What kind of recruiting class does tsio end up with?

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I saw a few pages back about some tsio commits looking around and wondered what the overall thought on what kind of class they end up with? Top 25??



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I think it will be pretty tough for them to get an elite recruiting class considering the punishments that they will no doubt be given & the fact that any commits won't know who their head coach is going to be (OSU is going with a year-long interim coach). Maybe top 25, but definitely a step down from what they're used to.


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I'd imagine it'd be difficult for tsio to still pull in a top 25 class considering: 1) the sanctions, in terms of postseason play and scholarships, they'll be facing for the football program, and 2) the instability of the coaching situation. Not knowing who your coach will be when you start school could, for some, make it quite difficult to pledge to a school. Granted, there will be those who (for some ridiculous reason) have been Buckeye fans for life, and will still choose tsio. No way do I think they can pull a Top 25 class in 2012.


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I think some people are expecting their class to fall to shambles. That won't be the case, I can almost guarantee it. All in all, they might lose a commitment or two and get ruled out of a few top prospects' final lists, but they'll still have a solid class. People should remember that it won't be complete overhaul of the coaching staff, just the head man


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I'm not so sure they won't clean the whole staff. Especially if Gee & Smith get punished for their horrible oversight and handling of "investigations" of the program. Also if the problems spread to other programs than just football. Anyways, a clean break may be what they, or the new administration, is looking for. Hard to say.


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What about Tressels older brother Dick? He's the RB coach and one of their top recruiters. He could be gone too. I think the universal damnation being heaped upon the school, in addition to the kids looking at not just 1, but 2 coaching changes will bank their futures on a place with more stability. If their top 2 commits are already looking elsewhere then you can bet only the most diehard buckeye fans will be committing in Columbus over Michigan, ND, and the SEC.

Space Coyote

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I also expect them to have a pretty full class.  The NCAA won't give scholarship reductions almost 2/3 or the way through the recruiting cycle, so if they have to give up scholarships it probably won't be until next year.  I expect them to lose a few recruits do to potential sanctions, etc., and it will be worse than what OSU is used to, but still very solid overall.

I also expect OSU to appeal whatever they get to attempt to make it a little less harsh, meaning things won't really start or be known for certain at all, including sanctions, until the next cycle of recruiting.


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possibilities/opportunities lost faster than USC's apparently did. 

USC landed a 9th ranked class in 2009 and a 5th ranked class in 2010 (Scout.com) all the while staring down both barrels of nobody-knew-exactly-what in terms of NCAA sanctions.   You had coaches like Kiffin and his assistants reassuring people that all would be well.  Then kaboom.

I remember some character in a sci-fie movie said: "Only now, in the end, do you understand". I think it was the Emperor in Return of the Jedi...or something.  Anyway, maybe USC recruits and parents are saying, "so that's what they meant!". 

I doubt it.  I don't see many USC recruits darting for the exits quite yet even though few of them will ever play in a bowl game, let alone a title game, due to the sanctions and future recruiting limits which after injuries will surely weaken the team compared to the rest of the league. The 2012-2013 USC teams will certainly be a sight to behold.

In Ohio's case I'd recognize that there are still going to be a lot of talented kids going to Ohio State no matter what happens, just to play for their favorite team, to live close to home, to wear the scarlet and gray, and try to beat hated Michigan.  

Even if doing so means no more public and private "greasing of the skids", 0.0 GPAs, hanging out with drug dealers and sweet "dey spinnin!!!!'" deep-dish rims on a Tahoe.




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feces that was/is the O$U pay for play programs, w/ cars, cash.drugs, firniture, condos/housing, trips, etc...  He knew all about it as an assistant and it was going on when he was a player per SI.  O$U cannot afford to make him permanent coach and they have said there will be a "coaching search"  after the season.  Plenty of amo for negative recruitng by schools, other than M.   Few kids will go to coaches that have not been recruitng them or to unknown not yet named coaches. 

Not like U$C where there was doubt about any sanctions and skillful recrutiers-Kiffins and Ogeron were in place lying and saying nothing would happen.   U$C is subject to 75 limit as a oft overlloked sanction, and thus has only 6 shollies to give this year, w/ 8 verbals already.  Big time problem and O$U sanctions will be worse.  Media frenzy/investigation not near over yet & it already got Vest and Pryor.  Fickell has a brand new big media & recruitng target on him.


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They will still end of with a top 10-15 recruiting class.  They are a well-oiled recruiting machine in a talent rich state with no other major D1 programs.  You won't see a bad recruiting class or even a real bad season soon.  


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I think it's really hard to say what kind of a class they get until the sanctions come out. I'm assuming they'll come out before signing day. They will also have a new coach come that day. I'm pretty sure a lot of kids will keep their commitment and see how it all plays out. But when the hammer comes down, or some of them don't like the new hire, then I imagine a lot of them will bolt. The class is going to look good through the season, then fall apart. Probably still above average, but way below tSIO standards.


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They will sell the program, telling recruits that the NCAA will not hammer them with Tressel and Pryor (seemingly so) gone....For some reason, some Ohio kids still likely OSU...


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There's an assumption here that OSU will get USC-type scholarship reductions (or worse). If the scandal doesn't go beyond tatts, I think that may be wishful thinking. 


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I was saying the same thing a couple weeks ago, but really, we're already way past just tattoos. The major issue is not necessarily the mountains of evidence indicating that OSU players have been receiving improper benefits for years -- it's the mountains of evidence indicating that the head coach and compliance department willfully ignored it and covered it up.

And that doesn't even touch on the Pryor/vehicle investigation, the equipment sales reported by SI that would all but guarantee an additional "failure to monitor" charge and the fact that they're already on probation from the basketball violations. Oh, and the NCAA president and others repeatedly stating that they're going to be tougher than ever and increasing the penalties so (to paraphrase) "the cost of cheating is higher than the cost of doing things the right way" and saying that coaches have to be held to a higher standard than players (Tressel =/= Reggie Bush).

There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that Ohio State will be hit with penalties more severe than what USC got.


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Ohio State is probably the second easiest school in the country (Texas) to recruit at. They'll still get a lot of top Ohio recruits, and Ohio is loaded this year. They might lose a couple Ohio recruits and probably any top out-of-state guys, but I'd be shocked if they could pull a top 20 class.


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I think what everyone is forgetting is that they will have a very small class. This has nothing to do with this scandal so a top 10 class is impossible with over signing and what not. This won't help their class, but it wont crush it either. They will pull a very solid class but not top 10 and now it will definitely not get better so I predict around a top 20-30 class if they struggle this season on the field or worse sanctions than I expect.


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I have heard rumors of Kalis, and Dunn has been looking at Michigan all along, but what other names from this class are gonna end up coming to Michigan instead of tsio?


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I know that every kid in Michigan grew up wanting to go to UM until RR got there. Year one, instate recruiting was still relatively easy but then year 2 we started losing a lot of these kids to Sparty. I think that tO$U may have a harder time recruiting their instate guys to an embattled school than they think. Keep in mind that,assuming the sanctions are in place by the end of the season they will probably have a very hard time getting a top coach to move there. If I had to to look into my crystal ball I would say that guys like Meyer do their best to not laugh at the AD when they come calling. Your mid-level coaches would probably ask for huge money to leave a comfortable program to take on a job with that kind of pressure and your mid-level coaches won't be worth the big bucks, your low-level guys are going to be the ones that would be dumb enough to take the job. I will not be surprised to see Fickell get the job at the end of the year. That should stabilize the class a little bit and help with the instate guys. They will probably stuggle to get very many kids to move from places like FL and TX .


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Now that the "knee-jerk" reaction is over, "future buckeyes" and their parents have to be opening their eyes to what is going on in Columbus.  Also, a lot more shit can hit the fan between now and signing day.  I'm guessing they have maybe the 8th best class in the BIG.  


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Unfortunately Michigan's class is too full to steal many recruits.so other than Washington, Stanford and maybe Dunn I don't see where we could fit anyone else in.