY wouldn't give score after score...to go to SEVEN overtimes.  The overtime actually strengthens my point, but thanks for jumping in to make your point.  Great job.

I see that you didn't even touch the 29-0 loss to a division rival.  Where's your "context" on that, smart guy   ;) 

Hold This L

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Not bring in Patterson and let Brandon sling it around. When I made my peters appreciation thread before the season, it was a polite way of me saying I thought he was the best QB on the team but harbaugh didn’t like his laid back personality and also felt pressure to change the offense, meaning not using any qb from last year. If you watch Brandon and Shea from high school, there’s no comparison who the better pure QB is. I kept my mouth shut since everyone negged me and gave me s*** which I deserved for making a stupid thread but I never changed my stance on it. Peters was and is the better QB. Dilfer said he was the best athlete at the elite 11 camp, which included Patterson. I don’t dislike Shea, I dislike the way harbaugh brought him here. Brandon looked like a first round type QB in high school. Totally fit the mold. Shea never had a strong arm, always got happy feet, would miss open receivers and I don’t mean overthrows or underthrows which he also did, I mean just not seeing ridiculously wide open receivers. To me he was a better version of John o’korn. Like slightly better in every area but still virtually the same style, weaknesses and tendencies. We were winning and I was fine with Shea back there but never felt like he was the best qb. He was just different. And Dylan only passed Brandon because of injury. He made some plays against the second teams of opponents we were completely obliterating and people anointed him he next Brady. He’s solid but his talent and potential is nowhere close to peters. Dylan started off rated really high when he committed then as he garnered more scouting attention, he dropped down significantly, down to 216th player. Peters was the opposite. Started lower rated and garnered more attention as harbaughs next qb and saw his stock rise to borderline five star (finished in 24/7 as the 34th player, last five Star was 32). He was only behind Shea and Eason, who were both highly rated before the season. I hope Shea goes pro and peters decides he can easily win the job for next year and stays. We’d have a real NFL caliber QB for next year. 


November 25th, 2018 at 4:26 PM ^

Wasn't buying your argument earlier and not buying it now. 

I trust Harbaugh to evaluate QBs and if he wants a more mobile, accurate QB over a pocket passer there is a reason.  Peters is HIS recruit so there isn't any loyalty issue.  From everything I read and heard, Peters was the clear #3 QB with Dylan able to run the Patterson offense with virtually zero change in play calling.  Having the QB as a run threat opens up a lot of possibilities and forces the defense into having to play straight up.


November 25th, 2018 at 4:52 PM ^

I’m ok with that. I can’t help but think, regardless of what JH says, pep calls the plays. It’s all good until we play a team with the same talent. I’m not saying we need a spread offense as that will get eaten alive but running power from spread formations isn’t a bad way to go. Fisch ran a similar system quite well his first year. 


November 25th, 2018 at 4:21 PM ^

I thought there was talk of adding more RPO to our scheme last off-season. Eagles won the 2017 Super Bowl and shredded the Pats using RPOs. How dated can RPO be? Do THAT!


November 25th, 2018 at 4:23 PM ^

Regardless of what happens OC or schemat wise on the offense side of the ball.  They have to get the play call in quicker.  Stanford runs a pro style and they arent snapping it so late into the play clock every time.   In that same vein, sub less.  They are running guys back and forth every play.  It seems like there is no rhythm.  Too many skill players get snaps.  McCurry was in there.  Bell and Martin should see the field only if guys are tired.  Especially, if you're going to snap it at 5 seconds every time. 

Recruit more DL and less long lanky DBs.  


November 25th, 2018 at 4:32 PM ^

We need to be more multiple with our coverages on defense. We run man and that’s great when we have the same caliber athletes as the offense we’re playing; but as yesterday showed, our athletes couldn’t compete with OSUs. We have to be able to switch it up and run zone more effectively. 

However, we got no pressure on Haskins yesterday and I think that was the major problem. We need a zone blitz package specifically for OSU. 

Offensively, we have to be able to throw the slants and crossing routes more. Evans had a few great slants and the wheel route for the TD. Those need to be base passing plays. It feels like all of our routes are 10-15 yards unless it’s the safety valve for the play - we need more mesh routes and OPI routes that constantly tear us apart. 

Overall, I think we saw OSU had better talent yesterday and we didn’t have a plan for that on D. That is not acceptable and can’t happen again.