What to take from the Purdue-Illinois game

Submitted by go16blue on October 23rd, 2011 at 12:56 PM

Theres been a lot of talk about moving on, so lets do it.

The Purdue-Illinois game on saturday was shocking to say the least. Although they only won 21-14, Purdue dominated throughout the game. The question for us M fans is this: is Purdue that good, or is Illinois that bad? I personally lean towards the latter. Illinois looks good on paper, but they have done nothing this year to back that up, barely winning against WMU and NW, getting dominated by OSU, and now this. Purdue beat up on Minnesota, and looks better than last year, but still looks like a meh team to me. Purdues offense could cause some problems the same way NW's offense did, but I still think we win comfortably. 




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Take how good we thought Illinois was, how bad we thought Purdue was, average those and that's about how good those teams are.




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blah blah blah yards rabble rabble.

Guess what? 

There was like 40 mph winds... and MSU could still ahve gotten almost 60 yards on one play in the first quarter through the air. 

I think alot of those outside runs came down to our secondary being soft in run support because they have to respect the pass so damn much.


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That logic is all over the place.  MSU had crappy passing numbers because it was too windy to pass, yet they ran well because we respected the pass more than the run? 

Anyway, it's not just this game.  Our pass efficiency defense has been excellent while our run defense has allowed multiple backs to gain 100+ yards, including 167 for Baker last week.


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Nothing. It was just another product of the Ron Zook machine, which starts out strong, but by the end of the race the wheels have fallen off and you have no idea why it was ever leading the pack in the first place.


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They would lose their 6 easiest games (a 1-AA team, 2 mac teams, Indiana, Minnesota and Purdue) and win their 6 hardest games (OSU, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan St and Northwestern).  Although maybe I should switch Northwestern and Purdue for rivalry purposes.

The question is, how would a blogpoller rank that team? Usually a team with those victories on its resume would be in the top 10.  But those losses....  Sounds like a perfect Ron Zook team.


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I'm happy with the game yesterday.  It showed that Purdue is probably a little better than we thought, but Illinois is a lot worse than we thought. 

We still should be able to beat Purdue, but it might be a little closer than previously expected.  Also I like our chances A LOT more against Illinois now too.

Sac Fly

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Ron Zook is bad. Not to many coaches can make the Ohio offense look terrible and still lose the game. Mattison is also not dumb enough to leave both safeties back against a bad QB like illinois has done in back to back weeks. Im not sweating purdue.


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I think this Purdue team gonna run a lot on us, but our defense came out a bye week prob either rusty or really dominate the LOS. Let's hope Hoke can beat Hope just like the Minnesota game.


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That result says more about Illinois than the Boilers.  Having said that, it's clear (if it wasn't already) that the Boilers will come to play.  What I find most interesting is that Bolden was basically stuffed that game, and Purdue won by going to the air.  If Michigan can put up more than 14, however, they are going to win no matter what the Boilers do in the air. 


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I think we'll be fine against Purdue.  I couldn't believe how much the MSM was hyping Illinois at the beginning of the year.  This is what Illinois does.  They'll still manage to play us tough, but I haven't seen anything from Purdue that makes them more intimidating than NW or SDSU and we beat them handily.  It won't be Minnesota, but it won't be a rough game.


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What I got from it is Ricardo Allen And Josh Johnson could really cause some problems at cornerback and there offense reminds me of NW that could cause a small problem.


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I think Purdue has improved some, but I think it was mostly just inemptitude by the Zookers. Illinois outgained Purdue and came out even in turnovers but didn't even score till the 4th.


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Purdue also played PSU pretty tough the week before, before losing 23-18. This is not going to be a give me game, and you know how much love Hope has for us. I don't see us losing but it could be more of a fight than some around here suggest.


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not to be taken for granted.  I include in this thinking the idea that I am not so sure just how good UM is either.  Are we still getting better each week?  Can we hurt teams by passing if they are able to shut down our run game?

I am hoping that since the next 2 of 3 games are road games, if we can go 2-1 (or better) it would put us in a good position going into the final 2 games and make for a good season.


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My wife and I were at the Red Robin in Southgate and I happened to catch most of the game over lunch. My thoughts in a nutshell:

Purdue - a little scarier than initially believed, but we should do OK if we play, well, "tough" (there's that  word again)

Illinois - tamer than initially believed. I think  we'll be able to capitalize on Illini miscues all day if that's how they are going to play. 

Mr. Robot

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Just for making the thread. I'm happy SOMEBODY realizes we're playing Purdue this Saturday.

I only saw the second half of the game, but it looks to me like Purdue jumped out of the gate and just kind of went into hold-on mode. They did precisely nothing in the second half and until late in the game, I could say the same for Illinois.

I think both of these teams are capable of more than they're showing. Illinois did beat ASU after all. I think we should beat both of them, but I think Illinois has the higher upside and we get them on the road.


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I'm a little nervous about the Purdue game. Michigan cannot come out flat after the off week. Purdue's offense has been moving the ball well, and defensively they have held their own the last few weeks.

That said .. I feel our defense is better than Illinois, and we should hold Purdue to 17 or less. Again, I think our offense is better than Illinois, and we should be i the neighborhood of 28-35. I can see this one ending 28-17 -- Michigan victory.

This of course if we come out playing strong ... teams are notorious for coming out flat after an off week.


October 23rd, 2011 at 2:04 PM ^

There just seems to be much greater variability than most seasons in the way teams play from one week to the next.  I'm not sure I've ever seen as many upsets of teams that were supposed to win by 10 or 20 points.


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Purdue's D is pretty good, or at least was able to handle Illinois' offense pretty well. Illinois couldn't do much on the ground and Short was very disruptive. After seeing what MSU did, I expect Purdue to blitz quite a bit and put a lot of pressure on Denard, so it'll be interesting to see how he reacts this time. I have no real clue how Purdue put up 21 points though, so I think Michigan should be able to hold their offense to not much of anything so unless it's a complete implosion by Denard, Michigan should be easily.

ND Sux

October 24th, 2011 at 7:33 AM ^

it's probably time to acknowledge that they are pretty stout on D.  I honestly had Wisky with a shot at the BCS title this year...still can't believe they lost Saturday. 

There are NO gimmies on the schedule from here out, but Purdue at home is the closest thing to it.  ALL of our remaining games are winnable, and I truly believe we beat Ohio at home. 

OT - some drunk & drooling MSU fan comes up to me at the beer festival Saturday, and seeing my M pullover, starts in about the game.  I replied "Why don't you go FUCK yourself" to each of his three statements until he finally stumbled away.  God I hate Sparty fans like that. 


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You are right of course but now these next two games are critical to defeating the 2009 and 2010 memes. Win them both and this is definitely a better year than the last two years. Split them and the doubt continues. Losing both could be a problem for team and fanbase morale.


October 23rd, 2011 at 6:12 PM ^

Could be a problem? Could?!? If we lose both of the next two games it would be terrible for fanbase morale.  Hokefully, Hoke could keep the team in good shape but the fans would be freaking out.

Edit: I was thinking that Illinois came next not Iowa, but in my mind they have to win at least 2 of the next 3 to have a decent season.  If they can win all 3 then it becomes a good year no matter what else happens.


October 23rd, 2011 at 7:13 PM ^

I had a chance to listen to most of the game during Wife Day activities. Purdue has Illinois' number right now. I think this makes 7 of the last 8 games vs. IL have been won by Purdue.

The Illinois punter had a bobble and didn't get a punt off setting Purdue up on the IL 14 for their last score. So, their offense really only put 2 drives together.

Zook put in the freshman backup QB in the middle of the second quarter and he did exactly what you'd expect of a freshman that hadn't played in weeks and was under pressure on the road. He hit a few passes then grooved an INT.

IL has a chance to take a shot at the end zone at the end of the first half and with 1 second left, Scheelhaase spiked the ball instead of running a play. That ended the half. Purdue must have done a good job covering Jenkins, because you hardly heard his name mentioned until the fourth quarter.

So, IL was providing all kinds of help.

Purdue did get a good pass rush with their front 4 DL and sacked Scheelhaase 4 times. Purdue's run defense hardly got tested given IL fell behind and went into pass mode. Our OL is going to need to play well and protect Denard.

As long as the defense plays to the level we know they can, things will be fine. Shouldn't be a close game, but you never know with college football.


October 23rd, 2011 at 9:59 PM ^

this season I can say that they have a middle of the pack offense with bolden as rb and ter bush at qb. It is the defense where they stumble. denard should have his way against them after losing their best player in kerrigan last year. Other than kerrigan they are the same team they had last year minus a mobile qb in henry who is injured for the season. with good weather rather than last years shanigans we should win quite easily.


October 23rd, 2011 at 10:09 PM ^

We have to take each of our opponents very seriously if we want to win out.  This Purdue team is determined to make a bowl and spoil our homecoming.   Practicing is important, but we need to show up and play 100% on both sides of the field on Saturday for the win!!


October 23rd, 2011 at 10:16 PM ^

Purdue is one of those teams that can beat you if you're having a bad day and they're having a good one.

But I have a feeling Hoke will have them primed for a good game this week, because frankly, they didn't play up to their potential against MSU.


October 24th, 2011 at 5:03 AM ^

IDK if I agree with the statement "Purdue dominated the game."   Maybe the first half.  2nd half their offense couldn't do much.

Purdue came out on offense and threw everything but the  kitchen sink at Illinois in the 1st half and moved the ball, so that's a concern right there.   They'll probably use the same strategy this week.

On defense they looked surprisingly good, holding Illinois to 14.  They've got a DT who looked impressive, forget his name ATM.

Having said all that I suspect Illinois had a bit of a hangover from their game against tsio.

I'm not too worried. Having 2 weeks to get ready for Purdue should help.  I expect a win.

Honestly I like Michigan's chances in the next 3 games. Iowa's defense looks a bit shabby.


ND Sux

October 24th, 2011 at 7:25 AM ^

two weeks ago when they said Illinois might be the 2nd best team in the B1G.  Really?  The same Illinois team that barely got by WMU and NW at home? 

Illinois was highly overrated and has been exposed. 


October 24th, 2011 at 9:00 AM ^

The one win Illinois has that seems impressive is against Arizona State, but ASU looks like one of those teams that plays tough at home and sucks on the road and the PAC 12 looks like a conference with 2 good teams and that's it.