What would Lloyd Carr do? Words Coach Dantonio should learn to live by!

Submitted by BlueUPer on October 10th, 2010 at 11:10 AM

I have to get this off my chest!  For years now I have been so upset about Coach Dantonio (the head coach) and his immature need to continue verbally sparring with Mike Hart (a young man and a football player) in the national media!!  Would Lloyd Carr EVER carry on in this manner?  Maybe in the locker-room, maybe these words would drive him, but in the media?  Coach Carr was always the definition of class -- in victory and defeat and the examples are numerous!!

I think its time for Coach Dantonio to decide what or who he wants to be -- everything he does from his motivating tactics to his clothes are stolen ideas from someone else. 

Coach D -- you're not Tressel and you're certainly not Coach Izzo!!    I think you are a good football coach, but........

when tough times present themselves,  you needs to think,  WWLCD!  [That's right, there should be a bumper sticker] -- What would Lloyd Carr do -- because it was always the classy thing!!



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I don't understand your anti-Carr cursade.  All the guy did is win 75% of his games.  Oh, I forgot your "sources" told you Carr "threw in the towel his last three seasons."  Man, I wish the AD knew your sources so we could have fired Carr.  If you love RR, fine, that's a reasonable position, but what's not reasonable is taking a shit on a guy who Michigan career was 10 times more successful than RR's currently is.


Fuck you.

El Jeffe

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Man, if Wolverine318 and Los Barcos ever get in an internet slap fight it will be epic. I was a moderate critic of Carr, am a huge supporter of Rodriguez, but I totally agree with what you have to say here. Critiquing Carr on football grounds is fair play; same with Rodriguez. W318's rant is beyond idiotic.


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I love Rich and Carr. I love Carr for his charity work with Mott's Children and Women's hospital. It was very obvious Lloyd did not have the energy for the program anymore. It is also known that Lloyd wanted to retire before Henne, Long, and Hart come along, but sailboat Willy talked him into staying. 

fuck you too buddy


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You are grabbing hold of anything to make you feel better, even reaching years into the past. The truth is that Dantonio carried himself in a very classy way yesterday. There is nothing to complain about. 


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This is why Mike Hart never should have run his mouth in the first place.

Three years later, who's taking the brunt of his words?  U of M, its fans, and its team.


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That is a good, honest analysis you have of the game on TTB. If anyone other than you, perhaps Sharik, or jmblue had issued those criticisms on this board, they would have been neg-bombed and called "bandwagoners". I am glad glad there is somewhere safe to go to read more objective analysis. 


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I agree about Mike Hart's comments.   I wish he wouldn't have said anything, but I am sure there were words flying from both sides. 

Magnus, you would know better than me because you are a coach, but I don't think the team is taking it because of his words, maybe the fans.  Everyone should be fired up to play against a rival.  Bulletin board comments may get you fired up for the moment, but those guys should be fired up anyway.

Tim Waymen

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To be fair, Hart said that after he had just beaten MSU.  MSU has made its fair share of comments about UM.  I remember Jehuu Caulcrick saying that UM's defense wasn't that good in 2006, and then we beat MSU.  And I bring it up all the time, but Coach D-Bag mocked an amateur athlete.  Karma does not dictate that UM loses after D-Bag says "Pride comes before the fall" immediately afterward.  If it does, than the universe certainly has UM on a short leash.

So basically, if we regret Mike Hart's words, the terrorists win.


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Let us not forget other classic Spartan comments in past years form the Spartan Magazine TV show:

"The better team didn't win"

"Michigan didn't beat us, the wind did"

"The better team doesn't always win"

"Puke University"

The only difference is, Michigan hasn't spent 3 plus years crying over an insult like MSU.


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Mike Hart should have kept his mouth shut and stayed above the crap.  However, I have never seen one Spartan say that Caulcrick who started the trashtalk in 2007 should have kept his mouth shut.  The Friday before the game calling UM arrogant and using the Little Brother phrase, screaming remember the moment when Michigan State beat you up by 10 in 2007, and then LITERALLY crying about how unclassy Hart was for retaliating.

It is a 2 way street, just the Spartans took Hart's trashtalk to heart and the Michigan really didn't care about MSU's trashtalk.


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You weren't negged because you stated that fact, but you were unfairly called an idiot due to that statement, and in turn that user was negged. You were negged because you referenced GPA, which is not necessarily a measure of intelligence, if there is any measure of intelligence at all.

Just breaking down the threads I see, like they some philosophy. Peace.


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I thought my approach was clear enough, but apparently it wasn't. The poster said that Hart was just stating facts, implying that Dantonio should not be be so upset since MSU is in fact our little brother according to his theory of chronological order and universities in the sane state being siblings or something similarly silly.

I replied


"You are kind of an idiot aren't you?

Don't take that the wrong way - because I'm just stating a fact, even if I could have phrased it better..."

I did this to counteract his logic - that even if you believe something to be true, you should express it in a more polite fashion. I called him an idiot to prove a point, not just to call him a name - I called him that as an example of poor tact. And it worked beautifully due to his MSU-like reaction (immaturely citing his GPA and major), except, of course, nobody realized what I was doing. 


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I don't know.  Woodson talked his share of trash after the OSU victories (especially '97).  You can argue that Hart should have been classier, but I don't think it made a big difference.  I still can't believe that Dantonio responded to it, though.  We need to beat him again so we can see more meltdowns from him. 

B10 or Bust

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Exactly.  Hart has become a textbook example of hubris.  Hart was 4-0 vs. MSU and called them little brother.  Hart was 0-4 vs. OSU, but so far he's never clarified his thoughts on that stat.

Hart had been making comments like that for a long time, Carr should never have let Mike Hart become the voice of the program.    

You can bet your bottom dollar that his comments will be brought up again during basketball season, and of course again next year before/during/after the football game in East  Lansing.