What has happened to Barwis?

Submitted by SpreadGuru on January 9th, 2011 at 8:09 AM

I read earlier in the week that he was believed to be retained.  Has he really been kept?  What will the effects of that be?



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This will help minimize transfers.   IMO, RR gets a job for 2012 and Barwis likely goes with him at that point.  He's extremely loyal to that staff.  That is, if the next coach doesn't bring in his own guys.


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Really, I don't really care what happens to Barwis.  He's a nice guy that did good things for the Mealer family that should never be forgotten, but there are many equal or better stength and conditioning coaches out there.  I haven't been impressed with our players getting pushed around and man handled like they were the last 3 years.  For some reason everyone thinks of him as some sort of legend, but that is really unfounded.

Maize and Blue…

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Take a look at BG, Martin, Omameh, and even Lewan.  BG was overweight and an average player until Barwis got a hold of him.  Martin and Omameh have been with Barwis three years and they don't get pushed around.  You can't take a true freshman and create a monster overnight.  Have you ever worked out?  It takes time to build and most of our players haven't been here that long.


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It takes an amazingly minimal amount of time to build a reasonable base of strength. Starting Strength, which I have personally done, does an amazing job. I was also 30 when I started. These young men have youth, genetics, and more testosterone on their side, plus a Division 1 strength coach. They get bigger and stronger a lot quicker than you or I can. A lot of the "pushing around" comes from the type of player that has been recruited.


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And they continue to get bigger and stronger for the whole time they are in college ,because they have youth, genetics, and testosterone on their side, plus a Division 1 strength coach. Ergo, a freshman with one year in the program, who has, as you say, a reasonable base of strength, is still weaker relative to his competition, and will get pushed around.


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BG didn't understand the work he had to put in till his Junior year. He came in way overweight as a freshman and wasn't doing the right things. Mike Martin has been an animal since his high school days and was physically more mature than anyone since then. It all depends on what an individual wants to do for themselves and how hard they want to work. For example, Tate...how much bigger has he gotten since he's been here? He's been working under Barwis since January 2 years ago. It does not take 3 years to get bigger and stronger in a college s & c program. One can see a significant difference in strength and becoming more lean in about a month, especially at their age and how much experience they have in the weight room. 

Maize and Blue…

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The bottom line is they are still mostly freshman and sophomores going against player that are much older and stronger.  Using Tate as an example is laughable at best.  It is well documented that he didn't put in the work last off season.  Denard did and put on significant weight and gained strength.  Yet do you really want your QB to get bulky?

No it doesn't take three years, but most freshman and sophomores aren't going to compete physically against players that have been in a similar program for three, four, or five years.


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I would think that at this time Barwis is the one guy who the players can rally around.

At least they have 1 coach.

He would give the team members a point of continuity and allow them to continue to focus on their conditioning and their football careers.

They can still go in and work out and hang out with a coach they trust.

At least a little bit of "life as normal"


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Does Bawris recruit with the football program at all? I know he's responsible for the entire AD's S&C but do you think he might get out on a trip or accompany a coach to help with a sell ever? I don't think his name appears on the Rivals' list of recruiters. 


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How much of the gains seen by team members is attributable to Barwis and how much is simply updating the regime and facilities to more progressive/modern standards?


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barwis theme seemed to be make them bigger then anyone else. correct? I might be wrong so correct me if you may but RR staff seemed to be about bringing in the 4.5 little guys out of pahokee. what I'm say is I think barwis and RR weren't a good match. RR wanted fast little ninjas on offense in his secondary but barwis seemed more on the strengthening of theses players. The only player on this team in the last 3 years who has had break away speed in the last 3 years has been denard and he does track in the off season. irionic?  so pretty much what we have is a bunch of undersized guys who are really strong but not fast enough. just my perception. I'm not here saying barwis is bad at what he does because i know thats not true but he just doesn't seem like he would be the best matchup with RR. I would take him more for a pro style guy.