What a magnificently horrible 24 hours for sports

Submitted by pdxwolve on September 23rd, 2012 at 11:39 PM

First, the game yesterday. Then the Lions' miscommunication costs them a potentially season-changing, yet undeserved victory. Finally, after melting down in the afternoon game, the Tigers ride their washed-up reliever to a loss, blowing another chance to tie the White Sox. At least Western won ...



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Honestly, other than reviews taking longer than usual, I don't think these refs are any worse than the normal refs. Just think of how many horrible calls there have been every single other season. They are just now blamed on the fact that the refs are replacements. (Though I do appreciate how their supposed ineptitude led to that catch being called incomplete in Tennessee's OT drive.)


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Completely agree.  People complaing just to complain at this point; yes they've made some bonehead calls but, c'mon people.  Announcers/broadcasters are ridiculous.  They rarely complained about the regular referees and the consistent horrible calls I'd see from them week in and week out, the past decade


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Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels were pretty insufferable last night during the end of the Patriots/Ravens game.  I didn't see the whole the game, so maybe it was a really bad called game, but every penalty led to those two talking and complaining about the refs.  Your not breaking new ground by continuing to shoot off about it at this point. 

Hardware Sushi

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Oh my GOD I turned off the game in the second half because they were just brutal. Collinsworth wouldn't shut the hell up about it. I honestly don't think the replacements are much worse but these TV guys are just shitty about complaining.

You'd think the refs were throwing games the way those guys were moaning and bitching.


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The refs were pretty damn bad in the Pats/Ravens game. I didn't know that they're all Division II referees. I have to think the NFL game action is just too fast for them to handle.

To the O.P. the rest of the day in sports wasn't that bad. Mostly, bacause I don't live in the Detroit area. And, hey, the Vikings beat the 49ers!


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The controversy over the replacement refs is amplified to some degree by perceived rabble rabble from an angry mob that needs to be angry at something.  But at the same time, the replacements are causing a noticeable decline in the watchability of the games.  There's been an inordinate number of incidents where the replacements marked off penalties incorrectly (such as the encroachment call on the punt in the Ravens/Patriots game, causing the game to cut to commercial because the replacements didn't realize you can't apply the penalty after the kick).


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Taking an extra 1-2 minutes, 5-10 times a game in order to sort out ball placement, who did what, etc is a BIG deal. It makes the game much less watchable. Pro football is already (with the real refs) a s-l-o-w game. I mean, there's nothing on TV that I hate more than, 1) team scores (commerical), 2) team kicks-off (another commerical).  That's about 10 minutes with one actual play. Having these replacement refs grinds the gears even more.

Beyond the slowness, the amount of "Hey, are they allowed to do that?" plays is ridiculous. I don't think I've seen more one/two hand shivers to the face, not called as personal fouls, than in the last three weeks. Also, I don't think I've seen as nearly many bad pass interference calls. I'm not talking "Well, I probably wouldn't have called it" but actual "He didn't even touch him - why did they call that?" If you haven't seen a number of those, I'm sure you could readily google them up. It's pathetic.

These refs are WAY over their heads. It's tough to watch.


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During the Lions game my dad said, "But, hey, how 'bout them Tigers!" implying that at least ONE Detroit/Michigan team was doing well. Then I checked the score and it was top of the 9th and Tigers were down 10-2. 

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Now is the time when someone's supposed to say that the NCAA would be more likely to give him the medical redshirt for 2010 because of this injury.  With that, we'd have Gardner at QB (along with Bellomy) in both 2013 and 2014, giving us another year with a more seasoned QB and easing the transition into the Morris years.



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The NCAA would be more likely to give him the medical redshirt for 2010 because of this injury. With that, we'd have Gardner at QB (along with Bellomy) in both 2013 and 2014, giving us another year with a more seasoned QB and easing the transition into the Morris years...


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At least we have the red wings season starting soon with all their new big name free agents....wait what?

Are you fucking kidding me??!!!


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Still a bit blitzed from the game yesterday, bouncing around all the emotion changes with the Lions game, they lose, the Vikings (local team) win, putting the Lions solidly in last place. The Tigers get swept.

At least we can look forward to the Red Wi--okay, nevermind. At least the Pisto--er, scratch that.

As I told a friend this afternoon: "You know what's a great sport? Golf."