What happened to the second home and home announcement?

Submitted by cincyflintstone on September 5th, 2014 at 2:38 PM

Unless I completely missed it, wasn't there supposed to be a second announcement a few weeks ago to go along with Washington? Or was there a reason for a delay?



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extra WOW factor we fans crave so much.  Imagine our dilemma of trying to figure whether we get to play Ohio State twice in a season, or whether we get to play College of Faith.  Imagine the possibilities.  Who doesn;t love suprises!  WOW!


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Release: Michigan has announced a home and home against a real Catholic University, Boston College. The two teams are scheduled to play in 2063 and 2064. 

Brady Hoke: "Well, we told you we had a plan, didn't we?" 


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HAH VS STAEE we finally play them In Ann Arbor in 2031. Mark Hollis wears a robe and shoots blue lighting recklessly as he falls into the core reactor of the new big house wing.


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In a Detroit News article earlier today, Brandon said that Michigan had home-and-home games scheduled or contracted or verbally committed through 2027.  

See http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20140904/SPORTS0201/309040127/0/SPOR…-

The ones that have been been announced so far starting in 2018 are Arkansas (2018/9), Washington & Virginia Tech (2020/1), UCLA (2022/3) and Oklahoma (2025/6).  If you take Brandon's statement at face value, then there is at least one more home-and-home series for the 2024 and 2027 seasons.

We'll see what happens in due course.  It'll be interesting to see if Michigan schedules two home-and-home series with Power 5 Conference teams in the future like we're seeing for 2020/1.  Notre Dame is trying to move the games it has with Texas because of their series with Georgia in 2017 and 2019.  Perhaps that will open up an opportunity for UM to play UT before the decade is up.  



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So tea leaves imply Texas at the Big House in 2024 and in Austin in 2027 (recall MSU/OSU are @ Michigan in odd numbered years).

What's most interesting though is we have VT and UW in '20/'21, with 9 conference games and 1 open (for cupcake).  So in all these other years are we going to double up with P5 opponents or am I missing something?

Brandon seemed to suggest strongly in that article that we don't have room for ND until post-2027.

Part of the ND series falling apart (among many, many other things) is probably Brandon wanting to flip the Home & Home so we are on the road in odd years.


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I would like it to be someone from the SEC. We will have plenty of PAC-12 in the future, and I don't care too much for anyone in the Big-12.

Team like: Georgia or Texas A&m, maybe one of the Mississippi schools.