What were they thinking club: Jevean Snead goes pro

Submitted by wolverine1987 on January 8th, 2010 at 7:33 AM

Does Jevean Snead have a reverse mirror that filters out all of his choke jobs in big SEC games and his poor stats? Dude threw 20 interceptions last year, 54% completions, and disappeared in big games, and despite that he announces he's going pro. Come to think of it, maybe the scouts do as well since he is still considered a good prospect, and in pre-season was considered a longshot Heisman candidate. Good luck Jevean.




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He had a terrible season, he had only a couple of good games and maybe one good game in SEC play against Arkansas, but thats it. I don't understand why scouts are so high on him, if he cant succeed in college what makes scouts think he will be any good in the NFL. He might have the body type and arm strength of an NFL quarterback but to me thats not enough to get drafted, but i guess maybe thats why Im no a scout.

Blue in Yarmouth

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I don't think that cap is going to have a huge impact on people going in the third and fourth rounds, which is where I would picture him going.

Wait a year and improve your stock, even with the cap a guy in the first round under a cap would get more than a guy taken in the third round without one.

This was my whole point with Warren going pro. He is not going before the third round and neither is Warren.


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I think the potential lockout and the potential for expanding the number of years until a player is an unrestricted free agent is having more of an impact than the rookie slotting system.

Advisers are telling prospects that if they don't get in this year they may have to wait two years. They are also telling them that they might have to wait six years to be an unrestricted free agent instead of four.

If I'm a talented prospect, then I'm giving early entry serious consideration.

Blue in Yarmouth

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Considering those factors you mentioned I have to say I would be surprised if all those came to pass.

In a CBA there is always give and take. Everything mentioned in this thread is in favor of the owners. Unless the players union is absolutely inept, there is no way that in one contract players will: Have a new (lower) salary cap for rookies and have a new (longer) number of years to wait before becoming a UFA etc. A lower salary with a mandatory longer contract, no way that could happen in the same year.

What are the players asking for? I can't see all of these things being agreed upon unless there is some amazing benefits coming the players way (on top of the amazing benefits they already have).


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The owners aren't willing to negotiate right now. The Players Association has been trying to get them to the table. The owners are prepared for the uncapped year and the subsequent lockout. Once they start applying pain to the players then the owners will for major changes.

The owners have positioned themselves to have major leverage in these negotiations and the players have very little.

Blue in Yarmouth

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The leverage is let them go the lockout route. How long do you think the owners would be able to stand empty stadiums making no money.

With owners it is always about greed. I know people think the athletes are greedy but the owners are way beyond that. They all have billions of dollars and get rich off the backs of these players.

If I was a player I would say lock me out, I'll sit on my money and wait for you greedy bastards to pay us our share of what you bring in.

I know it is easy for me to say since I am not in the situation, but these owners drive me crazy!

Blue in Yarmouth

January 8th, 2010 at 12:55 PM ^

We aren't talking about only rookies here. This would mean anyone in the first 6 years of their contract. At the six year mark you are a veteran.

I am just saying that this is a lot of give with no take on the part of the players.

I don't know percentages, but I would guess that the number of players in the NFL that have six years or less experience would be a substantial number (given an NFLers average career span). This would impact all of them and many people just removed from those years would likely have some sympathy as well.

Again, this isn't fact it is merely my experience with respect to CBA's.


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First of all, the NFLPA is absolutely inept.

Secondly, the concessions they'll likely get will deal with increased veteren minimums, larger revenue pool to determine the salary cap, guaranteed money, and the like.

The current players are going to let the money get reduced for players who are still in college, while securing a larger slice of the pie for themselves. Whatever happens with this contract negotiation, it's almost certain that the "sacrifices" will largely be made by the guys who aren't yet in the league.


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A lot of players have to be thinking about the Rookie Cap. Also, judging from the cavalier comments coming from both sides, there probably won't be an NFL season in 2011.

I don't know how many of these kids are fully thinking things through, though. If too many underclassmen come out because of the financial ramifications, they might be hurting their own cause. Basically, that's three extra rounds of juniors coming out early this year, which will push potential first-rounders down to as low as the third round.

So, for some of these kids, the real question is not "what is the difference between first round this year and first round next year," but "what is the difference between first round next year and third round this year?"

Snead will probably lose at least two rounds coming out this year compared to next year; off the top of my head, I'm guessing fourth round at best. I agree with the OP: "What was he thinking?"


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His stats aren't that dissimilar to Matt Ryan's over the last two years of their respective college careers:

Ryan: 650/1079 (60.2%), 7446 yards, 46 TD, 29 INT, 6.90 YPA
Snead: 375/678 (55.3%), 5394 yards, 46 TD, 33 INT, 7.96 YPA

I know a lot of people, myself included, thought Ryan was vastly overrated, but he's shown himself to be a fairly decent NFL QB. Snead played against tougher defenses in general, and isn't far off in the stats. He may not have a stellar completion percentage, but I doubt the kid completely forgot how to play football this season.


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I fail to see how 4 INTs over 2 years is a significant difference. By the way, Snead also has a higher YPA, and added 161 rushing yards and 6 TDs to Ryan's -47 yards and 6 TDs. Even their QB ratings were somewhat similar, with Ryan posting 126.67 as a junior and 127.04 as a senior to Snead's 145.50 and 124.82.

The point was, Snead was just as efficient at QB as Matt Ryan in college over their last two seasons (I used two since Snead played sparingly as a freshman at Texas before his transfer). Yes, less attempts, but since when has the number of pass attempts (within reason, of course) been a determining factor in which QB to draft?


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Four interceptions over 10 years is insignificant. In two years, I'd say it's fairly significant.

You're right. Snead does have a higher YPA, by a significant margin. And he's a much better runner. So...how does that make him and Matt Ryan similar again...?

Not only did Snead have fewer ATTEMPTS, but he also had 5% fewer COMPLETIONS. A 60% passer is good. A 55% passer isn't.

Wolverine In Exile

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"He's got the size and arm you're looking for, but he doesn't always play like it"

- Random NFL Draft Wonk, NFLDraftScout.com

Sounds like your typical "he can make all the throws" type of guy.... Go Mel Kiper Hype Machine, Go!


January 8th, 2010 at 9:28 AM ^

"Able to make the throws" just means that you can get invited to camp. It doesn't mean you'll be a top-100 pick.

Graham Harrell, for instance, had wonderful stats and I don't even think he got a FA invite last year. (His wiki page says he tried to latch on to the Browns, but they wouldn't even sign him to be cannon fodder in training camp.)

I could see him being a long-term project for someone and getting taken in the back half of the draft.


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Sounds like a decision he made before the season started. People were actually saying he was a heisman contender, I think he still believes it.


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One reason he might be leaving, at least from what I read, is that Houston Nutt is not known for his QB development, and the concern with Snead is that he won't improve much next year until his tutelage. At least by going pro, he has a chance to latch on at a program and maybe receive some better training.

That said, I always thought Snead was overrated. His stats last year were rather pedestrian (115/212/1673/54%-12-11) until a hot 5 games at the end of the year(69/115/1089/60%-14-2). While I'm sure people figured this was him turning the corner, it appears far more likely that he ran into some bad defenses (UL-Monroe, Miss St., and Texas Tech) and just got hot for a bit. I think this is probably the best move possible for him, but I still expect him to be a pretty mediocre pro QB if he ever receives sustained playing time.

Dave Brandon

January 9th, 2010 at 3:17 AM ^

with locker and mallet not going pro...he could be the third qb taken behind bradford and clausen. not that bad of an idea. he wouldnt have been better than third next season.