What Wolverines are left in the NFL

Submitted by James Burrill Angell on September 1st, 2013 at 10:39 AM
As was mentioned earlier, Jordan Kovacs was cut by the Fins earlier and Braylon cut earlier in the week by the Jets and Steve Breaston by the Saints. Apparently Molk, Schilling, Zoltan, Roh, Roundtree and Omameh are all cut too. So which former Wolverines are still left standing in the NFL? Obviously Tom Brady and Woodson and Denard. David Harris with the Jets, Woodley and Foote with the Steelers. Jake Long in St. Louis. Junior Hemingway with the Chiefs correct? I assume Will Campbell made the cut. Henne is still with the Jags. Is Manninghams still with the 49ers? Avant and Brandon Graham are still Eagles I think. Jay Feely is still kicking I believe. Is Jamison still with Houston even though he's hurt? Who's else is still in the League? I suspect the NFL rosters will start to reload with Wolverines in the next couple of years but it definitely makes a statement that our players of the last four years haven't been drafted or stuck in the league.



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I know that Mario Manningham is still with the 49ers but on the PUP list since he is still working through the recovery from an ACL/PCL tear, so he's out at least six weeks. 

Per NBCSports, Brandon Graham is one of three OLBs left on the Eagles 53-man roster, so he's still active as well. 


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To be fair at least a few of the guys you mention will likely end up on another team this season - Zoltan and Breaston strike me as the most likely.


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As for others we had, however briefly, Mallett's still on the Pats and Ryan Mundy is on the Giants-- he was actually Stevie Brown's back-up in preseason after coming over from Pittsburgh.   [Toney Clemons, for those who were following, was cut from the Jaguars after being on Pittsburgh's practice squad a season or so ago.]

David Baas is injured, but not on IR. 


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Wolverines currently on an NFL roster (edit: Now with senior season/year drafted):

  • Jason Avant (2005)
  • David Baas (2004)
  • Tom Brady (1999)
  • Alan Branch (2006)
  • Stevie Brown (2009)
  • Will Campbell (2012)
  • Kenny Demens (2012)
  • Jay Feely (1998)
  • Larry Foote (2001)
  • Jonathan Goodwin (2001)
  • Brandon Graham (2009)
  • Leon Hall (2006)
  • David Harris (2006)
  • Junior Hemingway (2011)
  • Chad Henne (2007)
  • Jake Long (2007)
  • Mario Manningham (2007)
  • Mike Martin(2011)
  • Denard Robinson (2012)
  • LaMarr Woodley (2006)
  • Charles Woodson (1997)

A couple that I'm not sure about are Tim Jamison and Jonas Mouton.  Both guys are hurt but not sure if they were cut or put on PUP or what.  So that's 21 guys, most of whom are older players.  That's quite a bit less than the numbers Michigan used to have.




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1. Jason Avant 2. David Baas 3. Tom Brady 4. Alan Branch 5. Stevie Brown 6. Will Campbell 7. Kenny Demens 8. Jay Feely 9. Larry Foote 10. Jonathan Goodwin 11. Brandon Graham 12. Leon Hall 13. David Harris 14. Junior Hemingway 15. Chad Henne 16. Tim Jamison 17. Jake Long 18. Mario Manningham 19. Mike Martin 20. Jonas Mouton 21. Denard Robinson 22. Lamarr Woodley 23. Charles Woodson


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What is the point of this post? Just go to NFL.com and look up players by university.

Are you trying to make some bigger point or just start a discussion? Because your question could be easily answered on your own.


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It's definitely fewer than in the past, but I expect we'll see that number tick up going forward.  I'm going to bypass any controversial statements beyond that.