What would Lloyd Carr do? Words Coach Dantonio should learn to live by!

Submitted by BlueUPer on October 10th, 2010 at 11:10 AM

I have to get this off my chest!  For years now I have been so upset about Coach Dantonio (the head coach) and his immature need to continue verbally sparring with Mike Hart (a young man and a football player) in the national media!!  Would Lloyd Carr EVER carry on in this manner?  Maybe in the locker-room, maybe these words would drive him, but in the media?  Coach Carr was always the definition of class -- in victory and defeat and the examples are numerous!!

I think its time for Coach Dantonio to decide what or who he wants to be -- everything he does from his motivating tactics to his clothes are stolen ideas from someone else. 

Coach D -- you're not Tressel and you're certainly not Coach Izzo!!    I think you are a good football coach, but........

when tough times present themselves,  you needs to think,  WWLCD!  [That's right, there should be a bumper sticker] -- What would Lloyd Carr do -- because it was always the classy thing!!