What happened to Shawn Conway?

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Might be a bad question.  But what ever happened to Shawn Conway.  Last I knew he committed an signed but I haven't heard anything about him and couldn't find a goodbye post.  I thought he could be a good receiver for us someday

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But this site had an update about a year ago...not sure if anything new has come of it-


Also from around the same time, but not very current-


And no need to click the link because it's in the link, but he wasn't academically elligible.




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He had some legal issues as I recall. Got caught stealing from a fellow student or something. Hoke's staff never pursued him after RR left.


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I was helping answer the OP's quesiton you little douche. Conway was videotapped stealing money out a fellow student's locker and some fans speculated that this was part of the reason Hoke's staff never pursued him even if he were able to get his grades up. 


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is uninformative

I didn't even remember who Conway was and had to open this to find out.  Suggestion for edit perhaps:  What ever happened to recruit Shawn Conway?


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Conway’s original intent was to go play at Grand Rapids Community College, but instead he took his talents to the West Coast to play at Butte. “I wanted to get away and be my own person, so I left the state and went as far as I could go,” Conway said.

Conway has enjoyed his experience so far at Butte and still has his sights set on playing Division I football.

The coach that offered Conway to play football at the University of Michigan, Rich Rodriguez, is no longer the coach at U of M. Rodriguez was hired by the University of Arizona and is still interested in coaching Conway.

“Rich Rod offered me [to play football] at Arizona so I might end up there,” Conway said. “But I’m keeping my options open so far.”

Conway had always had his sights set on UofM, but now his decision on where he will go to school is open.

“It’s pretty open right now,” Conway said. “I’d love to go to Michigan, but I’ve only talked to Brady Hoke (Rodriguez’s replacement at U of M) once since he’s been the coach and I don’t know what his plans are with me or even if he has any intentions with me so I’m just keeping it open.”


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He ended up at Butte College in Chico, California. Here's an article about him from the Seaholm school paper http://seaholmhighlanderarchive.com/sports/football/1211-conways-untold-story

He was also identified as the primary assailant in an assault when a bunch of Butte players allegedly showed up uninvited to a party and started a fight . http://www.newsreview.com/chico/off-sides/content?oid=5763331

He no longer appears on the Butte roster, so he has either transferred again, or was kicked off the team after the incident. http://www.butte.edu/departments/athletics/football/Roster.html



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has not been able to get himself under control. He is a big body with speed and has some talent. Doubt he makes it to Division 1A football, but you never know.


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He went from Butte to Hutchinson CC in Kansas. Apparently according to Rivals a few schools have offered Conway: Marshall and Mississippi State with Louisiana tech also showing interest.