What recruit not committing to Michigan hurt the most in recent years

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I have been thinking about this whole Dunn situation for a while now and I can honestly say I'm happy he didn't commit to us. After seeing tape on Ty Isaac this kid is gonna be great especially with our Ol we have coming in. But it got me to thinking who was I most upset with that didn'tcommit to Michigan an I thought they were going to. The one person I couldn't get out of my head was Rojo I remember being so pissed off when he committed to USC and thinking we had him locked up especially after tearing his acl his junior year an we were the only program that offered him. Anybody else have any opinions?



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Lol I'm not mad at all. We know Urban Meyer doesn't use his tailbacks in a way we should be worried about. I think it says something at his press conference when all he talked about was how he can't wait to get his hands on Braxton Miller. Why should we be concerned about a running back that doesn't fit his system? I would rather have them there then Iowa or Michigan state.
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oriental andrew

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First, why did he only talk about Miller and not Dunn?  Because that is a recruiting violation.  Coaches cannot talk about specific players until the LOI is signed.

Second, it's maybe just possible that Meyer will say, "Hey, this Dunn kid is fantastic and I'm going to utilize him more than I've used RB's in the past!"  Heck, Borges did a lot of things this year we hadn't seen from him in the past.  If Meyer adapts (not a wholesale change, mind you) his scheme to his players, I can easily see Dunn fitting in.  And I'm sure this is what Meyer told him. 



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Dee Hart was the reason I started following recruiting, and the reason I am an addict today. Although the writing was on the wall for a bit, he was the recruit I was most excited about, and hurt when he left.

As for Brionte, good for him. We are still going to get good players, we do not need Brionte, it just would have been nice to swipe one more buckeye, just for bragging rights.

TO HOKE & CO: Go out and get Garnette, it won't matter who the RB is in the future.


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I agree with you on all three points. 

I got too wound up with the Pryor Parade because I thought he was someone who could really jumpstart us at the time.  Little did we know what that would have done.  I wish people would stop talking about Dunn so much...He would have been great here, but he followed his heart.  Wish him the best except for "The Game". 

I do think that Zettel picking PSU was the one that hurt the most being such a Michigan fan that he was.


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Top level rival 4 stars are 5 stars on scout. But it balances out because everyone and the grandma (besides Chris Wormley) are 4 stars on rivals.

Brionte is a 4*-5* back, ... probably a 4* at Osu, but would be considered a 5* for us, with our offense scheme and O line.


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Can we stop this every time a recruit picks somewhere else? Let's not live in an imaginary world where we wanted this guy to come to UM but since he chose OSU we're not sad. Good riddance, people like to say, but that's asinine and juvenile. "I'd rather have 22 Nick Sheridan's out on the field than one person who doesn't truly love Michigan in their heart of hearts" is the next post in this progression of sour grapes.

Admit you wanted the guy and are disappointed he left, move on just like he's going to. There's no reason to pretend "Oh I didn;t want him to play for us anyway".


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I was replying to someone who was trying to say another users statement was not worthy of it being a part of the thread. Im just sick of people doing that, K? If you actually read and understood what I was trying to say you would have seen Ty Isaac as being an RB target. My morning before work routine includes WTKA recruiting roundup, gobluewolverine subscription, and a rivals and espn recruiting website visit. Not to mention, before his departure, my favorite recruiting analyst who is no longer with us TomVH. It has been like this for the last 5 years. Before you go and judge anothers knowledge make sure your facts are straight.  

EDIT: My Ty Isaac take was directed at aaronwils123. If my reply was not put in the correct spot I prob didn't do it correctly. Still, I never implied Ty as being a commit.


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You must be employed by the freep. Typical freep move. An ignorant reply without having any clue as to where my initial reply was directed. My advice to you, take it or leave it, read the posts but leave the comments to others. You were doing so well having just 37 pts over a 3 year period.


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The rollercoaster ride that was Dee Hart had a pretty disappointing ending. After being the early favorites, then out of it, then to having him commit, only to see him bolt for Alabama, that was pretty hard to take. Perhaps moreso because at the time we badly needed a RB like him for the RR spread, and he could have been a real impact freshman. Of course now his recruitment doesn't seem like a big loss because we need bigger RBs, and we won 10 games this year without him....


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Hart was the first guy that popped into my head, but Fitz rushed for a thousand yards this season. No matter what Hart did, it would only be a marginal improvement over Fitz, IMO. Going by that criteria, I'm sure it was a DT or interior OL in...2008? 2009 maybe? We could definitely use a five-star redshirt sophomore or junior next season at either of those positions.


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What in the world is wrong that we daydream about 18 year old high school recruits who have never played a down of college football, taken a D-1 hit, given a D-1 hit OR made it through summer camp. Brionte Dunn? BFD. He will probably be eclipsed by some 2 star back out of Texas who goes on to have a breakout year at Ole Miss or some run-down program. It's very difficult to forecast.

I think HS player ranking have their purpose, but gettting upset we lost a HS running back when the college level is so complex (o-line play, play calling, injuries, opposing players, coditioning, etc.) it's mind-boggling we are here.Plus, we're talking 18 year old kids who have a lot of growing pains - emotional issues, physical issues, home life, friends, coaches.

Do we not trust Rawls? Or the ability for some other under the radar player to step up? Give me an underdog with the drive to be  the best and I will take him over Brionte (about to get some tats) anyday. Take your crayons, tat up your body, and enjoy your 400 yard rushing season your frosh and soph year. You won't be a feature back. "Be calm and Run Dave?" Hah. Those days are over, welcome to crack rabbits running slots in Uncle Urbie's world.

AND, Brionte, don't say we didn't warn you....

oriental andrew

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We were in the running for Barkevious Mingo at some point, too, weren't we?  Maybe not.  But since we're on the DL topic, how did Pearlie Graves pan out? 

If we're talking about disappointments in terms of how kids panned out, I had REALLY high expectations when we originally signed Kelly Baraka.  Shame his time at U-M ended the way it did.  Apparently, he's boxing now...



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It was a db that went to LSU awhile back but i cant remember his name....it was around the time when Burgess, Crable, and Woodley were either Sophs or Juniors.....


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Eugene and bitterness over his recruitment if the rumors are true, are a big part of why Carr vetoed Les Miles.  Was a big recruit at position of need that was in the bag that may have altered the course of Michigan football.


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If you look at his recruiting rankings, sure. But, try looking at his actual career (underwhelming, even when adjusting for the level of the competition at LSU). Saying that he would have significantly altered the course of UMich football seems like a reach.



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Ted Ginn Jr. was a bad loss. Yes I know he's from Glenville but damn if I recall it was between us and Ohio, and as it turns out we lost to him quite a bit.