What happened to the Inside Michigan football website?

Submitted by MMarchingband243 on January 21st, 2011 at 9:00 PM

Does anyone know what the fate of the website that RR put up/had constructed. I went to the site a couple of days a go and it had a large "under construction" sign. It still had the big block M on it though. Anyone know what will happen to the site?



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The map gives even more proof that Michigan is more relevant than MSU, even when MSU goes 11-2 and Michigan goes 7-6.  After all, Google doesn't lie.  I'm sure UGA fans aren't very happy to see Ga Tech, and I would imagine Gatorfans are really pissed that FSU gets the relevance nod.


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The "state" universities only come up because their names start with the name of the state, unlike the flagship schools.  If you type Florida into google you won't get a suggestion for UF beacuse the name of the school starts with University, not Florida.  It has nothing to do with relevance.


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Yes, a good show.  But how crazy is it to film the show right after the game on Saturday???  I remember Lloyd Carr after the App State game and he looked like a deer in headlights.  He did not know what hit him and was almost incoherent about the game.  MI Replay yes, but not filmed after the game...bad timing.


January 22nd, 2011 at 1:32 AM ^

Jim Brandstatter was on the radio the other day and said he'd like to see Michigan replay format come back. The name would have to be different because the original producer did not sell the naming rights to Michigan.


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They could bring back Michigan Replay -- with the original name.

When RR came in, he didn't want the Michigan Replay format.  The producer would have been an idiot giving up the naming rights at a time when the program wasn't going to be used anyway.  Now with RR gone, an opportunity exists for the producer to sell the naming rights to Michigan.


January 22nd, 2011 at 11:39 AM ^

I will ask around about the show. My friend runs camera for the new show. I will have him ask what the plans are. They might not know yet. I bet it is in Hoke's contract to get paid for a coaches show. I was a intern on Michigan replay in 1995. It was cool to be part of some thing I grew up watching. I miss the old format too.

Bob Lipson was the producer of michigan replay.  It was crazy we would tape at ch. 2 in southfield at all times of the night. If it was a road game it would be like 2am.

Lloyd would bring his wife to tapings and then go out to diner after the show if there was time. They joked that this was the only time they could see each other during the football season.

This why RR taped the shows on wed. so he could hang out with his family on sat. night.

I think they changed the format to update it. All the games are on tv. so you dont have to break the game down as much. Less highlights, more parts of the show on the players. I will let you guys know what I hear. Go Blue!