What the Notre Dame game cost me

Submitted by GoodLuckVarsity on October 2nd, 2012 at 1:06 PM

Many of you saw my post prior to the Notre Dame game regarding the bet I made that Michigan would win the game.  For those that didn't: I'm in a band and we were on tour and playing in the Chicagoland area the week before the game.  My friend and I, who is also in a band and is a Notre Dame fan, agreed that the loser of the bet would get the winner's band's logo tattooed on him.

To be honest, I was so incredibly bummed after the game, but it really didn't have anything to do with the tattoo.  I don't think I've ever seen a more glaring example of the phrase "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory" than this particular game.  I know, I know, Big 10 goals all still in-tact, etc. etc. etc., but that one seriously stung.

Anyway, true to my word, I went to get the tatt this week.  His band's logo is a roughed-up looking circle around a fairly generic capital W, and I found a way to work it into my sleeve (an full arm of tattoos, for those who aren't familiar).  It's only about an inch and a half tall, so it isn't like I'm rocking a cow brand or anything. Many on the original thread seemed to think this was one of those things that would "SOOO not ever happen", so here is the evidence, albeit a bit bloody as I took this immediately after it was finished:

I really needed something to ease the sting of the lost game and, to a lesser extent, the lost bet.  So while I was at it, I treated myself to this gem of a tattoo, which now resides on the back side of my upper arm and leaves my sleeve nearly completed except for background/filler material:

Anyway, there is the conclusion of my "cool story".  The logo tatt will serve as a lifelong reminder of the ever-present war between head ("this bet is a bad idea!") and heart ("my team will come through for me!").  The mario tatt will serve as a lifelong reminder that anyone who grabs a floating red leaf before it hits the ground can immediately sprout furry ears and a tail.  Go Blue, beat the Boilers.



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Hmm... I'm guessing you are a member of the societal majority who truly believe that there is a direct correlation between tattoos and IQ.  Lets please do all that we can to avoid perpetuating the "all Michigan fans belong to a country club and drape cardigan sweaters around their shoulders" stereotype, k?


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I'm 53 and got my first one about three weeks ago.  It's a heart on my right arm with my wife's name throught the middle of it.  Pretty old school in it's design (hey...what do you expect?  I'm old) but for years I said i would never, ever get one.

Never say never I guess.  And I defintely do not fit the hillbilly stereotype so good for you GoodLuckVarisity.

Waters Demos

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I already look down my nose at the many.  And I don't need a country club - just the other day I looked down my nose at some brah (or tried to anyway; he called bullshit, noticing that I, too, am a brah - so it didn't really work out, and I was deprived of the sweet, sweet heebeejeebees of contempt that stem from the vines that otherwise would have grown up my ivory tower. [Shit] Sweet Jesus, all the saints, peter paul and mary and their dog Fido! - all I wanted was to have contempt for someone). 

God gave us noses so we could look down them at others while lying to ourselves.  Goddammit, why did it have to turn out this way for me?!  I wanted to lie to myself!  But I cheated me!  Do I know what it's like to not be able to use my contempt?!  I was supposed to lie in the fields . . . with honor!  And I've cheated me out of it!  Now look at me.  I'm gunna need a bigger shrimp boat.


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I'm thinking about shaving my head and getting a tatoo that makes my whole head look like a M football helmet. I think it would look sweet. My genitals have a tatoo that makes them look just like a turtle. My hot secretary asked me why I had a turtle in my pants when she was trying to seduce me for the first time.


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Cue the celebration!! 

You might even deserve muppets for this, but that's up to Brian.  Props for not backing out, and that Mario tattoo is totally awesome!


EDIT - to the OP you mentioned in the bet that it was 3 of your bandmembers vs 3 of theirs for the bet, did the other 2 go through with it as well?