What I didn't know about the Coaches Poll

Submitted by Blueverine on October 21st, 2018 at 10:30 PM

Looked at the point totals for today's Coaches Poll. Looks like we're solidly behind LSU, but only slightly ahead of Georgia. The key is gaining and maintaining separation from LSU/Georgia in the SEC and Oklahoma/Texas in the Big 12.


Then wondered who might have given MSU a point (for 25th). Then checked the voting coaches roster. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2018/08/02/amway-coaches-poll-65-college-football-coaches-panel/881592002/

I was mistaken in thinking every coach votes. Simple addition could have given me a clue. Of the Top Ten, Michigan, ND, Oklahoma and UCF are not represented. Not sure what this might mean for the first CFP rankings, but the CFP board could have a slightly or more than slightly different view of the top ten than either coaches or media. Could move us up or down, but I doubt Harbaugh gets the benefit of the doubt from some of these coaches, especially the Liar and the Scowler. Same from SEC coaches.

Obviously, things will move based on performance, but the very fact that not all coaches vote and we've heard how staffers often fill out ballots makes me think this poll may not translate into similar rankings after the first four.



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They just got blown out by a team that lost to EMU. I know teams evolve throughout the season, but they were obliterated by someone who lost to a MAC team. This doesn't generally happen to top 10 teams. And they struggled with Minnesota and Indiana. They have no defense and they can't run the ball. How can any reasonable person think they're a top 10 team.


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Honestly, at this point I would rather Michigan spank a helpless OSU @ the Horseshoe leaving no doubt on the score board, in the final record, or in the rankings that we are #1.... and that the Tide has shifted. I want recruits to be overwhelmed by what Urban could not get out of his 5* studded team, and to choose Michigan instead. If that means winning B1G Championship but missing out of the playoffs because of some stupid rule... this year I am fine with that. (not happy about the idea, but fine with watching OSU slither into the dark hole from which they came).

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October 22nd, 2018 at 11:18 AM ^

This is the smartest deep-breath comment I have heard from any of my fellow Wolverines in the last 36 hours.  Not pertaining to the Coaches Poll particularly, but the general nature of the OSU loss and its effect on all of the playoff metrics.

I hope you don't mind, RAH, if I quote you extensively.



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Assuming Bama, Clemson & ND hold set, if Oklahoma wins out they'd definitely be in the conversation.  I think we still get the nod with a stronger strength of schedule, but it's nowhere near 100%.  If Texas wins out we should be solid due to their Maryland loss since the committee does consider common opponents.


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Even that doesn’t matter. LSU plays Bama soon. Either they lose and they’re out of the playoff, or they have the best win of any team in the country by far and clearly deserve to be ahead. 

Michigan is 98% in if we win out. Better schedule, better wins, and a better loss than Oklahoma. The PAC 12 is basically done. The only worry is a bizarre one-loss Bama scenario. We’ll be fine. 


October 21st, 2018 at 11:11 PM ^

The 1-loss Bama scenario isn't even that bizarre. They could lose to LSU, or they could lose in the SEC Championship game. Then there's Clemson, Notre Dame, and the SEC Champion. I've already seen people on Twitter advocating that Alabama get in as the 4th team over Michigan in those scenarios. It doesn't make any sense to me, and I think the precedent is against it, but that's where we are at this point.


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For what it's worth, these rankings are for entertainment purposes only and give us a barometer of where teams stand. Michigan's bye comes before the first playoff committee poll comes out, so we get the benefit of any doubt resulting from this weekend's games.

I don't see the committee putting Michigan in the Top Four week one. But that will change based on the upcoming schedule.

The biggest game next Saturday is Florida-Georgia. And the following week is huge with Alabama going to Baton Rouge to play LSU and Michigan squaring off at home against Penn State. Notre Dame has Navy and Northwestern the next two weeks.


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I hate to say this but ND should be ranked in front of Clemson. Not sure if they are better but ACC is weak AF this year and ND has better wins. Lets hope FSU can pull the upset this week. Also, would help if PSU would soundly beat Iowa - we are going to need all the quality ranked wins we can get.