What rows are the best to sit in in the Big House?

Submitted by Matthew on September 11th, 2012 at 6:43 PM

I know this question has been asked probably numerous times, but if money is no object (within reason...I'm not dropping $5,000 on a ticket), which row or set of rows is the best to sit in?  I've been twice before but I feel you guys who go to the stadium each week will have a better idea.  I see tickets available in rows in the 40s or in the 70s.  Is 70 to far up?  Is it like the being in the upper decks at indoor arenas?

Thanks for nay help you guys can provide.  GO BLUE!



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but i had row 'b' tickets right behind the UM bench. recruit tickets. 

you can spit on the field, you're between the 40's. you're 15 feet from the team.



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I used to go to a lot of games with a friend who was in row 23 in the south endzone.  He had plenty of chances to "upgrade," but thought his seats were much better than anything he was going to get for another 20 years of upgrades."  

I also went to a lot of games by getting tickets on the street.  I think the 20's are great.  They give you a good overview, but are still fairly close to the field.  All in all, I have to agree that there aren't really any bad seats in the Big House.

As for "leg cramps," you might want to try and stay hydrated.  


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The couch in a living room with a 70+inch tv.


No lines, no annoying people, cheep food, easy bathroom access, best view, comfortable seating, and free.


if you are going to be there i guess around row 10 is my favorite. The stadium levels out a bit at the bottom so the first 5 rows block your view tremendously. when you are back up around row 10 you are high enough to see more of the field and you can see over the top of peoples heads. still prefer my couch tho.


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I hate people. specifically groups of people. The big house contains a particularly large group of people. If you are with friends at a big game, like the UTL ND game last year, which I was, yes absolutely, there is not a better place to be than at the game, but vs umass? im sorry, its not worth the hassel for me.

Question my fandom if you must, but ill be watching this weekends game on my couch, and loving every minute of it.


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Not questioning your fandom, just wondering. I hate people too sometimes. Specifically when people around me talk about the game like it's NCAA 13 and you should be able to call any play you want and have it work 100% of the time. Then this past saturday someone behind me said and I quote "I hate denard...he sucks...I wish he would just get hurt so someone else could play qb." I just turned around, looked at the person and shook my head. Then probably five minutes later denard proceeds to break a 79 yard run. Numnuts didn't say anything after that.


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I have been going to games at The Big House since I was 5 years old. It is getting to the point where I'd rather stay home. I'm only 25, but I can't stand the people behind me, telling me to sit down whenever I stand up. My father has season tickets, and I use them for the most part. I ALMOST find more enjoyment having a group of friends over for the day, "tailgating", and watching the game in the comfort of my own home.

Indiana Blue

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Watching on TV does not give perspective on anything!  Only when your there can you see the running lanes, passing routes, kick coverage ... ok EVERYTHING.  The crowd is also instrumental is providing suport for the team.  GIVE ME any seat and I'll take it.  Last year I went to every regular season game, home and away & have been a season ticker holder for years.

Back to the original question ... I do think sideline seats you can go from row 20 up to 50 and have incredible seats.  The closer you get to the endzones the higher up you want to be, say rows 40 to 70.   

Finally ... there will be tons of tickets for sale all around the stadium this Saturday and you'll get good seats for a good price.  The ticket scalpers will take any good deal (50% of face value).

Go Blue!


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The correct answer is obviously "any row". I've sat from row 1 to the very back row in the end zone. All have their positives and negatives. And personally, the actual game is just part of the whole experience. I just love going back to Ann Arbor, relieving my undergrad days, walking around the campus, smelling the crisp fall air, getting brunch at Zingerman's, watching the band walk in, and having a dinner on the sidewalks reliving the experience after the game. I literally pay thousands to fly back from the west coast to enjoy that.


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Some scalped tix at the AF game and paid $70 for a pair of tix sec 41 row 76 and they were perfect! Obviously, the closer to the 50 the better, but i think your good from rows 20-90 really and get a great view.. I woul just avoid going any closer than row 20 (unless you like the experience of being close to the players [which is pretty cool] or havin' a chance to be on tv if your near the endzones) because you really just can't see the game on the opposite end of the feild. Thats my opinion though! Glad to gelp ya


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i prefer rows 40-60.  i rarely go below 40.  i don't mind going higher though...i've sat up in the 90's and still had a great time.  you get a good view of the whole field.  i just can't stand being too low and not being able to tell a 1 yard run from 7 yard run.  just my opinion though...i know a lot of people that are completely opposite of me.


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I have at in row a (student) and the top row in the corner of the endzone and nearly everywhere in between. I can't say there are bad seats at all, but I prefer between 50-70 as the view is better, there is less wait to get out (and less stairs) and you don't have the crush of the entire stadium on top of you like you get in the first few rows (especially in the student section).

Perkis-Size Me

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Fielding Yost's seat. But in all seriousness, the best seats I think I could have had were the ones I had my senior year. Row 27 about 5 rows behind the band.

Any lower than that, and I feel like your ability to view the whole field may be obstructed.


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On the visitors side, is where I sit. It is one row below the handicapped/capable row. You can stand on the bench and usually the people behin you can still see. It is a perfect distance form the field. And, most gloriously, your back rests against a wall. Hence, no knees in your back from uncaring children sitting behind you. Also, it is a quick exit, if you are looking for that. I have been in row 77sect 1 also no problem.


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OP:  Pretty simple question...how do you feel about your answer(s)?


/ I agree with all answers...all seats have positives and it comes down to personal preferance.   No Third Deck seats to worry about, nor obstructed view (unless you are behind that big guy in section X row .. who won't sit down!).


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Just my opinion, but anything below say, the 20's is getting too close unless you're inside the 30 yard lines. If youre around the end zones, higher can actually be better, to an extent. Just being in the place is wonderful though.


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I'm in section 24 Row 72 and I believe they are THE best seats in the stadium. I don't have to ascend or descend a single step. As soon as I enter the seating area, there are my seats. And to top that off, I'm on the aisle. I have nobody behind me nor to one side of me. They're great seats and I hope I never have to give them up.


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OP I'm so glad you asked that question.  Believe it or not my sister recently hit the PowerBall and being a Michigan grad she donated a LOT of the prize money back to the University.  They were so grateful they asked her where she'd like to sit next year and she said something about wantingseats on the aisle where as soon as she entered the stadium she didnt have to go up or down a single step.  She said she preferred seats with nobody behind her or to one side of her.  They suggested the seats in Section 24, row 72.

Can't wait to sit there next year!


September 11th, 2012 at 11:46 PM ^

Section 17, Row 71. Two seats in from the aisle, two rows down from the concourse. Great seats to take my kids to the games for bathroom breaks or to stretch your legs. Good crowd around too. Can't underestimate having good seatmates who are knowledgable and not idiots. Lots of M letterwinners there actually.


September 11th, 2012 at 9:25 PM ^

I like rows 20-65.....different perspective.  You almost feel the action down low, you really see the whole play develop up high. 

Most of the seats in the Big House are fabulous with great sight lines.  From a viewing standpoint, it is amazing for such a large venue.


September 11th, 2012 at 9:40 PM ^

This is a rare issue but it does happen - in the SE corner of the stadium, sections 13-18 or so, the flagpole can cause a viewing obstruction in the higher rows in situations where the flag is at half mast.  This is on my mind because of 9/11 today, the game after that had obstructed views for some people because of the half staff flag.  Obviously this is a rare occurrence, but something to keep in mind in case they're planning on doing half-mast this week in honor of 9/11.

As to your original question - I personally prefer to be between rows 30 and 50.  Great views, not too close to the field but not too high either.


September 11th, 2012 at 10:11 PM ^

I would say if you sit below 15 you are going to have a hard time seeing every single play. It is a cool experience, but I wouldnt do it again (personally). I sat in row 17 for UTL and I thought it was perfect. It also helped that I sat in the corner where roundtree made the game winning catch. Anyway 15-25 is probably the best in terms of seeing everything, but I would put a higher premium on section. For example, row 50 in section 2 is probably better than row 15 in section 37 or whatever.