What an LSU-Ok St. NCG means for Michigan

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If Ok St. jumps Alabama to get into the BCS NCG vs LSU, assuming Michigan is a BCS qualifier, what does that mean for us?  The first thing it means is that Alabama is guaranteed a spot in the Sugar Bowl as there is an SEC tie-in.  That also means the Fiesta Bowl has the first TWO choices.  They have the first choice as a replacement pick for Ok St. and the next pick as their regular selection (Fiesta, Sugar, Orange). 

Does the Fiesta select Michigan and Stanford?  I guess another way of putting it is CAN the Fiesta select BOTH Michigan AND Stanford?  Does the Rose Bowl have an exclusive in the BCS on a B1G-PAC12 matchup (aside from the NCG.  If Alabama does not go to the NCG, there is a very good possibility that the FIESTA picks Michigan.  Who would they be paired with. My guess is K-State for the same reason Alabama would go to the Sugar. 



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I know fan is derived from fanatics but Damn. I assume we are all of a mature age, so I ask what is the obsession with this topic? Do you grown men shake, smell, and weigh your presents for the 5 days before Christmas too? We will all know where UM will go by tonight can't we all just wait til then instead of having 50 different threads about the same topic?


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Coupled with a Top 16 TCU, we could be left out.

There are two at-larges in play.  If TCU takes one as an autoqualifer, and the Fiesta decides to go with the B12 tie-in to replace Okie St, then we would be Capital One bound.

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If by "guaranteed"  that it absolutely has to happen that Alabama must go to the Sugar bowl if OK State goes to the NCG, that is not true.  If by "guaranteed" means it is an virtual certainty, then it is true.

In all likeliehood Alabama gets into the Sugar if OK St goes to the NCG.  However, Alabama is not guaranteed that because of the SEC tie in.  LSU is the SEC champ and would go to the Sugar but for the NCG.  Because the Sugar loses their automatic tie in team to the NCG, and that team is No 1, the Sugar gets first pick amongst the BCS eligible teams not automatically slotted into another BCS bowl. 

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