What will it take for M to crack top 25?

Submitted by umjgheitma on September 1st, 2009 at 12:50 PM

I was wondering how many and what wins do we need to get into the top 25? I know Notre Dame is sitting at like 23 but I don't believe a victory over them gets us ranked up there. After that game though the wins will need to be substantial (like victories of 20+ point differential). Anyone have an epinion on the matter?



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More Practice...

Just kidding of course. If both teams look good after Week 1, (big wins) and we beat them in a really good game in week 2, we could break the top 25.


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Beating ND alone will not do it - we also have to jump over every team between ND and us itching to move up and possibly playing stronger non-conference opponents. Beating MSU yeah -

A 5-0 start is a beautiful thing but not common - last year here's who went 5-0 among the AP-ranked teams in wks 5 and 6:

Penn State
S. Florida
Texas Tech
Oklahoma State
Ball State
Boise State

So, that's out of looks like 14 out of 29 teams who appeared on the AP list those two weeks. I suppose it's possible that there were 5-0 teams not yet ranked but I can't find'em. So 5-0 seems a lock. 4-0? Dunno yet.

If anyone has ready access to last year's schedules the real question is "what's the chance a 4-0 team was not ranked".


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if all the wins are marginal then 5-0 is the mark. I really really hope the DBs are ready for Jimmah and the receiver corps they have. The O-line for ND is experienced and if he gets time to sling it around it'll be a long day. The real turning point is if we can run it down their throats and have a 40 min TOP, that should tip the scales in our favor. Other than that, looking at how they could keep 9 to block and send one guy deep for a TD against us, I don't like our chances.


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Rosenberg and Snyder, look, joeyb just stated on the record that the only way UM gets back in the Top25 is if it hired Les Miles...

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